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How to build a network marketing business quickly

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how to build a network marketing business quickly
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Okay, just before we move on, do you feel network marketing business is stressful? just like what 75% of people feel today, if so then worry no more because this article reveals the secrets of how to build a network marketing business quickly within a short period of time.

Hence, you will know what is network marketing, how to build a network marketing business quickly, benefits of running and building a network marketing business and top network marketing companies you should know.

Let me start by saying network marketing is a unique business that has existed for several decades and believed to be invented by a U.K based company in 1923.

Today, the productivity of small and large business owners are greatly enhanced through network marketing strategies.

Also, I once discussed about how to become a network marketing professional in 1 year, you might be happy to also check it out.

Network marketing itself is a wide business niche, hence we must approach it with lots of knowledge and experience.

Therefore, we will be focusing more on the definition of network marketing, how to build a network marketing business quickly, network marketing companies and the major benefits of building and running a network marketing business.

What is Network Marketing Business?

network marketing business
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The power of network marketing

Network marketing business is a kind of business that runs on team building and person to person sales.

Its a business that offers you the leverage to benefit from sales of products and services made by someone in your network marketing team.

In other words, we can also call it multi level marketing because you earn with respect to your position in the hierarchy of a team.

To succeed in network marketing, it’s also important to have a network marketing business plan.

There are many successful introverts entrepreneurs in this niche, hence anybody can fit in here, but it takes a positive mindset to succeed in network marketing.

Eric Worre is one network marketing professional who understands the secrets of network marketing as outlined in his Go pro: 7 steps to become a network marketing professional.

For instance, if you bring in Mr. A and Mr. A brings in Mr. B, and Mr. B brings in Mr. C, you will end up building a good team.

If this circle continues, you will have succeeded in building a large network marketing business.

This is one reason it is called multi-level marketing, you earn according to your rank. Also note that it takes lots of experience, strategies and capacities to build.

However, lets quickly know what it takes to build one today.

How to Build a Network Marketing Business Quickly:

One of the gaps between the rich and the poor is in their mindsets, how they think and how they respond to business opportunities.

This is a template you must follow in your network marketing business plan. Hence, let’s move on.

1. Join a network marketing company:

Firstly, the number one step to building a multilevel marketing business is to join an existing running and successful network marketing company.

This will offer you the opportunity to learn the rules and regulations of the business, you will cheaply know the do’s and don’t of network marketing business for free.

2. Have a daily, monthly and yearly target:

Your first step is having a target in mind, what kind of team do you want to build? what is your desired team size? how fast do you want your network marketing business to grow?

These are common questions you must answer if you must succeed in this business niche.

Hence, all these tips must be put in place for you to take off successfully.

3. Team building is a vital criteria in building a network marketing business:

According to network marketing professional Eric Worre, team building is inevitable in network marketing business.

After you have clearly outlined your targets, its now time to build a team of your choice.

Build your team around your passion, choose the kinds of people you want in your team and do so quickly.

4. Be timely about your targets:

Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon once said if you give yourself 3 days to complete a task, it will take you 3 days, however, if you give yourself 3 hours, it will take you 3 hours.

This simply means you should create urgency in your business.

Therefore, develop the ability to do things on time without procrastination.

5. Talk to a new prospect every day, do daily marketing:

To successfully build a good multilevel marketing business, you must talk to at least 1 new prospect everyday.

No matter the size of your team, its good you still reach out to at least 1 new person everyday.

This is one secret I found on how to grow your network marketing business daily.

Be consistent in sharing news about your business, no business grows without proper marketing.

6. Educate your existing prospect on the need to keep building their business:

One mistake in multilevel marketing business is bringing in your prospects and abandoning them.

Its your responsibility to always educate your prospect and teach them how to become more successful in the business.

It could be once weekly or once in a 2 weeks or 1 month, just make out time to educate them on how to win over prospect.

Help them tackle the major challenges they encounter, discuss possible solutions with them and implement your conclusions.

7. Study the stories of successful network marketers and model their strategies:

Success becomes easy when you find out what others are doing to make them succeed in what you intend to start or currently doing.

Hence take time to find out successful network marketers like Seth Godin and learn from their business model.

Study their models, rules and regulations, terms and conditions, make your findings before arriving at what works best for you.

8. Go pro in building your network marketing business:

Be more professional about your business, make yourself more official.

Have a complimentary card through which your new prospects can easily call you or connect with you online.

Its not always compulsory for all multilevel marketer to have a physical office location, however a good complimentary card will help you drop the disadvantages of not having a business location

9. Be consistent:

Nothing grows without consistency, hence i encourage you to be consistent in your network marketing business.

Therefore, never let a single day pass by without making some moves to move your business forward.

Respond to mails, attend to customers enquiries, stay active on your marketing campaigns and never stop doing what works for you.

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10 Benefits of Running and Building a Network Marketing Business:

Here are some 10 unique benefits of running a network marketing business, on the other words we could consider them as reasons why network marketing business is amazing.

how to build a network marketing business quickly
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The Benefits of Network Marketing Business

1. You can work from anywhere:

The privilege of working from anywhere you find yourself is a win-win game in network marketing business.

This business offers you the opportunity to work from home, you don’t really need a permanent office.

Hence you can always share insights about your business to friends and families anywhere you meet them.

It could be a mall, café or even a cinema room, your business can flow anywhere.

2. Choose your own schedule:

You work for yourself here, hence you can afford to choose your working hours.

You might decide to work for 3 hours, 6, 8 or 12 hours.

They main objective here is to be productive, therefore we can say it offers great flexibility to people.

2. It offers you the opportunity to work self employed:

How does it feel to become self employed, knowing fully well that you work for yourself and pay yourself.

This is one kind of business that gives you the privilege to work for yourself, no body sacks you.

Hence if you don’t work, you wouldn’t earn, when you work you get paid, so simple.

Also, network marketing fosters good morale, it boost self confidence and improves work spirit.

3. It takes advantage of social media marketing:

social media marketing
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The roles of social media marketing in network marketing business

Its one of the most convenient and celebrated online business today.

You can utilize social median channels like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram or Quora to advertise your products and get recruits to your team.

4. You aren’t subjected to street hawking:

Their is workplace orderliness in network marketing.

Network marketing business is a well coordinated business, hence it’s not subjected to street hawking of products.

It keeps the environment clean because product aren’t littered on the streets.

5. Building a network marketing business requires low startup cost :

You don’t need to take a heavy loan when starting up a network marketing business.

The most important factor you need is the passion to work.

This levels the playing ground for both the rich and the poor.

Therefore, its an open market available to whosoever is interested.

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6. Nothing has capacity to stop your business, absolutely nothing:

During the Covid-19 lockdown of 2020, one of the most striving business still making waves in the street was network marketing.

Shops were closed, stores were closed, malls were shut down, never was network marketing companies denied of their services.

This is because they operate both online and offline hence giving them a two edge advantage over many businesses sectors.

For instance, aviation departments were shut down, most schools went on compulsory break including government agencies.

Therefore, we can say network marketing is a dependable business.

7. Build a network marketing business because it is transferrable to your children:

Network marketing business differs from jobs, hence you can transfer the business to your children when you hit retirement age without fear of losing your years of labor.

However, this doesn’t mean your kids would also want to be a network marketer.

On the long run, its a good business model for me if I can easily pass it on without fears of wasted efforts.

8. Network marketing boost the sales and marketing skills of people:

This is one business that helps you develop sales and marketing management strategies that works in all fields of business.

The world’s best legends of sales and marketing are all domiciled in network marketing.

Examples include Eric Worre, Seth Godin, Randy Gage, Dan McCormick etc.

Therefore, you can’t be a successful marketer without a boost in your sales and marketing skills.

9. You can earn at anytime of the day if you build a network marketing business:

One other interesting benefits of network marketing business is the ability to earn at anytime of the day.

It could come directly or through your down lines when you have a good team.

This is why team building was a vital step we discussed earlier on how to build a network marketing business quickly.

Successful marketers earn even in their sleep.

10. You can attain financial freedom and global recognition:

There is absolutely no limitation in network marketing business.

Hence, it could become a full time income channel that could bring you to financial freedom.

On the other hand, it could promote you towards global recognition just the same way we know many successful business people today.

The benefits are so unlimited and cannot be compared to a 9am to 5pm type of job.

Top Network Marketing Companies You Should Know:

Go pro: how to become a network marketing professional
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Here are a list of world recognized network marketing companies.

  1. Amway: This company specializes in selling health, beauty, and home care products.
  2. Market America: They sell household cleaning supplies, jewelry, personal care products, auto care, cosmetics, dietary supplements, custom websites, water purifiers, and weight management products
  3. Herbalife: Specialist in health care products and supplements, they also offer skin care products.
  4. Nu skin: As the name implies this company are specialist in skin care and beauty.
  5. Infinitus: A Chinese based company with a vision of advocating the excellence of Chinese wellness traditions for a healthy life with balance, abundance and harmony‚Äč.
  6. Vorwerk: They deal on (multifunctional kitchen appliance), Kobold (vacuum cleaners), Neato Robotics (vacuum robot), Temial (tea maker) and cosmetic products
  7. Natura: They offer 100% vegan and cruelty-free bath & body, hair and skincare products and soap. Free deluxe samples with every purchase, plus free shipping with $35+ purchases.
  8. Forever Living Products: Specialist in health care products ranging from drugs,
  9. Young living: This company specializes on essential oil, they offer pure oils for natural lifestyle and authentic oils for household use.
  10. Oriflame Cosmetics: As the name implies, they specializes in producing quality cosmetic products like creams, soaps, perfumes etc.

In Conclusion:

Am sure you now know what network marketing business is all about and how to build a network marketing business today.

Multilevel marketing business has offered millions of job to unemployed youths around the world because it’s one sector that is ever open to instant employment.

Hence, to get involved in a network marketing business, kindly contact the nearest network marketing companies available to you and fit in with your choice.

Its a business that pays for a lifetime, you keep earning as you keep working, as your team grows, your incomes and rankings in the business also increase.

Am glad you came through this article, did i miss anything you might like to share with me, kindly do so by dropping it at the comment section.

Also, be encouraged to share this article across social media, someone needs to read this, thanks.

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