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How To Apply Customer To Customer Marketing In Growing A Business

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customer marketing and its relevance to businesses
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The term customer to customer marketing is a type of business marketing where your customers do the marketing campaigns for you.

This is usually a type of business that has been able to build a huge volume of influence around their customers.

According to Jeff Bezos, the executive chairman of Amazon, when you build a very good business, customers tell each other about you.

He further pointed that word of mouth is very powerful.

For me, I think the customers are the most important people in every business.

They have the power to drag down or promote a business to the pick of the market.

Entrepreneurs who pay strict attention to their customer’s interest will always dominate the market.

This is where customer marketing comes into play.

Therefore, let us quickly find out the meaning of customer marketing.

What Is Customer Marketing:

Customer marketing is a type of marketing where your customers take over your marketing field to get new customers to your business.

They might get rewards in products, services or cash when they bring new customers to your business.

In some cases, this type of marketing is usually free and requires zero payment from the business owner when the customers are doing it willingly.

However, business owners who enjoy this privilege have committed themselves to satisfying their customers by offering them the best customer services.

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Benefits Of Customer Marketing:

  1. You don’t need to spend money on ads, hence it becomes completely affordable if not almost free.
  2. Your customers don’t just buy from you, they end up working for you.
  3. It offers peer to peer type of marketing where friends bring friends and families bring families to buy from you.
  4. It gives you a fair advantage over your competitors, thereby helping you sell your products in a competitive market.
  5. Customers become a part of your brand growth thereby giving you market security and continuous sales.

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Steps To Apply Customer To Customer Marketing In Growing A Business:

Growing your business with the influence of your existing customers is highly strategic, hence you must be technical about taking the moves required of you.

Therefore, let us check out some few steps that solidifies the ground for customer to customer marketing.

1. Offer Your Existing Customers The Best They Could Ever Ask For:

Businesses that enjoys customer marketing from existing customers do far better than those that even launch digital marketing campaigns.

However this only comes into play with businesses with good customer services.

In the words of Jeff Bezos as earlier sited, when you build a great customers service, customers tell each other about you.

Word of mouth is very powerful and important in customer to customer marketing.

This explains that business owners can actually leverage on their customers as a means of marketing and promoting their brands.

I also agree with him that business owners and entrepreneurs who put their customers first excel in business compared to their counterparts who focus on sales.

In one of Jeff Bezos quotes, he said the best customers service is when the customer doesn’t need to talk to you, doesn’t need to call you, it just works.

2. Introduce Rewards Like Referral Programs As Seen In Multilevel Marketing Businesses:

Everyone likes it when they get rewarded for something they would have done without getting a pay.

For instance, am sure you might have directed someone to a business before because they asked for where to buy a product or get a service.

Now imagine if that singular act puts money in your pocket every time you do that.

Am sure you’ll be willing to do it over and over again.

Customer to customer marketing can cheaply be effected in the presence of referral reward to customers.

3. Organize Contest To Give Prizes To Winners:

Business owners must learn how to give prizes to reward loyal customers on holidays and festive periods during times of celebrations.

Customer to customer marketing is vital for business growth and one way to do that is by organizing contest.

This way participants will advertise your business in search for votes and recognitions, thereby promoting your brand.

For instance, let us say your business name is “Amaz Global Services” and you specialize of cosmetic products.

Contestants will surely mention your brand name when talking to their loyal followers when requesting for a vote.

This will also cheaply boost your social media marketing.

Participants will end up telling their families and friends to help them win the contest in Amaz global services.

They will tell as many people as possible because they need to win either by votes or likes through your social media handles.

This will also increase your social media followers and engagements.

Therefore, the more engagements your business enjoys, the more people know about you, then the more money comes into your brand.

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4. Use Customer’s Feedback:

How does customers feedback work?

This is a simple way of asking satisfied customers to leave positive feedbacks about their experience with your business.

Most online buyers rely on customers feedback as a way of measuring the reliability of a brand they want to buy from.

This helps them know whether those brands are worth dealing with or they should look out for another.

Customers feedback help businesses market their products and services when their marketing budget is exhausted and fully utilized.

Offer the best value to get the most positive and reliable feedbacks your business could ever get from your customers.

Hence, how will you implement customer to customer marketing in your business in 2022?

Share your thoughts with me at the comment section.

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