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Dress Code For A Sales Person While Visiting Prospects On Casual Days

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dress code for sales persons
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Let us say you’re a sales person and some of your prospect expects you to visit them on a casual work day, what would be your dress code?

We all know that every sales person desires to convert their cold prospects into active customers in order to make sales and grow in profits.

Well, as possible as it may sound, it requires some good level of sales and marketing skills.

You must do follow up and apply expert strategies to beat your competitors who also want to turn the same prospects you want into their own customers.

Well, in this article, we’ll focus on how sales persons should dress while visiting their prospects on casual days.

Therefore, put yourself in the position of a sales man or woman who needs to visit some prospects or customers on their casual day, how will you appear?

For instance, a prospect told you that each Friday, every member of their team or organization dress down for casual days.

In order to fit in, should you also dress casual by wearing some casual dress like a t-shirt and a jean, or just put on a round neck or turtle neck shirt?

No, I’ll tell you why you mustn’t do that as a sales person.

First, I say “No” because you can’t win over your prospect dressed unprofessional.

If you do so, you’ll end up losing.

Hence, no matter what the prospect say, don’t show up casual.

No matter the weather conditions and how comfortable you feel with them, show up as a professional.

Your best option is to show up dressed professionally as a sale executive for a professional appointment.

Who Is A Sales Person?

According to dictionary, a salesperson is a person whose job is to sell products or services.

You can also call them sales representative.

In other words, a salesperson can sell directly to customers or to other businesses or organizations.

Sometimes, salespersons sell things in person, such as selling at a retail store or dealership.

Furthermore, let us check out five reasons every sales person must always look professional when at work on casual visit to prospects or not.

5 Reasons A Sales Person Must Always Maintain A Professional Dress Code And Avoid Showing Up Casual:

1. A Sales Person Who Dress Casual Will “Send The Wrong Impression” To Prospects:

Dressing casual will make you send the wrong message about your roles and identity as a salesperson.

You’re going up against the ethics of being professional which the company has done by showing up casual.

Never forget your mission and place in that outreach or visit, have it in mind that you’re an agent of professional change.

Hence, you mustn’t be seen as an employee but as a professional who came to offer value to the company.

Therefore, don’t mistake it for simple social acquaintance.

You must present yourself like an expert, a consultant, a specialist and not one play buddy, beach or party presenter.

Always remember that people will first relate with your outfits before your contents.

Hence if you were in their shoes, who will you trust with your companies business future with.

A professional or a casual buddy.

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2. By Dressing Casual As A Sales Person, You “Send The Message That Nothing Special And Important” Is Happening:

Showing up casual gives out a psychological message to your prospects that nothing so special is on ground.

Therefore, don’t show up like you were just working from home or have an unimportant appointment.

Dressing professional gives you the leverage to be treated as a professional.

It has a way of convincing your prospects or customers that you mean business and you have just showed up for it.

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3. Sales Person Who Show Up On “Casual Dress Codes Reduce Their Negotiating Leverage” On Prospects:

You can’t just show up like every other person on the street and expect to be treated with so much preference and leverage.

When you’re bargaining for a fee on a business meeting and trying to win over a cold prospect, you’ve to appear different and unique.

If your prospect happens to be an organization then try to look better then an employee.

Similarly, if your prospect is a small business owner, don’t drop your dress code.

You can’t afford to miss out.

Hence, don’t try to follow their trend as a way of impressing them to feel among, that will be a huge mistake and can make you lose out on your prospects.

You’ll be more comfortable growing your chances to win by bringing in all the impact you could possibly bring in.

Oh yes you’ll, so go get it.

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4. You Send A “Wrong Message To Everyone Who May Stroll Through The Facility” While You Are Dressed To Underwhelm:

You don’t want an impression like “why on earth is he dressed like that” if you desire a good business partnership.

Well even if the company desires to get you on board, that still doesn’t warrant you to dress like someone going for a birthday party.

The only time you should ever consider to dress completely casual dress code as a professional sales representative is when you’re at your own office the entire day and have no meetings and outings with prospects or customers.

Don’t just be a professional, look it.

5. Don’t Turn Off Your Prospects, Your Dress Code Must Sell Your Products And Services:

You might show up anyhow and not turn off prospect A and B, well that is if you haven’t.

However, don’t do that with prospect C, else you drop down your earning potentials.

Brand your personality, stay unique and show up in confidence.

Dressing down will cost you customers.

Therefore, if you want to avoid losing money, take the time to dress well for a meeting is a univesally accepted way that supports business ethics for sales and marketing.

Hence, stick to the tips discussed here as a sales representative and you’re good to go.


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Never show up casual to a meeting with a prospect.

Even if you’ve a close relationship with all your prospect, maintain your dress code as a sales person and stay professional.

Share your contributions with me at the comment section and spread the love.

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