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How To Scale A Business Fast With Blogging In 2022

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what does it mean to scale a business
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Right now, there is no doubt anymore that a blog is one of the fastest growing online business platform. Hence, smart entrepreneurs now utilize the benefits of using a blog to scale a business, thereby driving massive sales and profits to their brands.

I once said that blogging has gone beyond publishing articles for fun, blogging is now serious business.

Hence, a well optimized blog can help you build brand awareness and maintain a strong online presence at the most effective and affordable cost.

Business owners now promote their businesses to their target markets from their business blog.

Although, blogging can be used to scale a business today, some people still blog for fun and pleasure.

Well, for the sake of this article, we’ll focus on how to use a blog to scale a business.

What Does It Mean To Scale A Business:

In simple terms, to scale a business means to generate conversions.

It means collecting leads, building a list of prospects and turning them to active customers.

For some business owners, it could be improving on existing customers service and building a good automated sales funnel.

To another, it could be setting up a good workplace for employees and maintaining good work habit.

However, most entrepreneurs measure it by growing their revenues, daily profits and the general income status of their companies.

Therefore, let us find out the best way to scale a business using the power of blogging.

1. Start A Blog On Your Business Niche:

One of the best ways to scale a business is by starting a blog on your business niche.

A blog will help you reach your target audience at low cost with high return margins.

Starting a blog will help you build a platform to educate prospects and customers about your brand and what you have to offer.

This will also help you build good relationship with people in your niche.

Also, make sure you choose a good blog name that tells what your business is all about.

Note: If you run multiple businesses, you can still create one blog and utilize it to grow them all.

However, know that a niche blog is one of the fastest ways to grow and rank a new blog today.

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2. Write Down All The Keywords Your Potential Customers Can Use To Find Your Business Online:

Just immediately you launch your blog, it’s now time you sit down and do some keyword research.

Depending on the business you run and the niche you are running a blog on, you must take time to study what sells in your niche.

A good way to do this is by using keyword research tools like keyword everywhere, Semrush, Ubersuggest and other keyword and SEO tools available online.

These tools will tell you the special keywords in that business niche you belong.

For instance, let us say your business is about skincare.

You might find keywords like skincare routine, ordinary skincare and skincare products relevant to you.

Hence, you might now decide to write an article with the heading “affordable and effective skincare products you can buy with less than $3”.

Hope you got the point.

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3. Create Highly Optimized Contents Around The Keywords Your Potential Customers Use In Finding Your Competitors Online:

Now you have a basic understanding of how keywords work in blogging, you’ll have to do some findings.

Next is to find your competitors, make sure you identify the businesses leading the market in your niche.

Once you find them, you’ll need to spy on them. When doing this, you must be strategic and smart.

By all means avoid attracting copyright issues as this might bring financial set backs to your business.

The goal here is to find out the keywords they are already ranking for on search engines.

Find out the keywords potential customers who need the products and services in your niche use in finding them when they visit search engines.

Immediately you find these keywords, you launch a plan.

The plan is to start creating unique and highly rich and informative articles about those keywords in your new business blog.

Patience is a virtue here, hence if you succeed in doing it the right way, you’re sure to start enjoying the same customers from various search engines.

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4. Build Backlinks To Those Articles And Create An Active Community Around Your Business:

To further promote those articles you’ve created with those relevant keywords in your niche, you must work on building backlinks to those articles.

Backlink building is one of the most important criteria to grow a new blog.

Quality backlinks from authority blogs will help you drive massive traffic to your blog.

Please ensure never to build backlinks with black hat SEO strategies.

What do I mean by black hat SEO strategies?

I mean avoid building backlinks from unrelated sites that has nothing to do with your niche.

For instance, a business blogger building backlinks from pornographic sites and marijuana sites to rank a new blog.

At all cost avoid these backlink building strategies.

Such backlinks will increase your blog’s spam score and give you unhealthy backlink profile.

Also, Google frowns at such systems and can penalize your blog from search engines if care is not taken.

Therefore, build backlinks from guest posting on authoritative blogs, blog commenting on relevant blogs in your niche, or manually requesting for backlinks from other bloggers in your niche if you’ve created a good relationship with them.

Hence, when your backlinks grow, soon those articles will start ranking on search engines.

Therefore, you’ll start enjoying traffic and customers from search engine result pages.

5. To Scale A Business, Solve A Problem, Show Them The Other Challenges They Are Encountering And Present An Irresistible Offer:

Now you’ve succeeded in ranking your new blogs on search engine, it’s time to sell to your audience.

How do you create a good sales plan to make you sell at ease?

One good way to do that is to first solve a problem.

There are many questions your potential customers want to ask but have no one to answer them.

You can make a list of the most frequently asked questions concerning your business and answer them on your blog.

How this works is that people who visit your blog will perceive you as an expert an authority in that niche.

Hence, they will trust you and get attached to your blog.

Soon, you’ll succeed in sinking your business name into their minds.

Therefore anytime they need a product or service in your niche, there are high chances that they will gladly reach out to you.

This is because you’ve succeeded in building a good business brand and maintaining a strong online presence.

Hence, selling to them becomes cheap and easy to do.

6. You Might Also Consider Creating A Google My Business Account If You Desire To Scale A Business:

Another interesting way to scale a business is by creating a google my business account as a business owner.

This is to further enhance you online presence and visibility to prospects and existing customers.

Hence, if you don’t know how to create a Google my business account, you can go over to Google search bar later.

On Google search bar, simply type in “Create Google my business account” and you can pick it up from there.

Its completely easy and quick, you just need to fill in your basic information’s and set up your account.

Hence, when prospects who need to work with you but still doubt’s your accountability go on Google to search for you, they will also find you.

In simple psychology of business, people think about what they see and trust them more quickly.

Therefore, I advice you to take advantage of this strategy if you desire to scale a business.

I hope you put these strategies to work, see you at the top.

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