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Job Seekers – Why Do Most Young Graduates Seek For Jobs

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reasons why most young graduates are job seekers
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Not minding the increasing number of unemployment rate ravaging the world today, many fresh young graduates still go on to become job seekers instead of trying to create jobs for themselves.

They still find it impossible to believe in entrepreneurship and what it has it offer.

Hence, they desire to climb up the employees ladder by working for already know firms, top companies and businesses.

Well, everyone cannot become an entrepreneur.

However, others also desires to become entrepreneurs but lacks the capacity for entrepreneurship.

Therefore, what are those unwavering reasons why most fresh young graduates still apply as job seekers.

Top Reasons Why Most Young Graduates Become Job Seekers:

1. Becoming Self Employed Or Being An Entrepreneur Is Hard:

For many fresh and young graduates who just left college, becoming self employed or an entrepreneur is stressful.

They aren’t ready to work 16 to 18 hours daily as most young entrepreneurs do.

Hence, they don’t want to become self employed or entrepreneurs because they can’t stand it.

Therefore, the only way out they see after graduation is to become job seekers.

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2. Many School Systems Design Their Graduates To Become Job Seekers:

According to Robert Kiyosaki, best selling author or rich dad poor dad, one of the world’s best finance book.

The school system is designed to make employees.

Schools do not teach people about money.

This is because an employee doesn’t need to care about learning how money works.

According to Kiyosaki, the school system was designed to make people get good grades, graduate, get job, save money and invest in the stock market.

He calls this the rat race.

I want to agree with him to be right.

Most of the world’s successful entrepreneurs today are school drop-outs.

For instance, Bill Gates had to drop out from school to build Microsoft, which today is a multi-trillion dollar company.

Similarly, entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and many others found their dreams beyond the school systems.

Most schools today teach obsolete stuffs.

Robert said in one of his teachings that information’s are obsolete every 18 months.

In other words, knowledge renews every one and half year.

Hence, graduates who were taught with old knowledge systems will find it hard to become entrepreneurs.

3. Most People Find It Difficult To Work For Themselves:

Some people don’t actually believe it is possible to work for themselves.

Hence, working for others becomes the only way out.

Maybe it’s taught to them in schools that they need to become employees immediately after graduation.

However, they never graduate with the intention to create jobs and become solution providers.

Instead, they find who to work for to get rewards in return immediately after school.

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4. Most Job Seekers Just Want A Steady Paycheck:

If you ask almost every employee right now why they don’t want to leave their jobs, you’ll discover they can’t do without their paychecks.

Most young graduates wants a steady paycheck.

They also want to ensure that nothing takes that away from them.

Hence, they feel pretty good about it till inflation comes in and their paychecks can no longer handle their bills.

On the other hand, entrepreneurs do not want any paycheck.

They are men and women that live on commissions and percentages.

This explains why they become far rich and wealthier than those who go for paychecks.

5. The Fear Of Job Security:

The pleasure that comes with job security makes many young graduates seek for jobs.

They can’t stand the pain of risking their money in trying to do any business.

Since they have the job they feel secured and safe to work for 8 hours daily.

They are not ready to stretch themselves out in working more hours.

The problem here is that nobody tells them they could also lose their jobs anytime.

If your job is your only source of income, you’re one step away from poverty.

Warren Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway

6. Many Graduates Become Job Seekers Because They Know Nothing About Running A Business:

Just immediately after school, many graduates go seeking for jobs because they know nothing about running a business.

According to Elon Musk, drug dealers know more about running a business than 95% of college professors.

It takes the ability to manage people, coordinate activities, control operations and many more to run a business successfully.

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7. Most Graduates Have Little To Zero Patience To Build A Business:

Most young graduates are patient enough to get a degree for 4 years but can’t wait to build a business for 3 years.

I think this has more to deal with their mind sets.

Most people do not have the required patience to build a business.

They are easily discouraged by challenges, loses and setbacks.

Unknown to them that the big businesses they see today have been victims of such experiences in the past.

Therefore, they tend to become job seekers and completely ignore becoming a business owner.

8. They Can’t Afford To Work 16 Hours Per Day:

It takes just 8 hours to work as an employee and it takes 16 hours to work as an entrepreneur.

This means an entrepreneur needs to work twice the working hours of an employee.

Well, not minding the working hours, the rewards are unmatchable.

Entrepreneurs and business owners rules the world of business.

They also live their dream life’s for free.

On the other hand, job seekers only become employees.

Since they work 8 hours per day, they usually earn less and live on peanuts when compared to business owners.

According to Elon Musk, entrepreneurs work 100 hours weekly because they don’t want to work 40 hours as an employee.

Work, Put in 80 – 100 hours weeks every week.

This improves the odd of success.

If other people are putting in 40 hours work weeks and you’re putting in 100 hours work weeks, then even if you’re doing the same thing, you’ll achieve in 4 months what it takes them a year to achieve.

Elon Musk – CEO of Tesla Motors

9. They Fear The Loses Of Losing Their Business Capital And Business Failures:

Most people just opt to become job seekers because they fear loses.

They can’t stand the pain of going bankrupt.

They are too cautious of business failures, hence back off from becoming entrepreneurs.

The fears of losing all their investment capitals and hitting business failures repels them from even giving it a try.

10. They Want To Work For Top Companies And Known Film:

Many young graduates no nothing about sales and marketing.

However, they desire to work for Microsoft, Apple, Amazon and many top successful businesses.

They haven’t taken time to ask how these companies even came into existence.

Those companies exist today because someone decided to make it possible.

Most young graduates are job seekers because of the pleasure to work with already existing top brands.

No passion to start a business of their own.

11. Graduates Who Are Bad Risk Takers Tends To Become Job Seekers:

Not everyone has the ability to calculate and take good risk.

In the real sense, business is risky.

There are times where you have to choose something and let go of the other.

For instance, consider a production manager who needs to buy an already used machinery.

He might need to buy it because he doesn’t have the required capital to get a brand new one.

Now, assuming such machinery breaks down after the purchase.

That becomes a bad risk and loss to him.

Entrepreneurs and business owners cannot run away from risk taking.

They must take daring risk in times when they cannot possibly help it.

12. Bad Business Decision:

Just like risk taking, so many people cannot plan, think and analyse before making their decisions.

Hence, they also also not good in decision making.

Decision making ability is a skill needed in business and management.

Most of these abilities are not taught in schools.

Hence, graduates who do not get the opportunity to develop such skills in school tend to sort after jobs.

If you look closely at the world’s most successful entrepreneurs today, they didn’t learn their business skills in school.

They got some of their deep insights out of school premises to become who they are today.

However, this does not completely eliminates the knowledge gotten from the four walls of a classroom.

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13. Zero Management Knowledge:

Why do most lottery winners go broke in less than 5 years after they won their lottery money?

This tells you the importance of management.

Business requires management.

It requires putting up raw materials and making something out of it.

You must be innovative, competitive and daring to manage a business successfully.

It requires the ability to cut loses, manage capitals, track profits and remain at profits.

This is why many scholars are not good entrepreneurs.

The business world deals with realities, everything close is a factor.

Therefore, only people with the mindset of core entrepreneurship can succeed not minding their academic qualifications.

This is one major reason why most fresh young graduates still go on to become job seekers.

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