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What Should Beginner Bloggers Do When Their Blogging Passion Dies

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Most beginner bloggers who venture into blogging because of the testimonies of successful bloggers miss it all and loose their blogging passion when they don’t get their desired results on time.

Blogging is not a one day job. Along the line most beginner bloggers give up because they aren’t seeing positive results so early.

There is this urge to give up that lives in every newbie blogger simply because some of the stuffs they seek isn’t coming through.

However, not minding their existing results, how do we encourage all newbie bloggers to keep up with their blogging career.

Therefore, let us check out some 8 ways to revive your blogging passion as a beginner blogger.

8 Ways To Revive Your Blogging Passion As A Beginner Blogger:

1. Retrace Your Steps:

Everyone makes mistakes at one point or the other in life.

However, it’s the ability to retrace those mistakes and correct them that makes a winner.

You can cheaply win over your failures by simply making necessary amends.

Why were you passionate to start a blog?

Why are you now pulling out from your passion to become a successful blogger?

You can cheaply trace back and answer those questions to get back on track.

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2. Consider Changing Your Niche:

Maybe you had more than one niche in mind just when you were about venturing into blogging and you were not careful enough to pick the right one.

A change of niche could be a way out to light you back into blogging.

If your current niche doesn’t work for you anymore, it’s not too late to change your niche.

Lets say your blog is yet to get an audience, hence you can quickly swift to another niche.

However, make sure your new niche is broad enough for you to keep blogging for years to come.

Also remember to choose a niche that follows your monetization strategy.

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3. Learn More About Blogging:

Maybe you need to learn the best ways to drive massive traffic to your blog.

Also, you need to understand how audience targeting works.

Blogging has gone far beyond writing some piece of information’s online.

You must learn to always speak values in your writings.

It is now a business of solving the information problems of a group of people.

Also, you can build an audience of buyers and connect them to sellers through your blog.

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4. Get Mentorship from a Successful Blogger:

Never underestimate the place of a mentor.

Just when you find your blogging passion dying, find yourself a successful mentor.

Connect with that person daily.

Study how your mentor runs his/her blog, including his/her publishing and message styles.

Ensure you are humble enough to learn from your mentor so you can ask questions and get direct answers at will.

5. Beginner Bloggers Must Understand The Place Of Planning And Scheduling:

There is need to plan your blogging and publishing hours.

If you don’t publish daily, then what day of the week will you drop your blog post?

Get yourself a flexible schedule you can handle without glitches.

Well, if you see blogging as your business, except you’re just blogging for fun, then you must ensure to blog a minimum of three times a week.

You should have a planned blogging schedule and stick to it.

6. All Beginner Bloggers Must Ignore Vanity Metric:

If your blog is just pretty new, you can ignore focusing on earnings and pay attention to growing your blogs domain authority, traffic volume and popularity.

You should ignore vanity metrics like your numbers of social media followers and rather focus on engagements.

The bottom line is to pay attention to conversions.

Check your percentage returning visitors and know where your blog audience are coming from so it can help you focus squarely on your blog audience.

This is vital for monetization and other blogging advantages.

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7. Give It Time, Beginner Bloggers Must Exercise Patience:

Every successful height we need to reach in life will surely take some bit of time.

As you work on your blogging goals, give it some reasonable period of time.

It could be 3 months, 6 months or even 12 months.

Ensure to stick to your plans and schedules during this period so you don’t expect instant gratifications.

If you’re doing the right thing, it will surely show at the end.

8. Sell The Blog Or Let Another Person Manage The Content Creation:

Sometimes, instead of just running away, why not sell the blog and cash out.

This will put money in your account even if you’ve to part ways with your blog.

Similarly, you can partner with someone to help you fill out your weakness.

Hence, you can either write blog post while he does the promotions or vise verse.

However, let selling your blog be your last option, for me I prefer the idea of partnership.

I hope you pick up your blog afresh from this post and keep pushing your blogging dreams.

There is always a brighter light at the end of the tunnel.

Share your thoughts with me at the comment section.

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