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Spark Traffic Quick Overview in 5 Minutes

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Spark Traffic Quick Overview For Blogs And Website Owners
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In this article, we have compiled a simple overview to help you understand how Spark traffic works and how to fully maximise the traffic generation opportunities Spark traffic has to offer.

With over 600 excellent reviews and 4.6 excellent rating, we can say that Spark traffic is one of those good traffic generation platforms that offers blogs and websites high quality guaranteed traffic.

As a new user, you get the opportunity to test your website using their free 2000 page views demo welcome bonus.

This platform is responsible for supplying millions of daily visitors to their clients across the world.

They operate in over 210 countries across the world with unique geo-targeting tools.

Interestingly, they offer random session times with up to 5 minutes visit on every page you get.

Also, you can get desired bounce rate, UTM campaigns, a minimal cpu load and bandwidth with cache.

Why should you consider using Spark traffic:

There are many unique reasons you might consider using spark traffic to promote your websites to create awareness, reach more potential customers and win more buyers.

Let us consider the following reasons as stated below.

1. Spark traffic is safe for blogs with Google Adsense:

It is safe and secured enough for Google Adsense.

Hence you can be sure of not getting your Google Adsense account banned.

Since most bloggers depends on Adsense to earn money from their blogs and websites, Spark traffic plays safe to avoid Adsense bans and penalties.

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2. Natural human traffics:

You get natural human traffic, this way you don’t have to bother about bot traffic which might kill the SEO power of your blog.

With Spark Traffic in place, you can be sure of getting real users visiting your site across the continents of the world.

This platform can give millions of high quality traffics and visits per month for the big guys in the blogging industry which are available in the premiums plans which we will discuss later in this article.

You can get up to 10 million pageviews per day depending on your traffic budget and blog capacity.

Please ensure you don’t push more traffic to your blog beyond your blog hosting capacity so you don’t overload your blog.

Hence, Spark traffic can easily boost your organic website traffic, social traffic, referral website traffic and direct web traffic to enhance your blog SEO.

3. Spark traffic live chat customer support service:

There is always someone to ask questions and talk directly to without having to go through a frequently asked questions.

They have a 24/7 customer support system hence you don’t need to fear when you run into troubles, there is always someone on the desk to help out.

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4. Google analytics results are guaranteed:

Your results will reflect in your Google analytics account hence you don’t need to bother about the presence of invalid traffics from bots.

This implies that your visitors are real time users and people who are on your website to interact with your contents.

One happy customer said – “I was surprised to see so many unique visits and page views on my website in a single demo. I am surely impressed and would like to test it more.” – Nitesh Shah (India)

5. They offer 100% money back guarantee:

Money back guarantee means you can always get your money back in cases when you get an unsatisfactory result or when things go wrong.

Therefore, Spark traffic is trust worthy and convenient to deal with.

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6. Available in over 200 countries:

This platform is available to over 200 countries across the continents of the world, so you don’t need to worry much about where your traffic are coming from.

You can get your visitors from top first world countries depending on your target audience.

Also, when your traffics come from different locations across the world, it helps your SEO and blog ranking.

7. Spark traffic offers free geo-targeting, country and city targeting:

There is a possibility of country, city and language targeting.

With Spark traffic geo-targeting, you can afford to chose where you want your traffic to come from, which countries and cities you choose to get your traffic from.

However, such features are only available in their higher premium plans which we will discuss soon in this article.

8. You have full control of your website:

As an advertiser, you also have total control over your website.

Hence, you can add or remove URLs to your project at any time and all changes will appear in your Google analytics within a short period of time.

Thereby allowing you to make your own decisions per time.

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Furthermore, let us proceed with the various Spark traffic pricing plans as stated below.

Spark Traffic Pricing Plans:

Currently, they have five pricing plans available, ranging from the mini professional/economy plan to the max professional/economy plan.

The bigger your plan the more discount you get per visit, generally they also offer discounts of up to 40% for bulk plans.

You can also run different campaigns for multiple websites per time.

Hence, they offer mini, medium, large, ultimate and a max plan.

1. Mini Pro/Eco Plan:

This plan gives a traffic capacity of up to 60,000 page views at $11.98

Hence you stand to get atleast 2000 page view per day for a 30 days plan.

2. Medium Pro/Eco Plan:

This plan provides a traffic capacity of about 300,000 pageviews at $35.98

It further tells you the changes in traffic during day and night and at each day of the week.

Hence, you stand to get atleast 10,000 page views per day for a 30 days plan.

3. Large Pro/Eco Plan:

As the name implies, you can get a very large traffic of about 600,000 page views at $71.98.

Note that this plan also offers you the ability to connect your RSS or Sitemap with Geo-targeting features.

With the 600,000 page views per month, you stand to get 20,000 pageviews per day for a 30 days plan.

4. Ultimate Pro/Eco Plan:

The Ultimate pro plan provides as high as 1,000,000 Page views with up to 11 page views per visit starting at $119.98

Wow, this means you can get about 33,333 page views per day for a 30 days plan.

It offers all features available at the lower plans and even much more.

The idea here is that the higher your traffic plans the more flexibility and benefits you stand to enjoy.

5. Max Pro/Eco Plan:

This is currently the biggest plan you can get with spark traffic, majorly purchased by the big players in the blogging and web industry.

Well, you can still go for this if you’ve the budget and capacity to carry this amount of traffic on your website.

It can offer beyond what the other lower plans listed above can offer.

This plan comes at the sum of $839.98. Oh yes, strong values must attract much more money.

The max plan offers a mind blowing 10,000,000 page views per month with an average of about 333,000 page view per day.

WOW, isn’t that huge traffic… I don’t think any newbie should be involved in this except you have the money to spend and your blog hosting capacity can carry it.

In conclusion, I will encourage you to always go for the traffic plans that suits your budget and interest the most.

Thanks for your time.

Feel free to drop your contributions with us at the comment section.

Please, kindly share this article to reach others who needs to see this amazing review, thanks.

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