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Turn Your Casual Job Stress Into An Hobby Now

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job stress management
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Many workers today complain about job stress and wish there was a relief as fast as possible. However, some others have succeeded in turning their jobs into an hobby.

For instance, take the likes of Messi and Ronaldo, I think they have succeeded in turning their jobs into a life paying global hobby.

So if I may ask, what is that feeling that comes with rising early in the morning to prepare yourself for another working day? Is it amazing to you or just a routine you have to keep up to?

To some its an amazing experience, to another group of people, it’s just one boring daily routine they just have to do to get their pay checks and put food on their table.

As an entrepreneur, business owner or an employee, have you tried to find out the impact of job stress on yourself irrespective of where and how you work?

Well, never mind, in this article, we will talk about job stress and how to turn it into an hubby for free.

Stressful working conditions could impact on our life’s and if not checked will result to a life threatening circumstances.

A report from the Center for the Promotion of Health in the new England workplace shows that excessive job stress can lead to many long-term health problems.

This includes cardiovascular disease, diabetes, weakened immune function, high blood pressure, musculoskeletal disorders, substance abuse, depression and anxiety.

On the other hand, stresses are not always bad, it could be seen as a challenge to improve ourselves and build a better version of our lifes.

However, to curb the negative effect of job stress, there are some factors to put in place.

Okay, lets move on.

What is Job Stress?

Job stress is the feeling of being uncomfortable as a result of undertaking a particular job.

It could result from inabilities to do the job properly or not fit enough for the job.

According to a report from, Job stress can be defined as the harmful physical and emotional responses that occur when the requirements of the job do not match the capabilities, resources, or needs of the worker.

In addition, Job stress can lead to poor health and even injury. It makes some people quit their jobs.

However, there are things you must know before quitting your job for another, so you don’t keep running from one work place to another.

Furthermore, you need to understand how to control stress to avoid changing jobs like changing cloths.

Okay, lets move on to know the signs and symptoms of job stress.

17 Signs and Symptoms of Job Stress:

These are signs to know when you’re under the impact of stress at work.

  1. Fatigue.
  2. Loss of focus.
  3. Poor team spirit.
  4. Job dissatisfaction.
  5. Headache.
  6. Distorted sleep.
  7. Outbreak of bad behaviors.
  8. Stomach aches.
  9. Muscle aches and pains.
  10. Uncontrolled eating habit, some people eat much when stressed up, other eat lesser.
  11. Severe and mild illness.
  12. Anxiety, irritability.
  13. Depression.
  14. Angry outbursts.
  15. Accidents.
  16. Low morale.
  17. Marital, family problems.

Therefore, let us check out some physical activities that promotes job stress and reduce productivity at work.

9 Physical Activities that Promotes Job Stress and Reduce Productivity:

  1. Zero safety precaution at work.
  2. Constant sitting / lack of mobility
  3. Excessive overtime.
  4. Repetitive work tasks.
  5. Fast-paced work.
  6. Irregular shifts at work.
  7. Poor break durations.
  8. Poor temperature control
  9. Noisy work environment.

In addition, lets also Therefore, let us check out some psychological factors that promotes job stress and reduce productivity at work.

18 Psychological Factors that Leads to Job Stress:

  1. Unattainable deadlines
  2. Sustained, excessive workload
  3. Excess overtime
  4. Responsibility without authority
  5. Job skills not used
  6. Lack of recognition
  7. Poor communication
  8. Inflexible rules
  9. Lack of input in decisions
  10. Conflicting demands
  11. Poor supervision
  12. Poor relations with co-workers
  13. Lack of respect
  14. Dead end jobs (no promotions)
  15. Job insecurity
  16. Favoritism
  17. Discrimination
  18. Racial/sexual harassment.

Furthermore, let us talk about the health effect of job stress to all.

8 Effect of Job Stress to Human Health:

The following are some major effects of job stress on people:

  1. Pains and body aches.
  2. Weakness. headaches and dizziness.
  3. Chest pains.
  4. Abnormal blood pressure.
  5. Difficulty in sleeping either during the day or at night.
  6. Stomach aches and delayed digestion.
  7. Muscle tension.
  8. Abnormal sexual life causing low performance.

Three Side effect of Job Stress on Humans:

3 negative effect of stress at work.

1. Poor Health:

The implication of stress on the life’s of people leads to health deterioration and breakdown.

It increase the cost medical bills and health care maintenance.

Unchecked poor health can limit one’s ability to work, reduce economic opportunities, educational attainment, and lead to huge medical debt in cases of severe disease and sicknesses.

Also, if not controlled, it could result to shorter life expectancy and higher mortality rates.

2. Low Productivity:

Effect of stress at work reduces productivity and ease of getting good results in situations where people or workers carry out production, sales, tasks and operation.

Also, remember that low productivity promotes losses, it increases operation cost and reduces output.

When the productivity of a company is low, they lose money through waste, untapped paid power supply for unproductive working hours.

3. Rapid Aging:

It impacts directly on the physical appearance of workers.

Over a period of time in a work place, stress will make them appear older than expected.

People who constantly work under stress are known to age more quickly compared to those under good working environment.

Do This To Turn Your Job Stress Into An Hubby:

Here are a list of job stress management tips that works.

1. Release The Creativity Within:

Everyone has the unique ability to become creative in what they do. No matter the kind of job you do, there is always someone who does it at ease.

Hence, you should find out how to make your job your hobby and rock it on.

2. Find The Most Convenient And Fast Ways To Solve Problems At Work:

There has to be a way to do things the most convenient ways. What kind of jobs are you into? Why not find ways to do it conveniently.

For instance, a customer service representative can answer a list of questions he/she receives frequently from customers and create a FAQ section of his/her business to render self service to customers.

Find a way to also automate regular processes.

3. Plan Every Stage And Process Of Your Jobs To Guarantee Continuous Progress:

There is wisdom in planning every stage of your work.

For instance, if you’re going to load a big truck with cartons of milk as a factory supervisor. Instead of allowing workers carry cartons individually, you can position people of various spots at close distances to transfer those cartons to the truck.

This is done ensuring someone is inside the truck to load and arrange them appropriately.

4. Adapt To Changes Pertaining Your Job:

The one thing constant in life is change. To make the most of your job and turn it into an hobby just develop the habit of accepting new models.

Putting up with something new is a skill everybody need to cultivate.

Seek for new ways, ideas, plans, strategies and how to get things done.

5. Love What You Do And Do What You Love:

There is a unique feeling that comes with doing what you love. This breeds passion and energy to keep up the job.

When you love what you do, it becomes easy for you to enjoy doing your job.

Also, loving what you do makes it easy for you to always stay refreshed at work.

6. Build A Good Team Spirit:

Great things are built with multiple hands on desk. A good team spirit will make you enjoy your place of work to bring the best out of it.

Rome wasn’t built by one person neither was America or the great Britain.

Hence developing a good team spirit is a pointer to enjoy what you do while working with people.

7. Beat Your Limits:

When you have a target to meet. It will help you build energy and strength to keep your head up.

Set limits and work at beating them.

In addition, knowing your limits and reaching to break them will breed exploit in you.

8. Understand The Importance Of Presentation:

Know how to present yourself. Either you are a sales executive, small business owner, entrepreneur or investor. Its important for you to know how to present yourself.

Even in buying an selling, content marketing and digital marketing, knowing how to give out value is needed to enjoy doing your job and turn it into an hobby.

9. Enjoy Break Times:

All work no play makes Jack a dull boy. Keep times for break times and refreshment.

Breaks help people renew energy and stay fresh for the next phase of work.

Just imagine a football match without mid half breaks, it’s not going to go well for all the players on the pitch.

Therefore, breaks at work is inevitable for success to have it’s place.

10. Keep Daily Exercise Routines:

Daily exercise are helpful to keep you active, healthy and productive at work. It helps for free flow of blood.

Exercise is one common thing successful entrepreneurs do daily to stay productive at work.

Do this and thank me later.

11. Strick A Balance Between Your Private Life And Your Career Life:

The stress you face in your job should end in the office. Don’t take anything home.

Maintain a balance between your job and your private life. Keep it at equilibrium.

The goal here is to avoid missing your job with your family, relationship, friends and other business partners you have.

If you can obey this rule, I see your job becoming your hobby.


Job stress is not a new issue and will never be ignored as long as human race is concerned.

No matter the nature of your job, it is your sole responsibility to find how best to enjoy it.

Try doing it in your happy status. Smile, stay happy and do it as your hobby.

Happy people are more productive at work. Share the love…

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