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How Will Poor Internet In Rural Areas Affect Small Businesses In 2022

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poor internet in rural areas
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With the invention of modern day technology and the internet, business owners can now smile to more sales and customers through their various online platforms. However, what will be the fate of small business owners in poor internet areas? Or let us say how does poor internet in rural areas affect businesses?

First, we’ re all aware that technology has taken over the world thereby making it a better place for all.

Today, small and big businesses now compete favorably for prospects, leads and customers online.

The internet has made it easy to promote goods and services to any part of the world.

Hence, many business owners can now afford to generate more sales to their business by connecting to customers online.

On the other hand, what if a business is found in a rural area with poor internet facilities?

What will be their challenges and how will they overcome them?

Do you mind finding out?

Okay, let us check out some 6 possible means poor internet in rural areas will affect businesses in 2022.

6 Possibly Means Poor Internet Will Affect Businesses In 2022:

1. Poor Communication:

Poor communication in business promotes bad customers service.

Communication is very important if any business must continue to enjoy patronage from customers.

Customers must be able to reach you through various social media channels when they have enquiries to make or need assistance.

In addition, lack of effective communication will break the trust flow of customers to a business.

Also, this will reduce the reliability a business will get from her customers.

This is because people trust who they can talk to more than those they cannot reach.

2. Businesses With Poor Internet In Rural Areas Find It Difficult To Get Leads:

Have you considered the difficulties small business owners will face in rural areas with poor internet connection?

For instance, let us assume there was no internet in the first place or check back the world 50 years ago.

Getting leads without the internet will be extremely difficult because businesses will have to visit prospects in person from one place to another.

However, it is very easy to reach 100 people daily online than to visit 20 people at their respective locations.

3. Loss Of Business And Customer’s Data:

Poor internet in rural areas might cost businesses some data loss.

Imagine running an online advert in a rural area with bad network where you need customers to fill out their names, phone numbers and location.

If the internet in that surrounding is bad, customers might not have the patience to wait for stable network conditions.

They will likely lose interest and never give you their basic information’s.

Hence, in a situation where it is possible to get the information’s of 100 prospects, there are chances that over 50% will get bored in the process and completely lose interest.

4. Low Online Sales Is Inevitable For Businesses With Poor Internet In Rural Areas:

Put yourself in the position of a prospect or customer who wants to buy a pair of black shoes on your e-commerce store.

Bad internet connection might turn him away from placing his orders if he/she can’t access your e-commerce store at their convenient time.

Similarly, what if he was able to access your store but finds it difficult to add items to cart and place an order, that will be serious trouble for anyone shopping online.

Unfortunately, they might be pushed to leave and get their pair of black shoes elsewhere.

Hence, imagine if this occurs to 20 customers daily, calculate how many customers you would have lost as a business owner in 365 days.

Also, there are chances that a customer will buy find more that one item interesting in your e-commerce store and decide to buy more.

Such a business owners would have succeeded in loosing a great amount of daily sales and profits.

Therefore, if this is continues over a period of 1 year, 2 or 5 years, that business has lost so much money without knowing.

5. It Affects Business To Customers Relationship:

Poor business to customers relationship reduces the customers lifetime value a business will enjoy from its customers.

I once imagine the struggles for businesses located in villages with low internet connections.

How do they keep to their customers online if they even have online customers?

The internet has made it possible for businesses to build good relationship with customers.

Hence, most business start a blog to reach their customers, other utilize social media marketing.

The bottom line is to keep the loop closed between them.

6. Businesses With Poor Internet In Rural Areas Suffer Waste And Delays:

The capacity to become productive is affected by the presence of poor internet in rural areas.

For instance, if you run an online e-commerce store, the number of orders from interested customers will reduce as a result of delays from poor internet speed.

Also, businesses in production lines will suffer extra cost which could be counted as waste in maintaining warehouses where unsold products have been stored for a long period of time.

Have you also considered if products expires because it could not be sold why customers far away needed them.

Hence, businesses in rural areas with poor internet connects tends to suffer production waste.

In conclusion, we know that businesses that operate in bad network areas struggle to increase productivity, however all hope is not lost, sales can be enhance by using banners, fliers, branded materials and many more brand awareness strategies to win customers and drive more sales.


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