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How to Build a Great Customers Service in 2 Years

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How to Build a Great Customers Service in 2 Working Years
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What would it be to you if you built a great customers service capable of keeping customers loyal to your brand and giving you massive sales repeatedly.

The dreams of every business owner is to see their business leading the market in-spite of all other competitions in the market.

However, many businesses still crash today because of bad customers service and how they attend to consumers.

Excellent customers service is one of the 16 powerful ways to increase your brand awareness and shoot your business to the front of the market.

Bad customers services is one of the 8 major reasons entrepreneurs fail in business today.

Have you ever walked into a shop to get some items but left disappointed because the customers service representative was a bit unfriendly and sluggish.

Well, maybe you’ve experienced this before or not, but i tell you 70% of dis-satisfied customers never return to patronize such businesses in the next 2-3 weeks.

Nevertheless, applying the business tips shared in this article will push your brand to the front of the market in 2 working years.

I know you are fully ready, now let’s move on.

What is Customers Service?

Customers service is an act of providing support, attention, concern and guidance’s to a customer before, during and after the purchase of a product or service from a company.

It’s an interaction between the buyer and the product or service provider.

It could also be seen as the advice and support given by the company to those who seek to do business with them so as to give customers the best business experience.

Hence, it’s usually handled by a representative of the company.

Good customers service is capable of bringing repeated patronage to your business.

Therefore, the need for good customers service is important for customer’s retention and business growth today.

Types of Customers Service:

Strategies of good business
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Walk in customer service centers, Phone calls, Email supports, Live chats, Social media Forums and Communities, Videos and Podcasts, Self-Services e.t.c

There are various type of customers service depending on the type of business you run and the kind of inquiries and complaints you get from customers, let checkout these very important ones.

1. Walk in Support:

This is the type of customers service where customers need to physically visit the customers service representative center or department to make inquiries and get complaints resolved.

Walk in customer service is effective because you meet the support team, interact with them and fully express yourself.

Nevertheless, it’s always time consuming and stressful for customers because you might have to wait for a long queue or waiting list before you get attended to.

This kind of customers service is still one of the most effective type of customers service today.

For example, walk in customers service is common in banks, hotels and schools e.t.c.

2. Phone Call Customers Service:

This is one of the most popular type of customer services today.

Many businesses today display their contact phone numbers online and offline to enable customers get easy access to them.

Hence customers can ask questions, make inquiries, tender complaints and verify information’s about their products or services.

Phone call support is cost effective and less stressful for customers because they can reach your business by just dialing your contact number on their mobile phones.

Nevertheless, customers must be patient enough for a little waiting time to enable a representative pickup the call before they can be attended to.

It is one of the best customer service systems today because you don’t need a computer or internet connection to do this, all you need is a mobile phone.

3. Email Support:

This is an additional and detailed kind of customer inquiry or compliant, highly effective and accepted by businesses today.

Email support is mostly used when detailed information’s are needed from customers online.

Hence, customers can send such filled forms, proof of payment receipts and confidential details to products and service providers.

Therefore, it’s mostly used when the support cannot be activated with the push of a button.

Several B2B companies are okay with email support because their customers services are not really urgent.

4. Live Chat Support:

Live chat support is one of the best customers service support today.

It’s cost effective and a world class system of business support.

It brings more proximity between the customers and the product or service provider, thereby boosting good business relationship.

Hence, live chat support is just as talking to a customer care representative in person.

It’s mainly incorporated by businesses who sell products or offer services online.

Live chat support offer a 24 hrs accessibility advantage to customers.

Therefore, you don’t need to wait for working hours alone before hooking up with a live chat representative.

5. Self-Service Customers Service:

Most customers today wants to do it themselves, they want to get answers without the help of the company representatives.

This type of customers service works well when you get similar complaints and questions from customers.

Customers who are urgently desiring to find solution or get knowledge about a company’s product or services prefer self-service.

This happens through FAQs, chat-bots, valuable articles, product guide, audio or video tutorial giving direct answers and solutions to customers.

In other words, customers enjoy resolving issues themselves rather than consulting a customers service representative.

6. Videos and Podcast Customers service:

Videos could be fun but also pass valuable information’s that solves problems for customers.

You can create videos on major problems customers encounter using your products or services and launch it out online on your social media platforms.

People naturally enjoy videos so customers would love seeing videos that solves problems for them at their pleasure.

Customers will enjoy videos and at the same time get solutions to their problems.

You can also consider creating a podcast to teach people about how to use your products and services.

These could strategically reduce the number of walk in support, phone calls, emails and live chats inquiries to you.

This is because most people will enjoy videos and listening to podcast at their pleasures and also getting desired solutions.

7. Social Media Forums and Community:

Having a social media forum and community is one of the most cost effective types of customers service today.

You don’t need to employ a staff if you build a good business and have loyal customers to your brand.

An engaging community will enable customers who need answers and inquiries to just visit your forum online and get their desired answers.

You will only need few members of the community to moderate and control activities in this forum to make it maintain its community hygiene and service disciplines.

Nevertheless, brands using such means of customers service cannot control the quality of information’s users may get or the speed at which members of the community give answers to queries.

It depends on how structured and informed members of the community are but this system is also very effective.

What is Good Customers Service?

How to build a great customers service in 2 years
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What is a good customers service?, Lets find out now!!!

A good customer’s service is one that creates good relationships with customers and make customers satisfied with their services.

Hence, customers are happy to interact with your company because they know you will always find solutions to their problems.

Therefore, having a good customers service reliefs you off the stress of looking for new customers because existing customers will keep coming back to you.

You will also spend less money on marketing and advertising your brand because customers tell each other about your business.

Nevertheless, unhappy customers can also be a learning tool as said by American software entrepreneur

Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.

American billionaire and software entrepreneur – Bill Gates

Best Customers Service Advice for your business:

  1. Treat customers in a well respectable and deserved manner.
  2. Give discounts to customers when they patronize your business.
  3. Be positive and wear a happy mood when attending to customers.
  4. Delegate the same honor to all your customers, first come first serve.
  5. Don’t cheat customers because they are ignorant of the market price.
  6. Offer innovative, quality and excellent services to customers.
  7. Build friendly and make customers comfortable doing business with you.

Customers services tips:

  • Speak the language of your customers.
  • Avoid negative communications with customers.
  • Give short responses and answer questions correctly.
  • Have a frequently ask question section to answer questions your customers would likely ask.
  • Simplify your solution process to make customers get quick response.
  • Know what your customers want and how to give them, be informed
  • Always end a discussion with a thank you.

Importance of a Good Customers Service.

Customers service importance
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Major reasons why customers service is important
  1. A good customers service is a revenue generator.
  2. It keeps customers loyal to your business.
  3. Customers are always willing to pay when they are satisfied with your services.
  4. Good customers service brings positive online review to your brand.
  5. Word of mouth marketing comes cheaply through good customers services.
  6. You stand to take a huge share of the market when customers are pleased with your business.


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What is Customers Service Representative?

A customers service representative is a person or an individual who gives all necessary support to customers.

They interact with customers on behalf of their company so as to provide solutions to customer’s product and service inquiries.

They stand as middle-men between customers and companies to clarify customer’s doubt about their products and services.

There are many customers service representative training’s around towns today.

Nevertheless, you can also find amazing customers service representative training’s by simply searching for them at google today.

Customers Services Representative Responsibilities:

  1. They give useful information’s about products and services to customers.
  2. Customer service representatives find solutions to customers problems, take orders and process returns.
  3. They give customers the positive countenance to carryout business operations.
  4. They respond to phone calls, emails, and giving detailed answers and response to customers questions and complaints.
  5. Customer services representatives give clients and customers maximum supports for satisfactory patronage.
  6. They keep detailed records of customers transactions and discussions.
  7. Receiving feedback from customers to improve business operations.
  8. They help to generate quality amount of leads and sales.
  9. A good representatives build great intimate relationship and loyalty for businesses through effective communications with customers.

Great Customers Service Representative Skills:

Your customers are your priority in business
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13 Customers service representative skills needed to do business successfully.

1. Patience:

The ability to remain calm without complaining even when handling annoying and abusive customers.

2. Effective communication:

Engaging in compelling and persuasive communication with customers that leads to conversions.

3. Strong listening skills:

Listening to customers without interrupting them until they effectively pass their message and making them know you got their message.

4. Positive work attitude:

Willing to work, eager to render services and attend to the needs of customers without being motivated to do so.

5. Empathy:

Knowing how your customers feel and understanding their emotion is a major force that keep customers to you.

That is to say, putting yourself on your customers position will make them more connected to your business because you feel their emotions and mean more than business to them.

6. Self-Control:

They must develop the ability to remain calm when attacked, portray a positive behavior when customers show the opposite and remain simple when a customer takes thing rough.

7. Adaptability:

A good representative must be adaptable to changes and conveniently work without too much limitations.

8. Knowledge:

A great customer’s service representative must be knowledgeable enough to respond to questions, its not a good sign when customers get disappointed because they couldn’t get the needed information.

9. Sincerity:

Customers trust you more when they know you are sincere, keep your words, tell customers the truth when attending to their inquiries.

10. Time management:

Time must be effectively utilized when attending to people, customers go else where when they are not responded to on-time.

11. Apology to unsatisfied and displeased customers:

A good customer service must be humble enough to apologize to displeased and unsatisfied customers during and after business transactions.

12. Attentiveness:

A good representatives must give attention to customers and avoid ignoring them even when it seems a customers is acting dull and stupid.

13. Responsibility:

They must maintain a responsibility mentality, that is to say, putting the best in offering solution to customers instead of delegating it to others.

14. Persuasiveness:

A customer service representatives must be positive, speak with confidence and offer compelling words during discussions that leads to conversion.

Places You Can Work as a Customer’s Service Representative:

  • Banks: They attend to customers queries and demands in the banking hall e.t.c
  • Hotels: Hotel rooms including casual and executive suits are booked for visitors.
  • Schools: They give educational support to students, either for registrations or school fees payment
  • Factories: They respond and keep track records of buyers inquires and questions.
  • Hospitals: Customer’s service provides details for hospital bills.
  • Travel agencies: They book travels for passengers and provide relevant travel information’s.
  • Airports: They assist customers book appointments for flights
  • Companies: They give support to customers inquiries.
  • Others are customers service jobs from home including small and medium businesses.


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In conclusion:

No business can survive the market competitions without loyal customers and patronage.

This is why top business brands are always in touch with their customers through various channel of advertising and marketing.

Successful entrepreneurs know the benefits of good customers service, no wonder they pay so much attention on how customers are treated, the welfare of customers and how best to keep their customers.

Keeping customers loyal to your business will require lots of business ethics and great customers service which we have been able to discuss in this great article.

Tell me what value you got at the comment section, what section got you interest in reading further.

If this article has added value to you, kindly share it to your loved ones by clicking the share button below, thanks.

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