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How To Negotiate Like An Entrepreneur When Buying A Property In 2022

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how to negotiate like an entrepreneur when buying a property in 2022
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Either you’re an online or offline trader who is into the market of buying and selling, you’ll always have to negotiate prices with different people in order to strike a profitable deal.

According to Harvey Mackay, you do not get what you want, you get what you negotiate.

Hence, you must be able to negotiate and bargain for prices, else you’ll place yourself cheaply at the losing end.

Similarly, when buying a real estate property, your seller might come up with a price that doesn’t gives you some advantage.

However, the ability to negotiate like an entrepreneur will help you draw the balance in making a profitable deal.

Entrepreneurs who have built their negotiating and bargaining skills will never back out from any choice trade they choose.

This is because, they know that negotiation is vital for successful trades to be accomplished.

Therefore, let us examine top 10 ways to negotiate like an entrepreneur in 2022.

Top 10 Ways To Negotiate Like An Entrepreneur In 2022:

It was John F. Kennedy that said “let us never negotiate out of fear, but let us never fear to negotiate”.

Therefore, let us check out some 10 working tips that will help us boost our confidence in the place of negotiation.

1. Have A Maximum Limit Of How Much You’re Are Willing To Pay:

It is too risky to trade without having a limit to serve as a form of discipline.

Just before you start negotiating, have a maximum figure in mind at which you mustn’t go above no matter what happens.

As a good entrepreneur, let every price you offer to pay fall below that maximum price if possible.

When you reach that figure and the seller still refuses to sell to you, then just take a break from it.

Therefore, you’ll either need to pull out of the deal or get other ways to make the purchase of the property economically feasible.

2. Discover The Price It Took The Seller To Buy The Property:

Find out what the seller paid to purchase the property and don’t offer anything exactly or below it.

For instance, if the property is worth $1m, never offer exactly $1m or anything below it.

Ensure to add some interest to enable the seller see the trade as a profitable one.

That is the only way the seller will be willing to sell it.

An owner will be more ready to negotiate the price of a property when it only affects the profit.

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3. Always Negotiate To Strike A Deal That Keeps Both Parties Happy:

The best offers and best business deals are those that keeps both parties happy.

This is to guaranty more successful future trades between the buyer and the seller.

If the offers don’t keep you happy, then you might have to pull out.

You must also check the cash flow of what you’re paying for to make sure it is profitable.

Remember, the bottom line isn’t what you buy the property for, but how good the property’s cash flow is.

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4. The Best Way To Negotiate Is To Listen More As Your Sellers Speak Their Views:

Entrepreneurs are very observant people.

You must be ready to listen as your sellers speak their views on how much they are willing to sell and why they want to sell at that price.

This is the fastest way for you to know their interest in the deal.

Hence, you can have a perspective of what to offer when you know they will grab it without much stress.

Therefore, be patient and listen to what he/she has to say.

You can learn a lot by just listening to your seller so you know how best to come in.

5. Negotiate And Deal Respectfully With Your Sellers:

Whether you are buy or selling, respecting people is vital in order to live peacefully in oneness and unity.

Never trash your sellers by using abusive words because they offer a price you’re not willing to pay.

It’s always a good idea to treat your sellers with respect and dignity.

Even if you are not able to afford the property, a sense of humor towards your seller might make him want to deal with you.

He might have another property you can buy elsewhere or even beat down the price of the one you’re currently trying to purchase.

Also, you may be on opposite sides of the table now, however, the seller may be the source of additional properties in the future.

Therefore, respect and honor your sellers even while negotiating prices.

6. Don’t Fall In Love With The Property:

When bargaining for a property or trying to strike a deal as a buyer, never fall in love with the property.

This is a trap most buyers fall into, thereby making them spend more than required.

You must be ready to walk away from the deal if you cannot come to a favorable understanding with the seller.

Remember you’re in the deal to make money so don’t let your emotions get in the way.

7. As You Negotiate, Get Ready To Compromise If Need Be:

Be prepared to compromise.

This is just about coming to agree with your seller by shifting terms and conditions if need be.

For instance, will the seller also allow you pay on installment if the price goes beyond what you can afford at the moment.

This means you’ll have to add a little agreed money to the cost you’re paying for the property but with a more period of time.

Instead of being adversarial, focus on your top priorities and don’t let your emotions rob you off.

I’ll also encourage you pay attention to the benefits involved if you’re also paying any extra money on your agreed time.

8. Round Up Your Offers:

What do I mean by rounding up you offers?

If you are bargaining to buy a property for $9500 and the seller insists on you paying $12,000, rounding up your offer to $10,000 might make the seller feel good to sell it.

Similarly, a 500,000 offer may not seem much higher than $499,000 but will make the seller feel more favorable on your offer.

This will give your seller a sense of addition and willingness on your part to buy the property.

Hence, if the seller discovers he is still at profit after your round up offer, he will likely sell the property.

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9. Avoid instant gratifications:

Know why the offer is worth the price you are paying for.

Try to add a bit of delays on your decision to buy that property at the price your seller wants it.

This will buy you enough time to consider if that property is worth the amount of money you’re bringing in.

If otherwise is the case, then you need to pull out immediately.

When negotiating for deals, don’t buy in a rush.

You’re the one paying so let it be done with ease and confidence.

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10. Hide Your Excitements From The Seller:

Don’t show much excitement like all depends on that property even if it is.

Doing so might end up making you give over power to the seller.

Psychologically, when you show up so much excitement on a deal, your sellers might take advantage of your excitement to their own favor.


They will feel you can’t let go off the property, hence they will push for a higher price seeing you’re already excited about the choice property.

On the other hand, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t show excitement or feel sad, just don’t get curious.

A good entrepreneur must be able to control emotions and feelings when balancing a deal with his clients.

This adds value to their negotiating power on a long run.

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