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Job Recruiting Agencies Employment Guide For Employees In 2022

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Job Recruiting Agencies Employment Guide For Employees In 2022
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Selecting the right candidates for various job positions have always been the top goal for all job recruiting agencies till date.

The world’s unemployment rate and list of job seekers are growing day by day with high numbers of unemployed graduates seeking for employment opportunities around the world.

Now, job recruiting agencies are becoming more strict in ensuring that only qualified workers are selected during various recruitment exercises.

Well, in-spite of all these, some job recruiting agencies still make the mistakes of picking the wrong candidates for various job positions.

Hence, before we proceed in knowing the criteria’s that will be implemented by various job recruiting agencies in the future, let us talk about job recruiting agencies and their common challenges.

What Are Job Recruiting Agencies?

Job recruiting agencies are firms and corporate organizations in charge of employing workers and outsourcing them to relevant companies and business sectors where their services are needed.

They are external firms that find qualified candidates who are capable of working out the task requirements of an employer.

They help employers get workers to fill different vacant positions in their businesses which they might not be able to do because of busy work hours and schedules.

Hence, they save employers the stress of accessing candidates by helping them pick and recruit the right employees for their businesses.

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8 Challenges Job Recruiting Agencies Encounter During Employment Exercises And How To Tackle Them:

1. Most Job Recruiting Agencies Employ On Self Interest Purposes:

Self interest comes into play in cases when a recruiter has a choice candidate for the job.

In most cases, such candidates are not always the best person to take up the job but selfish interest will not allow them do what is right.

Hence, they fall the prey of giving employers unqualified employees.

In reality, such exercises should be free and fair.

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2. Inability To Ask The Right Questions:

The most important skill of a recruiter will be the ability to ask the most pertinent questions when interviewing applicants.

For instance, if you must interview an applicant for a fire fighting job, then only fire related questions should be of high priority.

Hence, there should be no need wasting time on questions concerning the kind of food they eat.

Even if you must ask such questions, it should come later.

3. Failure To Check Work Experience Over Qualifications:

Most recruiting agencies in parts of West Africa are more interested in the qualifications an applicant has to offer instead of checking for the needed skills for the job.

It is very possible for a person to bag lots of qualification and still lack the needed skill for the job.

Don’t mistake schooling for education, they are two different words in reality.

Don’t confuse schooling with education. I didn’t go to Harvard but the people that work for me did.


4. Paying Overrated Attention To Employees Appearance Over Offer:

There is no doubt that appearance matters. However, recruiters must not always judge a person by his outward looks.

The inside should be their goal.

We know a container matters, but I think we should pay more attention to the content of the container.

For instance, if you find two containers well labeled water and acid, which will you be more careful of when carrying it?

I guess you’ll be more careful carrying the container filled with acid.

That’s exactly how content matters.

Hence, job recruiting agencies must take time to access applicants.

5. Not Training New Workers After Employment:

One major challenge job recruiting agencies face today is failing to properly train new workers after offering them employment.

Oh yes, newly employed workers are good for the job, but do they need more training? Yes they do.

Hence, they should take time to train them on areas they might not be too familiar with since they are just coming in for the job.

This is a one major challenge they must act fast on if they must employers the best.

6. One Common Challenge Job Recruiting Agencies Make Is Hiring Workers At Deadlines:

Trying to meet up with an employers demand and hiring workers at deadline might do them more harm than good.

This is because the ease of relaxing to analyze workers will disappear.

Deadlines can be a rush hour and mistakes become inevitable.

In addition, since they will have lesser period of time to access hundreds and thousands of people, they will possibly not pay attention to important job criteria’s.

This is one common challenges they must overcome to recruit the best workers.

7. Not Checking Outside The Scope Capabilities:

Well, we know it’s important to ask questions only related to the job, however it’s also good to ask questions which are outside the scope.

Can you drive a car, can you organize an event, can you work online if it permits? etc.

How this works is that if such a recruit seems to fit in perfectly into other areas of employment they offer, job recruiting agencies could just request those applicants take it up.

In most cases, people who need jobs don’t mind so far you are giving them a job for real.

Hence, outside the scope questions work well for successful job recruiting agencies.

8. Fixing Appointments At The Wrong Hours:

Job recruiting agencies must be cautious of the times they fix interview appointments for new applicants.

For maximum productivity, they should break it down into sessions and ask recruits to pick the best time for them.

This will also give recruiting officers some break after sessions to refresh and get ready for a new session.

Also, this will help applicants who might not meet up with one session fit in with others.

Hence, they can get the right people for the best job positions.

What Standards Will Job Recruiting Agencies Employ To Adopt Workers In 2022:

1. Speed Of Recruit:

How fast does an applicant respond to questions by giving answers?

Job recruiting agencies should check the ease of replies and attentiveness of every applicant when employing new workers.

2. Pressure Check:

They must know how each employee will respond to pressures in cases when pressures comes up in their workplace.

Can they work under unexpected tough conditions? Such as if a client is asking for more help than should be required.

3. Health:

Job recruiting agencies must personally test newly employed workers to know their health status and ascertain if they are fit for the job.

As an extra measure, they must test newly employed workers to know their medical and health status.

4. Job Recruiting Agencies Must Check For Applicants Loyalty:

Job recruiting agencies should ask applicants about their formal place of works and hear what applicants have to say about them.

This will give them a direct indication of their loyalty to their formal bosses.

They should also dig further to know why those applicants left their formal places of work to ensure it did not result from lack of seriousness and poor employees performance.

5. Thoroughness:

Attention to details should be a major job recruitment check for recruitment agencies.

They must find out there attitude to time and know if they can be detailed and attentive enough to meet schedules.

6. Job Recruiting Agencies Must Analyze How Applicants Cooperate With Others :

They must check out their team participation attitude.

A good team spirit attitude must be found in every applicant as a way of accessing their future relationship with other workers.

For instance, agencies must present a problem and ask them to solve a problem with other applicants to study individual participations.

7. It’s Vital For All Job Recruiting Agencies To Check The Initiative Of Applicants:

Agencies must be able to access new applicants to know if they can bring new initiatives in their workplace.

Every company requires innovation to compete favourably with market competitions.

Hence, a creative applicant will be a plus to his/her employer.

8. Responsibility:

If he/she find themselves randomly in a place where other people comes into trouble, will such an applicant try to find a solution?

How do they respond to problems not necessarily caused by them?

A responsibility mentality is a vital check in every job recruitment exercise.

9. Knowledge:

All agencies must ask knowledge based question to access applicants logical reasonings.

Knowledge is power, no one wants to work with a complete illiterate. Well, even if they have to be, he/she must be smart and quick to learn.

10. Industry:

Do applicants fit in well to the field they are seeking for a job?

If yes, do they have the required expertise to deliver?

This is an important metric every job recruitment agency must take note of.

Checking the industry a recruit will do well in is of utmost importance.

11. Job Recruiting Agencies Must Put Experience Ahead Of Qualifications:

Now, when all other factors have been analysed, it’s vital for agencies to find out applicant’s experiences before enlisting them for a job.

An applicant who has some basic experience in the job they are applying for will find it easy to do well.

Also, training an already exposed person is far more easier than the workload of educating a newbie.

Experience should even be more considered that qualifications.

Every job recruiting agency should have a question like “what do you have to offer and why should we hire you?”

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