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How to Sell a Digital Product Online to Make Money

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How to sell digital products online today
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Becoming a successful online entrepreneur today goes beyond knowing how to create a product, you must also know how to sell a digital product with the push of a button from the comfort of your office.

Monetizing the online markets by selling digital products is one of the best ways to make money in your sleep.

Therefore, entrepreneurs who know how to create and sell digital products will always do better than those who don’t know.

Hence, if you don’t know where or how to sell a digital product then keep reading this article to find out now.

What is a product?

A product is an item or a service created with the intention of selling it to a target market.

In the business world, products are goods or commodities created by a manufacturer and sold out to customers.

A product is anything that has value and will solve a problem in a person’s life.

However, a product could either be a tangible or non-tangible product.

What is a digital product?

A digital product is an online product without any tangible or physical form.

The power of knowing how to sell digital products online
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E-books, Musics, Videos, Audios, Software’s, Logos, Web-contents, Games, Graphics, Themes, Fonts e.t.c

You can’t hold digital products in your hands nor wear or eat them physically.

Digital products can’t be kept in a physical container but they pass great values to their users.

Examples are E-books, musics, television and radio systems, website themes, fonts, logos, photos, graphics, video tutorials, blog post, games and adverts.

Others include media streaming, digital subscriptions, electronic tickets, mobile apps, internet coupons, virtual goods, webinars, templates e.t.c

They are non-physical or intangible products with capacity to solve real life problems.

Nevertheless, they can sometimes be converted to tangible products which happens when an e-book is printed out in paper.

You can also sell digital products using the amazing power of digital marketing to promote them to your target audience.

Most profitable digital products to sell online

1. E-books:

This is one of the most common and profitable digital product today.

If you have any knowledge to share with the world why not create an e-book and sell it out.

E-books are alternatives to physical books thereby making it easy for people to read from their mobile phones, tablets or desktop computers at their convenient time.

2. Videos:

Online videos are one of the most famous and common digital products available today.

People create online video courses, educational videos, training videos, comedy videos, movie clips and make a huge amount of money selling these video materials online.

If you know how to sell a digital product online, why not monetize this skill by creating videos that passes value to people.

I had purchased video courses several times as a student on topics that seems too difficult to understand while reading.

I still buy video courses today to gain more knowledge and insight on any aspect i desire knowledge.

The demands for videos are still increasing.

Therefore, videos will still be relevant and important even till the nearest future.

This makes YouTube a global community where people create incredible videos and others view for their benefits.


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3. Games:

Games are one of the most profitable digital products today.

It’s entertaining and serves as one of the best fun activities during breaks at work and business trips.

The gaming world gains millions of downloads and purchase yearly which returns to a huge online income for game creators.

Therefore creating games and selling them online will make you a huge amount of money.

4. Software’s:

All modern day inventions and technology runs on one software or the other.

It would be a great opportunity for you to make thousands of dollars online if you’re a software developer.

For instance, you can create amazing software’s that solves real life problems and sell them online.

This is because sales of software’s are highly profitable today.

5. Audios:

Audio tapes and recordings sells faster online today because people can afford to listen to musics and other audio programs with an ear pod when going on a business trip or relaxing at a cool spot at their convenient time.

Most people like to buy and download musics today in an audio format.

Audio sales are highly profitable which makes it one of the best digital products to sell and make money online.

6. Photography:

The photography market is a huge one.

If you are good in taking group shots and displaying a set of relevant items in the same product lines, business owners wouldn’t mind paying you to sell them these photography images.

Taking detailed shots also makes good sales online in photography.

Photographic pictures of major events are now sold online to users who are interested in buying.

You could just take your photography to another level by selling events photographic images and offering good photography services online.

7. Graphics:

Are you a graphic designer?, do you know your graphic designs could make you lots of money online?

Most business owners give out their graphic jobs because they are not graphic designers or have zero time for graphics.

There is a huge demand for graphic designers to create irresistible graphic designs for business owners.

Fiver is one good market place where graphic designers make a whole lot of money online.

8. Cards:

Cards are one of the most easily designed digital products today, cards are designed to suit various purposes.

Birthday cards, wedding, mother’s day, father’s day, Love cards, gift cards, religious, relationships, family and custom designed cards e.t.c.

9. Stickers:

You can design stock stickers to sell in store, specialty shows or online market places.

If you have a great idea for series of stickers then why not start a bumper sticker business.

You can start creating great custom and design stickers to sell online and make your money.

Individuals and companies in need of professional sticker to promote their brands will be happy to reach out to you.

10. Wall arts:

Wall arts are needed at offices, homes and even recreation centers.

If creating amazing and incredible wall art is your thing, why not do so and start selling them online to make your money.

Later in this article we will talk about market places you can sell your digital products and make a whole lot of money.

You can check out various wall art samples by searching for them at and get ideas to start creating amazing wall arts today.

11. Logos:

Designing logo’s can be a big business for you because most business owners are not good in graphics or logo creation.

Others are too busy to sit-down and create a stunning business logo for their businesses.

You can stand in to close the gap by creating logo’s for both small, medium and big businesses and smile to your bank in return.

Every business today needs a logo to make their brand unique, special and outstanding in the market.

These business owners wouldn’t mind paying you to get a good logo designed for their business.

12. Resume templates:

Job seekers wouldn’t hesitate to buy detailed and powerful resume templates that will enable them stand out in job applications.

Most job seekers today are searching for job resumes that will make them become the best candidate for the job out of the multitude of applications submitted.

So if you are an expert in creating job resumes that gives a high percentage of landing a dream job for job seekers, why not monetize that creative knowledge by selling amazing job resumes online.

You can simply create good job resume templates where job seekers would just buy and fill in their details for any job interview.

You could also go further by offering personal resume writing services online to make more money from your skill.

Therefore venturing into this business will be a win-win for you.

13. Invitations:

Design invitation cards for ceremonies like birthdays, weddings, parties, get together ceremonies and custom invitation cards.

Invitation cards are less technical to design, you just need creativity to make a compelling invitation card.

Invitation cards are always on demand, hence this is a good way to make money online.

You can design and sell invitation cards and also offer such services on customer’s demand.


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7 Powerful market place to sell digital products today.

Here is a list of best market place for selling digital products and how to sell a digital product using these various market place.

1. Shopify:

online market for selling digital products
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Shopify is one of the most popular, trusted and reliable online platform used globally for selling digital products.

It’s an e-commerce website that let’s you start, grow and manage your business by creating an online store which can ultimately help you sell your products.

Shopify offers subscription services to customers that allows them create websites and use shopping cart to sell, ship and manage their products online.

You can sell services, consultations, memberships, event supports, rentals, experiences, classes, lessons and various digital products on shopify.

The Shopify buy button lets you add an e-commerce to your existing website or blog.

Hence, you can sell products from your existing website built either from WordPress, Tumblr or Squarespace.

Knowing how to sell a digital product is very important to become a successful online entrepreneur.

They have a list of companies who also use them, such as Tesla, Sephora, Electric visual, Turtle beach e.t.c

2. ClickBank:

ClickBank affiliate program
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ClickBank is a global market place for selling digital products using an affiliate network system.

Their affiliate network holds thousands of digital products, promoted and sold by people to receive a commission.

Hence, you can make a lot of money by promoting digital products on ClickBank, and thereafter selling them to get your commission .

Therefore, ClickBank act as a middleman between affiliates and product vendors. This means you can create a product and sell it using ClickBank affiliate network.

Hence it’s majorly a digital marketplace or seen as an online e-commerce store where people sign up for free, promote available affiliate products and sell them to get commissions.

Nevertheless, a one-time activation fee is charged when a vendor’s product is approved for sale using this amazing affiliate network.

3. Gumroad:

One of the best place to buy and sell digital products
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Gumroad is also an online platform for selling digital products.

Unlike ClickBank, Gumroad allows creators to connect directly to buyers for sales of digital products.

They have a premium account that goes for about $10/month or a discounted rate of $108/year.

Gumroad have a considerable charge rate of 8.5% and a fee of $0.30 on each sale for a free account.

Nevertheless, Gumroad offers amazing premium features at upgraded account and a lower sales charge fee to premium product sellers.

The idea is to facilitate buying and selling between creators and consumers like social sharing.

4. Sellfy:

Digital market place to sell your digital products
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Buy and Sell at Sellfy

Sellfy is an e-commerce platform founded by Maris Dagis designed to allow users build a beautifully customized online store.

It works well with digital products like e-books, graphics, music, videos, courses and other digital online products.

Sellfy is safe and highly reliable to buy and sell digital products, they offer paid versions of either starter, business or premium plans.

The monthly starter plan is offered for $29 or a $19 monthly discounted plan for an annual user.

A business plan of $59 monthly or a discounted offer of $39 monthly for a year duration.

The Premium plan goes for $129 monthly or a discounted yearly plan of $89 per month.

5. FetchApp:

Get digital deliveries with FetchApp
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FetchApp is also an online e-commerce store that allows you to create, upload and sell a digital product.

It works well with downloadable products such as e-books, musics, downloadable PDF files, photos, videos and software’s which are very easy to download.

It’s one of the best on the list of online retail stores where you can buy and sell digital products at ease.

They don’t charge you for each digital product you sell, instead you are charged on a monthly fee based on your storage needs.

Though they have varieties of plans depending on your needs and budget, so head over to FetchApp official website to check out plans best suitable for you.

They have good customer user experience, hence you can sell hundreds of digital products from your shop .

FetchApp is recognized to work with names like Robbie Williams, Ryan Adams among others.

They integrate well with popular payment systems like Shopify, Woo-Commerce and PayPal to simplify payments.

6. Envato Market:

Envato online market place
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The Envato market is a very good and reliable online retail market with a large user community known for buying and selling digital assets.

This market sells creative themes, graphics, videos, audios, photographs and 3D models, it’s community member are in millions with over 1.5 million active buyers and sellers.

The Envato markets work as a set of interconnected markets where you can buy and sell digital products ranging from website template to video templates and stocked graphic.

You can become an author on the Envato market, each market has its own author, forums, community and items for sale.

One good thing about this market is that when you open an account on one market, it will work on any of the markets.

Envato is one of the best online community where you can buy and sell creative assets.

Therefore, you can create smart design templates, hire a freelancer or learn creative skills at the envato market.

7. Sellwire:

Digital markets for selling digital products
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In the list of best market place to sell digital products, you must include Sellwire.

Sellwire is an online platform used by most people to sell digital products they have already made.

This means you can sell anything simply uploaded as a single file.

These includes e-books, songs, photos, videos, scripts, plugins and every other digital products created by you.

You can choose to use any of the market place for digital products listed in this article and you would get amazing sales results.

Final Thoughts

It’s not enough to sell products on a physical store, knowing how to sell a product online will open your business to a whole new level of income and recognition.

Now you know the most demanded digital products to sell online and where best to sell them.

Knowing how to sell a digital product using the various market place listed here will make you sell at ease.

kindly share this article and hit the comment section to tell me how this article has added value to you.

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