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How to become a network marketing professional in 1 Year

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Go pro: how to become a network marketing professional
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To become a network marketing professional, you must develop the required business disciplines, skills and strategies needed to succeed in network marketing business.

This is because network marketing or call it multi-level marketing requires consistency, diligence and the willingness to work without any external motivation

So many people are searching for strategies, skills, and business disciplines of a network marketing professional to make them successful in their network marketing career.

This is because network marketing is one business that can prove your test of patience, diligence and attitude to work.

It’s interesting to know that in-spite of economic recessions and job loses around the world, many network marketing companies are still advertising job vacancies and very few job seekers show interest.

Therefore, don’t think of starting a network marketing business without going through this guide.

The information’s here will save you lots of headaches and time. You will discover the best steps to become a network marketing professional in 365 days.

It’s good you also share this guide to anyone who wants to start a network marketing career.


What is Marketing?

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What is marketing? The power of marketing…

Marketing is a business practice of promoting and selling a product or service to a prospect thereby advertising the benefits and values of that product or service.

This is an art of telling the market the features of a product or service, what it has to offer and the values it will add to final consumers.

Therefore, marketing is a way of communicating the potentials of a company’s product or service to prospective customers.

It’s revealing the values of a product or service and how best it will benefits the final consumers.

Marketing cover both online marketing and direct marketing such as branding, publicity, pricing, strategies, social-media, advertising, research, public relations e.t.c

There are various types of marketing depending on the purpose of the product or service provider, it could either be business to business [B2B] marketing or business to customer [B2C] marketing.

What is Network Marketing?

Go pro: how to become a network marketing professional
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The power of network marketing

Network marketing is a type of marketing that requires you to build a network of team players, partners and sales people who would acquire leads and generate sales to the company.

It a person to person type of marketing that requires good convincing skills to make the other party see potentials in a product or service.

Its a type of marketing where individual have to work to build a team of network to sell a product or service and grow a business.

In network marketing, you build your team, create your network and design strategies to promote a particular product or service.

You also create awareness, generate leads and do follow up until they are converted to sales.

A good network marketer must also master how to sell a product online to customers using marketing strategies and techniques.

What is network marketing business?

A business that runs its daily operations using multi-level marketing system is known as a network marketing business.

It a business that depends on building networks for each person to grow. This type of business requires some good network marketing skills, strategies and techniques to maintain its daily operations.

Good examples of network marketing companies in US [America] includes: Oriflame, Avon cosmetics, Amway, Herbalife, Forever Living, Vorverk, GNLD, Tupperware, Cutco Cutlery, Jewels by Park Lane, Mary kay Inc e.t.c


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Key Benefits of Network Marketing:

Business, entrepreneurship and finance
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ROBERT KIYOSAKI – Author of best selling finance book “RICH DAD POOR DAD”

Lets examine some advantages or exciting, surprising and incredible benefits of network marketing:

  • Network marketing offers everyone the same level of opportunity, growth and development.
  • You enjoy job security, nobody sacks you because you literally work for yourself.
  • You are not conditioned to 8-4 or 9-5 kind of work hours, you choose your working hours in network marketing.
  • It’s an opportunity to tap consistent flow of income from the world increasing population.
  • You can work from home or anywhere you are independent of your location.
  • Network marketing is an extra source of income, you can have a casual job and still be a network marketer.
  • The startup cost is very cheap and highly affordable to all income class.
  • Its flexibility of operation makes it easy for members to control their network, no much business cadre.
  • Amazing income reward programs and bonus are available in network marketing businesses.
  • You get the opportunity to earn money daily instead of waiting for a pay check.
  • You enjoy huge task breaks in Network marketing when compared to a regular business.
  • In network marketing, you can build a great fortune for yourself without working for someone else.
  • It offers quick financial freedom because of its expanding matrix.
  • You enjoy the privilege of making money online in network marketing.
  • It opens you to a large proportion of audience, you can connect with anyone in network marketing businesses and career.
  • You choose your own vocation period, which is not possible when you work for a boss.
  • Successful network marketer gain massive recognition, honor and appreciation which isn’t the same when you labor hard in a company.
  • Retirement: Your retirement is sure to be a blessing, you are not at the mercy of a retirement paycheck, oh no, you continually earn money from your network marketing career.

Who is a Network Marketing Professional:

ERIC WORRE - Go Pro: 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional
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Network marketing legend

A network marketing professional is a person who has mastered the act and business strategies, skills, disciplines and techniques of network marketing.

There are a great number of network marketing professional today, some can be found in top network marketing companies.

Every upcoming and successful network marketing professional knows Eric Worre, one of the best network marketing professional in today’s business.

Eric Worre is an expert in network marketing who knows the best ways to build a good network marketing team.

He is a leading authority in coaching network marketing professionals who knows how to generate leads and sales in business.

Go Pro: 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional.

Eric Worre – Author of best selling network marketing book.

7 steps to becoming a network marketing professional:

Here are 7 proven steps to become a professional network marketer in 1 year, 12 months or 365 days.`

1. Make up your mind to build your network marketing business in 1 year:

Tell yourself that for one straight year you’re not going to look to the right or to the left.

You are not going to look for other opportunities, you will not entertain anything else either good or bad.

You not even going to pay attention to your results. If you don’t have customers for the first 3 months, so what!!!

This mean you will only face your 1 year target, engage in the process to get better every single day.

Just ignore the results, ignore the income, ignore how big your team is and just keep growing your business continuously.

Work without giving in to distractions for 12 consecutive months, only focusing on your goals.

This will give you a good edge and separate you from most of the people involved in network marketing.

This is the real entrepreneur’s mindset. Invest your time, energy and resources for over 12 months before you start checking for results.

After a year, go ahead and check your results, measure your results, but until that year comes up ignore the results even if they turns out great or not.

Hence, focus on creating a business, keep developing your skills, strategies and techniques.

Therefore, position your mindset to achieving your goals and remain focused all for one year.

2. Get used to rejections:

This is one of the most important skills of a network marketing professional.

Very few people can stand rejections and alot of people don’t do well in network marketing because they backout when reject lets say ones or twice or three times.

When you meet a prospect, dont always expect them to say yes because most people find network marketing a business that takes long to build.

On the other hand, many people are too lazy to do network marketing that they would gladly reject it without minding the opportunities available for them

3. Commit to taking steps daily as an habit to achieve your 1 year vision:

Commit to a baseline daily habit, a group of habit, a group of activities you are gonna do every single day for 365 days consistently.

lets checkout some basic activities you should commit to doing daily, if you are not willing to do these then don’t get involved in network marketing:

How to take daily steps to achieve your networking marketing goals in 1 year:

  • Use your products and service to build your story, your believe, your confidence and conversations:

If you want other people to actuallybeliev in you and become your fans then you must first believ in that propduct and service./

become the first fan of your product and service and that comes only by personal use of that products or services.

  • Share your products or service with a prospects at least once daily: Do this with great delight and confidence that your prospects will cherish the energy in you.Never let a day pass by without sharing your business to a new person.
  • Share the financial benefits of being a distributor with your company with a prospects at least once daily for 365 days:

You don’t even need to worry about where you gonna find these people, as you keep at your work you will find them, over the course of the year you will find them. One every single day as a habit regardless of results whether you are making progress or not.

Sharing your products or services with one person daily, you gonna get better and learn some things for sure.

You are gonna experience a lot of stuffs, get some feed backs and correct them to improve and get better.

The result is that you are great after a year not that you get result every single day during the year.

  • Commit to self-development:

Commit to developing your marketing skills, commit to reading books on network marketing. commit to learning what it takes to become a network marketing professional.

Spend time daily on personal development, maybe its watching a video, reading books, attending training, taking up some network marketing courses, just engage in personal development.

If you cant do thgese things every single day for a year you are not really meant for entrepreneurship, you are not meant to become a network marketing professional.

4. You need to ignore what other peoples think:

Other peoples fear, other people doubt, other peoples opinion, other peoples reactions, other peoples unbelieve.

Most people are slave their entire lifes to what other people think.

This has really limited most people because they demand so much opinion from other people who are not entrepreneurs

The truth is that if you need th approval of other people for you to be able to be successful in life then you must know that entrepreneurship isn’t for you.

You can let go of what other people think for 12 months, let go of other peoples doubt for 365 days.

5. Make sure your down-lines get down-lines:

This might sound crazy about network marketing but that the basic reality of network marketing.

After talking to a prospect who finds your business interesting and joins your team, ensure to work them through till they get at least their first down-line.

The advantage of making sure your down-lines get down-lines helps you grow your marketing network quickly within one year duration.

6. Love what you are doing and be passionate about it:

Always show the passion for your business in your daily life activities.

It will go a long way in carving out success for you in your network marketing career.

When you love what you do then you will need zero encouragement to make things happen in that field.

The truth is that naturehas a dynamic way of connecting people to what their heart to what they love.

Therefore, take your network marketing career very serious and you’re sure to start recording outstanding results.

7. Never give up, succeed and reach your goal:

You need to always tell yourself positive words like “I CAN DO IT”, “ITS POSSIBLE”, “I WILL ACHIEVE MY GOALS”.

These are all positive words you must keep affirming to see your network marketing dreams in reality.

No business is challenge free, you just have to get ready to overcome those challenges and bring out the best in you.

Never bow down to failures else you sell off your success in your network marketing career.


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In Conclusion:

To become a network marketing professional might be tasky and demandful but not impossible.

If you do all the out-listed steps to become a network marketing professional discussed in this article, then a year from today you will be celebrating success in your network marketing career.

You would have built a network, a strong team capable of driving in huge leads and massive sales.

Please kindly leave a comment below for me at the comment section, let me know the value you got from this article and share to your loved ones.

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