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Mobile App Development Guide Made Easy for Beginners

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mobile app development for smart phone users
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Mobile app development is here to stay with the current rise in value of technology, the ever growing world population, smart phones and internet users.

The world population of over 7 billion people shows that 5 billion people are already smart phone users. All these smart phones operate on one mobile app or the other.

It has become almost impossible to see an adult in today’s modern world without a smart phone at hand. Youths and teens are also large users of smart phones that runs on different mobile apps.

This makes mobile app developers see mobile app development as an online business that gives them the opportunity to tap into the wealthy internet sector.

Real estate business giants, tech giants and various business sectors use apps for business purposes.

With the current growth in the use of technology today, there is virtually nothing you and I want to do now without having to use one technology or the other.

However, if you’re a professional mobile app developer, why not consider starting a mobile app development company.

Alternatively, you can locate top mobile app development companies and offer to work for them as a mobile app developer who provides mobile app development services.

Don’t forget that the internet is a rich sector and one good way to tap into this wide space opportunity is through an application that has capacity to connect with a great amount of audience.

If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.

Bill Gates, Co-founder of Microsoft, World class American billionaire and philanthropist.

So lets move on.

What is a Mobile App?

According to Wikipedia, A mobile app, also referred to as a mobile application or simply an app, is a computer program or software application designed to run on a mobile device such as a phone, tablet or watch.

The term “app” is a short word for software application which can be classified into three categories such as native apps, hybrid and web apps.

Native applications are designed specifically for a mobile operating system, typically iOS or Android. 

Web apps are written in HTML5 or CSS and typically run through a browser.

Hybrid apps are built using web technologies such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML 5 and function like web apps disguised in a native container.

Apps help businesses increase workplace productivity by assisting with emails, calendar, and contact databases.

However, the public demand for apps caused rapid expansion into other areas such as mobile games, factory automation, GPS and location based services, order-tracking, and ticket purchases, hence there are now millions of apps available today.

Many apps require Internet access.

Apps are generally downloaded from app stores, which are a type of digital distribution platforms.

Now you know what a mobile app is, lets find out how to create one.

How to Create your First Mobile App in 9 Steps:

9 steps to create your first mobile app as a newbie.

mobile app development companies test apps with iPhones
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Step by step guide to creating your first mobile app as a beginner.

1. Make Your Findings / Conduct Research:

The first thing to consider when creating your own app is to make some findings, check out other apps similar to what you’re about building.

Look for a gap and loop hole where you can improve to make your own unique and better.

There are millions of app on the internet today, just search for missing links where your app could help people and serve them better.

Therefore, improve on existing solutions.

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2. Go Basic When Starting Out Your First Mobile App:

Don’t try to complicate yourself by trying to build Amazon immediately.

Start with something simple and basic enough for users to interact with.

Let your app test the market to see its demand before you try to upgrade it to a bigger version.

Hence, go step by step and little by little, you’re sure to grow big with time.

3. Understand The Laws And Regulations Guiding App Developments:

Educate yourself on the necessary guiding laws and regulations on mobile applications if you want your app to be successful.

Understand General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Anti Money Laundering (AML) and KYC (Know Your Customer).

These laws and regulations are important in app development, hence, take time to know how it influences mobile app development.

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4. Have A Good Mobile App Plan:

You already know what you want to create, now you have to plan what features the app will have and how it will look like.

Plan the general layout of the app, make sure you keep it user friendly and easy for users to navigate without difficulty.

Also, plan the flow of operations in your app, make sure its appealing.

As far as possible, do what anybody can relate with even if they are novice.

One good reason why entrepreneurs fail in business is lack of planning.

5. Start Building Your App:

Just immediately you conclude your planning, it’s now time to start building your mobile app.

Hence, find out the right software’s, tools and information’s that will best suit the mobile application you intent to create.

If you’re good in coding, then its time to get your hands on desk.

However, software’s like JIRA, GameSalad and Rollbar could be good app creation software’s you can try out.

Therefore, get your hands on desk in creating your first application version.

6. Test Your New Mobile App:

You must test your new mobile app to make sure it works exactly as you have designed it to work.

Testing is a vital phase in mobile app development, this will help you check for bugs and malfunctioning issues.

In general, app testing is vital for users experience, this will help you see areas for improvement and better the app user experience.

There are lots of app testing tools you can try out, however, pixate and jasmine are good app testing tools for you to start out with.

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7. Release Your App:

Once the bugs are removed, malfunctioning issues are sorted out, its time to lauch it out.

Hence, you need to place the app online where users can freely download and install it directly to their mobile phones.

You’ll have to use mobile app stores to set it online for users to download. This will be Google play store and Apple store

Just after going through your app testing and knowing its well designed and good for users experience, release your app.

8. Monetize Your App:

Monetization is necessary if you must make money with your app.

If your app happens to be a paid product then its already monetized.

However, there are several ways you can monetize your app.

You can monetize through In-app purchase, advertising, freemium products, merchandise and sponsorship.

App owners use their apps as a legitimate online business, which is one of the best ways to build wealth in our world today.

Online businesses create rooms for passive income and allow you work from anywhere you find yourself at any time.

9. Create Awareness Through Promotion and Marketing:

There are millions of apps on google play store and apple store, hence you must market your app to get the required audience.

It’s time to let the world know you just solved a problem.

Without creating the required attention your app might just go unnoticed and that’s not what you really want.

Therefore, do social media campaigns, advertise on blogs, use Google Ads and Facebook Ads to create awareness.

Here are 16 Powerful Strategies for Brand Awareness with Little Money, you can check it out for free.

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Mobile app development is not as hard as it seems to be, it’s a step by step process that can be achieved with little technical knowledge.

Apps are launched for various purposes today, ranging from business apps, loan apps, gaming apps, educational apps, entertainment apps, utility apps, travel app, relationship and lifestyle apps to fun apps.

It depends on the purpose of the app, so get started with building your app today.

Kindly share this article and tell me your contributions at the comment section on what you think about mobile app development, thanks.

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