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How To Restore Your Lost Blog Ranking And Domain Authority

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restore your lost blog ranking and domain authority
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Can you imagine the pain of waking up only to discover you’ve lost your blog ranking and domain authority?

I guess that will be one of the most disturbing thought both newbies and professional bloggers can ever experience in blogging.

Everyone wants to show up on Google first search engine result pages or the second if possible.

There is no point spending time to write a blog post that can only be found on Googles 20th or 30th SERP.

Am sure you know nobody have the time and patience to go through to Google 20th page.

Hence, what are those quick remedies to implement immediately your blog ranking and domain authority starts dropping.

1. Build More Quality Backlinks To Your Contents:

Backlinks are so important that even if you’ve one of the best contents published with zero backlink profile, another less detailed blog post with few backlinks will outrank you.

How does this happens?

Google respects the idea of seeing a blog referencing to another.

Just incase you need to understand how backlinks work, you can use a tool like Moz, Semrush, Ubersuggest or Ahrefs to check your blog’s backlink profiles.

Ensure you build links from sites with good domain authority and those higher than you.

As an extra hint, focus on building more do-follow backlinks to your blog.

2. Updating Your Old Contents Could Help You Restore Your Lost Blog Ranking:

Maybe your contents are becoming obsolete and you need to update them.

When people don’t longer find your contents informative, they wouldn’t spare any time reading it.

This sends a direct message to Google indicating that your contents are not rich enough.

Hence, search engines will have no option but to push your articles down for others with fresh and updated contents to rank.

Therefore, adding about 300 more valuable words and information to your old blog post will help in restoring your lost blog rankings.

Improving your blog contents involves upgrading the quality and quantity of your articles.

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3. Manually Re-index Your New Updated Contents:

Well, it’s true that search engines like Google have the capacity to index your blog post.

Well, as an extra hint, anytime you update your blog post, manually re-indexing them on Google search console will be of good help.

This will speed up the time it would take for search engines to re-index your contents and boost up your lost blog rankings.

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4. Reduce The Number Of Do-Follow Backlinks On Your Blog:

When you give backlinks always ensure you check the authority of the blog you’re linking to.

Try to reduce the number of do-follow backlinks on your blog.

Excessive number of do-follow backlinks will kill your blog ranking.

As an alternative, using a no-follow backlink will be better when you don’t fully trust the quality of that site.

5. Uninstall Unnecessary Plugins To Restore Your Lost Blog Ranking:

Avoid installing plugins that are not compactible to your content management system.

For instance, in WordPress, there are plugins that will indicate if it’s compactible to your version of WordPress or not before you download it.

Similarly, ensure to always update your plugins when a new update is available.

There is no point installing plugins that have no use on your blog.

These plugins are encrypted in various programming languages that adds as either CSS or JavaScript files to your blog.

Therefore, if you must use plugins, make sure they are valuable and useful to your blog.

6. Your Lost Blog Ranking Could Be As A Result Of Your Blog’s Loading Speed:

The loading speed of a site should be less than 0.4 seconds for it to be considered fast enough for an end user.

Hence, immediately you notice a drop in your blog ranking, check your site speed.

One good way to keep your blog fast is to upload light weight images and keep them at minimum.

Also, reduce the number of CSS and JavaScript files that runs on your blog.

In cases when you must upload videos on your blog, housing them on a platform like YouTube will be better.

Slow websites usually turn off users because no one has enough time to waste on a blog.

The faster your website, the better it’s user experience.

7. Check Your User Experience and Interface:

Your blog must be user friendly for it to sustain it’s visitors.

Try to make sure your blog is easy to navigate, its responsive on desktop, tablets and mobile phones.

A good premium theme will be a plus to you.

Hence depending on your blogging niche, choose a theme that will make your blog users enjoy visiting your blog and interacting with it.

In addition to user experience, a fast website receives more page views and returning visitors than a slow one.

Therefore, design for your visitors

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Starting a blog is one of the most affordable, convenient and profitable online business anyone can start to make money online.

Blog ranking is getting more technical with the current rise in number of blogs on various niches.

Hence, it is becoming highly competitive since everyone wants to rank on the first page of search engine result pages.

Every blogger wants to stay visible to advertisers so they can make money from their blogs through sponsored post, affiliate marking and other monetization strategies they are using.

Therefore, the need for bloggers to sit up and do what needs to be done is important.

I hope you rank up your blog using these strategies.

Share your contributions with me at the comment section.

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