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How to Get More Customers to your Business in 20 Smart Ways

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how to get more customers to your business
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How to get more customers to your business is one of the most important skill needed to succeed in entrepreneurship today.

The joy that comes with having massive patronage from daily customers is enough to keep business owners happy.

Hence, if you don’t know how to get customers to your business without spending on Ads, keep reading this article.

Small and medium business owners are still seeking avenues to keep existing customers and get new ones.

It’s also true that the desire to get more customers still burns in the heart of big business players today.

Big businesses with over 1 million annual customer patronage still seek to grow their customer base.

No doubt Ads are now one of the fastest ways to push brands into the minds of target audience.

However, ads could be very expensive especially for start up businesses who are running on a tight budget.

Similarly, the risk of spending money on Ads that don’t convert due to improper management is still a challenge today.

Therefore, to solve the common challenge involved in getting customers without paid Ads, this article was launched.

20 smart ways to get more customers to your business:

how to get more customers to your business
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20 ways to attract customers without spending money on Ads

1. Give out free-bies:

This is a powerful lead magnet for business owners to attract customers to their business.

Almost everybody likes to be offered something for free no matter how little or big it is.

According to the founder of, Andy Varley, companies giving freebies win higher patronage over it’s competitors.

Another research indicates an increasing number of companies using freebies as an effective online marketing strategy.

This further leads to increased brand awareness and customer retention.

Freebies do wonders in today’s modern business.

It brings back your customers and generate more sales to you.

2. Build credibility, keep your promises and appointments:

Credibility is an important virtue in entrepreneurship.

Do what you tell your customers, keep your words.

Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon once said if you’re going to deliver a product to your customer, do it quickly.

Jeff has one business quote that says customers might reach only 6 friends on-ground but reach 6000 friends online.

When you announce promo offer online to give price to winners, never delay in doing so.

Credibility will increase your patronage and help you stay connected to your customers.

If customers expect you by 8:00 am, get ready by 7:30 am, build trust if you want more customers.

Therefore, to succeed as an entrepreneur you must be credible in your dealings with customers.

3. Offer the best customer service to get more customers:

Don’t be too focused on making money from your customers. Let service come first before money.

Be willing to offer the best service at all times.

The competition for customers among business owners today is very high.

Therefore, you can’t afford to treat your customers with levity.

One way to stand out in geting more customer patronage is by improving greatly on your customers service.

People like to be treated well, oh yes they do and i know you also do.

A good customers service is important for customers satisfaction and repeated patronage.

Customer service is one of the 16 powerful strategies for brand awareness with little money, check it out.

For instance, I once visited a store to get a bottle of perfume, after that day i kept patronizing them.

WHY???, its not magic, the answer is simple.

I got comfort for my patronage, i was relaxed at the way the attendant gave attention to me, that’s it.

Therefore, build good customers service, let your customers know you are delighted to do business with them.

Here is a free guide on how to build a great customer service, check it out.

4. Have a referral bonus:

Everyone loves bonus, introducing referral bonus to existing customers will motivate them to bring their loved ones.

When people know they will get something for introducing someone to your business, they will gladly do it.

How many times have you directed someone to a boutique or saloon without getting a dime for it?

Hence imagine when you earn bonus for directing customers to a business.

That’s the power of referring.

Referral bonus are common in network marketing companies to reward network marketing professionals.

Here is a free guide on how to become a network marketing professional, don’t miss it.

5. Encourage customers to drop recommendations or reviews about your business online:

This still works wonders in business today.

Encourage satisfied customers to give good recommendations and reviews online about your brand online.

Though not all customers will do this because of their busy schedules, however, you will get a few good recommendations.

A good percentage of online buyers check the product review of items before making a purchase.

They want to know what existing customers are saying about you.

Hence, recommendations from existing customers will be a great way to win the heart of new customers.

6. Solicit with your staffs or partners to share your business on social media:

Try to encourage your staffs and partners to promote your brand on social media.

For instance, if you have 10 staffs in your small business.

If 10 of them upload your business twice weekly on social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

Let’s say they post on Monday and also post on Friday for weekends.

Assuming they have 1000 friends each on Facebook. That’s 10 multiplied by 1000 = 10000.

Hence, if 50% progress is made from such promotion, your business has succeeded in reaching 5000 people without paid Ads.

Therefore, encourage social sharing of your business among staffs, colleagues and workers.

7. Start a blog for your business:

Blogging is one of the fastest ways to reach people online.

I consider it the best way to do information marketing.

You can start a blog for your business and reach your target audience without stress.

This will help your brand get recognized on search engines when a customers searches for keywords in your niche.

Here is a guide revealing the 12 most fantastic steps to become a successful blogger.

I will also advise you check out the 31 dangerous blogging mistakes you must avoid before setting up your blog.

8. Utilize free social networks to get more customers:

Your social media presence and visibility is very important, how engaging are you on social media?

It’s completely easy to run a Facebook page for your business and a Twitter account today.

You mustn’t leave anything on the table, leverage on social media lovers.

Post reg ularly, respond to comments, ask customers how they feel about your business.

This is one way you can compete with the big industry players.

Most big brands rarely respond to social media comments because of their busy schedules.

Hence if you’re just starting out, apply this strategy to grow your business.

9. Do more offline branding:

I personally like the use of face-caps, T-shirts, jotters, pen and branded materials.

If you wear T-shirts to your office, why not brand them?, what about your face-caps and jotters.

Let people see those materials on you.

It’ll remind them of your business without you speaking a word.

I once worked with an advertising agency that supports us to put on branded materials when visiting clients.

Offline branding is less expensive and a quiet type of branding.

I’ve seen cars branded with companies Logos and products in a bid to create massive brand awareness.

This will ultimately get customers attention and bring more patronage to your business.

10. Educate customers periodically:

Periodically organize seminars and training to educate customers and prospect about your company products and services.

It’s a good way of marketing yourself and educating your customers.

People buy from those they know, they buy more when they know more of you.

This is one method used by network marketing professionals to get members registered to their teams.

11. Get mention from social media personalities:

Are you a social media personality with huge fan base and followers?

Do you know any one who influences people on social media?

One good way to get customers to your business is by getting mentions from personalities with huge followers online.

However, this is only possible if you know any social media personality with a huge follower and fan base.

When they mention your business name, there audience are convinced to trust your business and give you rewarding patronage.

12. You can get more customers by building good relationships with other similar brand:

Building good business relationships with similar brands go a long way in securing customers attention.

Talk about similar businesses offering same services or selling same products you sell in a respectful manner.

Many of such businesses might return the favour to speak well of you.

However, this must be done in a civilized manner to avoid unnecessary accolades.

Whatever way you do it, just keep good relationship with other businesses in your niche.

13. Offer more and charge less to attract more customers:

Customers love it when they get high value at a minimized charge rate.

Push your aim at offering more and charging less to help them feel relaxed in patronising you.

Just keep offering more value, soon they will gladly start paying you well and increase the rate they patronize you.

Find a way to ensure customers are satisfied after making payments for products and services.

Focus on customers first before money.

Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad Poor Dad once said focus on serving more people if you need more money.

Change your focus from making money to serving more people, serving more people brings in the money.

Robert Kiyosaki – Best selling author of rich dad poor dad

14. Use Affiliate Systems:

Having an affiliate system will help more people know more about your business.

For affiliate marketers to sell your products or services, they must talk to people about your business.

This is another strategy to boost your brand visibility and bring more customers to you.

Oh yes, affiliate marketers will earn commissions for their sales, however you also sell more and make more money.

Design an affiliate program to enable affiliate marketers work with you conveniently.

Therefore, the more affiliate sales you get, the more customer patronage you enjoy and the more money you make.

Also Read This: Most Powerful Ways to Save Money without a Bank.

15. Answer questions online with your business profile:

One good social space where tons of questions are asked daily is Quora.

Get registered on Quora, join spaces related to your business niche and give detailed and informative answers to questions.

Make sure your brand logo or profile appears on Quora on a regular basis.

Utilize Facebook groups and pages to also attract more customers.

Therefore, implementing these strategies will boost up your customers within a short period of time.

16. Use pictures, audios and videos:

Pictures speak a thousand word, so as audios and videos when compared to written text.

This is where info-graphics comes into play in marketing a business to get customers.

A short collection of photos and video clips will go a long way in driving customers to you.

Many businesses today makes use of info-graphics to pass valuable messages to customers.

Also, consider creating a podcast about your products and services, share it to your existing customers and business partners.

This is one good way to get customers to your business without relying on paid Ads.

You can take it further by creating a YouTube account for your business.

17. Send Files through Email marketing:

Email marketing is a formal way of promoting your brand by sending mails to your customers.

I encourage building an email list along side your business brand. It’ll help you in diverse ways.

This is one importance of getting the email address of your customers.

You can leverage this opportunity to send files that sells your brand in 5 minutes reading time.

Create PDF files and share it to your existing customers.

Ensure to encourage them to read the contents of those PDF files.

Some customers could be too busy to visit your social media pages because of their personal businesses and schedules.

However, it will cost them absolutely nothing to read through their mail.

18. Guest post on authority niches related to you:

Businesses can never underestimate the powers of guest posting.

Guest posting is simply writing a quality and informative article for another blog or website.

If you do a good job here, the readers of those sites you guest post for will likely visit your blog.

Hence, if they find something interesting about your writings, they will also permanently stick to you.

Therefore, write guest post on businesses in your niche, it’ll help you gain recognition, visibility and more customer patronage.

19. Become active in forum and discussions in your business niche:

Engage with community groups and forums that are highly interactive.

Join forums that are strictly in your business niche and become an active member and contributor.

Over time you’ll start gaining trust and credibility from such community.

Its a good ideas not to start promoting your business immediately you join forums so they don’t think you’re spamming.

Hence, create time to build up your profile before you start setting up to promote your business.

20. Consider Partnership:

Starting and running a business is one of the best way to save money and see your money work for you
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Leverage on the power of partnership in getting customers to your business, find out!!!

Partnering with major brands could be a big win for you to forget paid Ads.

When people know you partner with big and trusted brands, they tend to start trusting your business.

Its works, its just psychology.

Businesses who know the value of partnership will always do well than business who run alone.

They could have their individual projects. Oh yes that’s true.

However that doesn’t stop partnership from taking its place on national projects.

One good characteristics of an entrepreneur is the ability to work with others.

So if you’re just starting out, it’s a big win for you to partner with big brands.

You’ll succeed faster using the social proof of older brands during partnership.


It’s now over to you to.

I believe you already know how to get more customers to your business today.

Apply the 20 ways of getting customers discussed here in your daily business operations.

All up-and-running business today survive on the wings of existing and new customers.

They are the backbone of every business irrespective of it’s size, whether small, medium or big.

A steady and increasing flow rate of customers will help you generate more sales and money to your business.

More customers means more money to your business. It means more brand awareness and visibility.

A huge customer base builds trust for prospects to see your business worthy of patronage.

Kindly share this article on social media, thanks.

Did i miss anything, let me know at the comment sections.

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