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Most Powerful Ways to Save Money without a Bank

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Powerful ways to save money without a bank
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How to save money is one of the greatest financial challenge people have today, so how will you feel if you discovered powerful ways to save money without depending on a normal bank account.

Am very sure you will be excited to discover creative ways to save money at your will and comfort, oh yes you will.

Saving money has never been easy because of daily expenses from feeding to rent, electricity bills, medical bills, transport, education, clothing and other unforeseen expenses we carry out on a daily basis.

Have you ever taken record of your daily, weekly and monthly expenses?.

You might just blow up surprised on the amount of money you spend monthly.

There are many easy ways to save money today or maybe you’ve been asking about how best to save money.

If how to save money from salary bothers you, relax as i show you best ways to save money today.

Saving money in a bank is good but if you really want to save and make your savings work for you to keep making more money for you then continue reading this article, you will be glad you did.

Let’s quickly discuss 7 most powerful ways to save money without a bank.

1. Save Money In Cryptocurrencies:

cryptocurrencies are good ways of saving money today
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Take advantage of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litcoin, to save good cash which might yield huge profits in the future

A cryptocurrency is a virtual or digital currency protected by cryptography and hence makes it impossible for a counterfeit to exist.

Many cryptocurrencies are controlled by decentralized networks based on block chain technology.

Cryptocurrencies are accepted medium of exchanges, hence you can purchase items with them the same way you purchase items with a dollar note, a British pound note or any other accepted currency around the world.

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin cash, and many others are on the increase.

I consider cryptocurrencies as one of the most powerful ways to save money because of it’s high investment returns values.

However this doesn’t cancel the fast that cryptocurrencies don’t also drop in value according to market variations.

They do, however they grow back afterwards and even exceeds the initial trading value with time.

If you ever intend to save a good amount of money without visiting the bank, why not try cryptocurrencies today.

You stand a good chance of high profits on your saved cryptocurrency if the price of your coin goes up.

Saving your money in Bitcoin in 2009 would have made you more than a jackpot in today’s coin market.

Lets say you saved $100, $200 or $1000 in Bitcoin then, you would definitely be a multimillionaire in dollars today.

You can still buy cryptocurrencies to save your cash today.

To do that just visit and check the price of cryptocurrencies to make your choice at any desired time.

In addition, saving money in cryptocurrency can help you cancel out some annoying unnecessary bank charges and inflation’s.

2. Save Money In Gold:

One of the best ways to save money today
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Gold is one of the most reserved and valuable metal to man since ancient times, its worth keep increasing for generations to generations.

Have you ever considered saving some cash in gold, if not you should start now!!!

Gold is a precious metal that has preserved it’s value over the ages.

Most people now see gold as a way of preserving and transferring their wealth from one generation to another.

The weakness of the US dollar and other paper currency from 1998 to 2008 has made a lot of people to see more reasons to save gold.

Gold has kept increasing in value in-spite of money devaluations over the years.

A research shows that the price of gold tripled within the period of 1998 to 2008 hitting $1000 an ounce milestone.

It further increased from 2008 to 2012 towards $1800 – $1900 market value per ounce milestone of gold.

The constant inflation rates which have dropped the price of fiat currencies hasn’t had such influence on gold.

As inflation goes up over the year and fiat currencies drop down, Gold has never lost it’s value.

The market value of gold has retained it’s value even in the midst of economic recessions.

The constant Inflation rate affecting the world now has drastically reduced the value of paper currencies.

This is true because the value of a $100 note in 1970 or 2000 is not the same today.

In addition, scarcity increases the value and market price of every commodity.

The high demand for gold and it’s low supply increases it’s value and price in the market.

In conclusion, one of the best reasons to save money in gold is it’s geographical and geopolitical value.

Saving money in gold is one of the most powerful ways to save money without a bank account.

3. Landed and real estate properties are good ways to save money:

Real estate investments are good ways of saving money without a bank
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Real estate appreciates by 3 to 5% every year making it one of the best ways to save money today

Most wealthy people in our world today save their money in landed and real estate properties.

This is because saving your money in real estate properties has power to give you 100%, 200%, 300%, 400% or even 500% of your savings in less than 10 years.

The world population is over 7 billion today and this number doesn’t seem to drop any time soon.

Saving your money in real estate will be a very smart idea because you sell or lease them out.

The constant demand for shelter and a land to build a property will not drop in the nearest future.

Hence reaching out to save cash in acquiring some of these properties is a smart way to save money.

A recent research showed that real estate properties appreciate in value to a minimum of 3 to 5% every year.

Hence imagine if you saved and invested in real estates over a period of 10 to 20 years.

Also, I advise you get the service of a real estate professional before investing in real estate business to avoid losing money and running at loss.

Conclusively, landed properties are also covered from economic inflation so this is a smart ways to save money as a business man or an entrepreneur.

4. Start Up A Business

Starting and running a business is one of the best way to save money and see your money work for you
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Starting and running a business is one of the best ways to save money and see your money working for you

Starting and running a business is one of the best ways entrepreneurs save money today.

It a good way to see your money working for you.

Real entrepreneurs look out to small businesses and rising businesses to invest their money.

Checkout for rising businesses with potential for success and store your money as investment there.

Banks don’t give mouth watery interest rates so don’t jump into excitement because of your saved money in the bank.

Today, banks charge you commission for keeping your money, isn’t this crazy, oh yes it is.

In other words banks don’t want your money anymore because enough has already been printed over the years.

Besides, banks do business with OPM (other people’s money), so why not do business personally with your money.

You can get tens and hundreds of business ideas by simply searching at google afterwards you can pick your choice.

Hence, its better you do business with that heavy bank account to make the most of it.


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5. Use A Money Safe box

A safe box can be used to save a good amount of money without the stress of visiting a bank
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The practice of using a safe box is one of the oldest ways of saving money when there were few or zero banks, this method is still well practiced today!!!

A safe box is one of the ancient and simple ways people save money when there were no banks like we have today.

This box is designed with iron providing an opening that allows people pass money or coin into it.

However, never get surprised to know this practice is still well used by people across the nations of the earth.

It’s is a secret money safe which is free from financial charges and source of wealth inspection by governmental bodies.

However this box is highly protected and kept in secret to avoid theft and mismanagement.

It’s one of the oldest forms of saving money before a civilized world of banks was introduced.

Hence, if using a bank is not your thing and you still can’t get across the other methods of saving money outlined here why not try out this method.

This is also one of the most crazy ways people save money today.

However, its a convenient means to save money because you can always deposit and withdraw from your box anytime.

6. Get An Extra Income

Earn an extra income by creating multiple sources of income
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Earning an extra income will help you cover up for expenses and save you some percentage amount of money

How does an extra income helps you save money, lets find out now!!!

Aside from the regular job that pays your bill, why not push for an extra job to earn more cash.

Pick up some little task capable of earning you an extra income weekly or monthly.

The idea behind this method of saving money is that you can now decide to save this extra income after paying your bills.

This will give you the leverage to save the extra cash you made from your side hustle.

One good advantage of earning multiple sources of income is that it helps you cover up emergency expenses

Saving money from an extra income is one of the most powerful ways to save money today.

You can try out blogging, graphics and web design or even freelance writing as a way of earning extra income.

Therefore if blogging is your thing, don’t start a blog without knowing the 12 most amazing steps to become a successful blogger so you don’t make the same mistakes newbie bloggers make.

Therefore, getting an extra income is one of the most powerful ways to save money today.

7. Cut Down Unnecessary Expenses

Prepare a planned budget and spend less than you earn
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Spend your money on a planned budget, reduce expenses at all cost

Oh yes, you saw that, cut down expenses, you don’t need a bank to do this, you just need discipline.

Cutting down your cost is one of the most powerful ways to save money in our world today.

No matter how much your desire to save money is right now you can never save until you spend less than you earn.

If your question is how to save money each month then start by taking detailed note of your income and also cut down unwanted expenses.

Having a spending plan is one of the best ways to save money on a tight budget.

However, there may be some emergency and unforeseen expenses that might hit you but this doesn’t mean you still can’t control how you spend money.

You don’t really need a financial expert to tell you that spending all you earn is a big financial risk and a bad money habit.

If cutting down your expenses is a big deal for you, why not set up an automated saving plan on your account and get some money automatically saved when money comes in.

Therefore try using automated saving tools like Acorn, Stash or Piggyvest depending on the country you’r right now.

Cutting down your expenses might also mean leaving your credit card at home to avoid the urge to buy things you don’t need when walking pass a shopping mall.

Alternatively, check google for good ways to save money every month by automating your paycheck.


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I want to believe the question of “where can i save my money” will be a thing of the past to you after reading this article.

Try saving in cryptocurrencies, gold, undeveloped lands, real estates, set up an automated saving plan and above all spend less and cut down your expenses.

Take the bold courage to try out the strategies to save money i outlined above.

Even if you work for a paycheck and earn a few bucks per month you have to plan how to control your money.

kindly put these money saving strategies to work so you can make the most of your financial, budgeting and savings plan today.

Hope to hear from you at the comment section, kindly tell me how this article have impacted knowledge on you, thanks

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