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How To Spot And Avoid Job Scams

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how to identify job scams
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The world’s unemployment rate has grown so high that job scams are now taking a toll on job seekers.

Many young graduates who do not desire to venture into entrepreneurship are hunting for jobs and changing jobs from one organization to another.

Hence, increasing the rate of job scams across the world.

In this regard, a check system has to be put in place to help people spot and avoid fake job offers and fraudulent employment agencies.

Therefore, let us identify some major ways to know job scams so we can cheaply identify them.

How To Identify Job Scams:

1. Job Scams Require You To Pay Before Employment:

Any job that demands you to pay money to before employment is likely a scam.

So many hungry scammers today are desperate to defraud young job seekers.

Hence, the only way they go about it is to demand money from applicants in return for a job.

Don’t ever fall for this trap.

2. High Tempting Payment Rewards Than Required:

Anytime an employer offers to pay higher than the required wage or salary structure, watch it.

Most job scammers know that unemployed people are already in need of money, so they will jump at any high paying job.

Every job has its own payment plan and when an employer offers to pay more than the input required of an employee, it could likely be another job scam.

They tend to make their offer irresistible to attract greedy job seekers.

I choose a lazy person to do a hard job because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.

Bill Gates –  American business magnate, software developer, investor, author, and philanthropist. He is a co-founder of Microsoft

3. Most Job Scams Are Usually Urgent:

Anyone can miss out on details and important stuffs when they get in a hurry.

Hence, most scammers use this strategy to win over their victims.

They portray a sense of urgency on the need for an applicant to pick up the job.

This will steal away the victims chances of carefully examining the nature of the job.

They make it urgent so that people will fall quickly without having the time to think about accepting or rejecting the job offer.

4. Zero Website Or Less Website Info:

Since every business today runs an online business website, one good way to spot job scams is through their websites.

Check the authenticity of their site. How long has it been on the internet?

Scammers can quickly launch a website in few weeks with the intention of scamming people later and turn it down.

A tool like website SEO checker can help you find the age of a website.

Also, what values do their website give to enable job seekers connect to their dream jobs?

Most scam jobs have no websites, others have fake and crappy websites.

They don’t spend time in building a unique website because they are only there to scam people.

5. Watch Out For Fake Testimonials:

Since they offer no employment, they have little to zero real testimonials.

Most scammers go on to fake testimonials just to deceive innocent job seekers.

They do all these since their mission is to defraud people in employment processes.

6. Job Scams Are Usually The Easy To Get Job:

Since these scammers who call themselves employers are looking out to scam people, they make the job easy for everyone to get.

They pose it as an easy to get job with no certificate, skill or work experience.

You can imagine someone offering a job to a person who has no skill, no certificate or work experience, and still offer to pay high.

It looks strange but that’s it.

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7. Job Description Not Disclosed:

One good way to identify a job scam is in their job description.

They usually do not have a unique job description.

The details of such jobs are always hidden away from employment seekers.

Such people only post employment banners with good pay without job description.

Hence leaving applicants in the dark of knowing what the job will be.

Therefore, they hide the information’s needed because of their selfish reasons till their victims get to them.

8. They Provide Fake Business Certificates:

Any body can apply for a business certificate today and get their business registered.

These scammers are smart enough to further register their businesses in order to make it look as unique as possible.

If they don’t do this, there are chances no one will believe them.

However, they register their businesses with fake details and addresses that has no correspondence with them.

They usually have no signboards and use buildings in rural and untracked environments for their job scams.

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9. They Put Pressure On Their Victims:

Placing urgency on a job ends up putting unnecessary pressures on those who take it up.

For instance, they have a way of sending fake interview invitations today seeking the employee to show up tomorrow.

Well, this doesn’t imply that all urgent interviews are scams.

However, a genuine employment opportunity will give applicants the privilege to prepare for employment interview sessions.

Anytime an employer to be puts pressure on job seekers to take jobs that isn’t properly disclosed, there are chances of a potential scam.

10. They Make You Feel You’re Missing Out:

Another strategy these scammers use is that they make you feel you’re missing out on an important job opportunity.

For instance, a colleague once gave me a fake job offer.

He portrayed so much urgency and importance that I should come and take up the job.

Well, only for me to take a 12 hours road trip there and discovered it was a job scam he had been lured into.

He failed to realized he has been scammed, so I had to move out quickly to continue running my business.

Therefore, never allow anyone make you feel you’re missing out for refusing to take up a job.

Job scams are stressful, avoid it at all cost.


Have you ever had a job scam experience?

What was your first reaction? How did you manage the situation?

Is there anything you’ll like to share with us?

Kindly drop your thoughts at the comment box below. Sharing is caring.

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