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Contribute to our community by writing for us today.

Intelligent writers write for us by creating informative, productive and useful content to our dear readers.

Hence, if you desire an opportunity to display your excellent writing skills, then you just landed on the right blog.

Therefore, we’ll be glad to have you explore your information marketing creativity skills by passing value to our respected audience via unique business ideas.

We encourage you to bring up inspiring articles with ideas that can beat the current rising world competition today.

Guest Post at Business Finger: is giving you an opportunity to join our community of contributors to impart the world through writing.

Hence, if you’re knowledgeable in any aspect of our blog categories, you can write for us today.

Kindly send your guest post to or

Be aware we reserve the ultimate rights to review and edit your article to suit our blog audience and standards.

Guidelines for Submitting Guest Post at Business Finger:

Your guest post articles maybe be disregarded and deleted for any of the following reasons below:

  1. If you’re not the original owner of the content.
  2. If your article is less than 1000 words. Original articles from over 1300 words will receive special preference.
  3. We reserve the right to reject articles already published elsewhere.
  4. If you duplicated an already published article from this blog and elsewhere, it would be absolutely rejected.
  5. Articles that depicts anger, racism, sexual harassment and homophobic contents with no sense of humor will not be accepted.
  6. Articles with high level of grammatical errors and wrong use of tense are bad for users experience.
  7. Contents outside our areas of specialization in business, entrepreneurship and finance, with zero value to our audience might be declined.

Therefore, we reserve the right to accept and reject articles with regards to our standards and readers experience.

NOTE: Business Finger does not have provisions to pay guest writers yet. You will know immediately we start paying writers.

We will keep working at increasing the relevance of our site to our dear subscribers and daily visitors.

Who write for us:

  • Business Blogs write for us
  • Entrepreneurs write for us.
  • Finance blogs write for us.
  • Insurance blogs write for us.
  • E-Commerce blogs write for us.
  • Finance experts write for us.
  • Money blogs write for us.
  • Marketing experts write for us.
  • Sales professionals write for us.
  • Small businesses write for us.
  • digital marketing professionals write for us
  • Guest post writers.
  • Other related and valuable writers in our niche.

Tips to make us accept your guest post faster:

Apply the guidelines below to enable us accept your guest post articles quickly.

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Get your guest post approved quickly.
  • Fresh and unique contents are given special treatment.
  • We quickly accept articles with zero plagiarism.
  • New strategies and advice to our audience are specially accepted.
  • If it provides solutions to our community of audience.
  • Relevant answers to our industry questions are well honored.
  • If it carries analysis and insight that solves real life problems.
  • Guest post with tips and methods valuable to our industry will be accepted.

However, you might not want to guest post but want to sponsor a post on Business Finger, you’re welcome to email us now at or

Yes, we accept sponsored post. We might also review it to give our audience the best value and maximum productivity.

Feel free to submit your sponsored content using the email address above if you wish to write it yourself. Nevertheless, we can also write for you, this is what blogging is all about.