Business, Entrepreneurship and Finance

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About Us

The vision about Business Finger is to drive businesses to success in-spite of the economic recessions ravaging the world.

about business finger
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Business, Entrepreneurship and Finance

This online platform is all about sharing information’s that will help both startup and successful entrepreneurs build businesses that will defeat the current market competitions.

We intend to contribute massively to changing the global business world of entrepreneurs and small businesses through this platform.

With an in-depth understanding of business, entrepreneurship, finance, management, sales, advertising and marketing, we know it’s possible.

Hence, the idea about starting Business Finger came from the need to bridge the gap between small and big businesses.

Therefore, we intend to help entrepreneurs and individual setup successful businesses, manage their finance properly for a happy living.

About the Founder/CEO

Godswill Iboi is the CEO of, he is passionate about business, finance and entrepreneurship.

He has nurtured his knowledge over the years under the guidance of various business and financial experts.

From his childhood, he has always had interest on topics concerning business, entrepreneurship and finance.

As a book lover, he has read books from great authors like Robert Kiyosaki, Napoleon Hills and many more.

In 2019, he was appointed the financial secretary of Redeemed Christian Corper’s Fellowship Abakaliki where he demonstrated his financial discipline.

He handled the financial secretary position along-side the second commercial secretary of the fellowship during his service year.

Godswill Iboi was nicknamed Mr. money all through his tenure because of his common financial positions in the fellowship.

He is the Founder of Business Finger Facebook page a community of Business, entrepreneurial and finance personnel’s.

He worked as a writer in the business niche of Opera news hub, a news agency under Opera-mini, Ikeja-Lagos Nigeria.

As a writer, he attracted over 19000 followers of men and women who enjoy his business updates on the platform.

He later went further to work with a digital marketing and advertising company in Lagos.

Being a top class graduate of civil engineering from Delta state, he was engage with numerous civil engineering projects.

Such as the construction of a 6-span bridge across a river in a remote village in Ebonyi state.

This is to allow for free movement of vehicles and passengers within the village of Achara-Agba.

Godswill Iboi played a supervisory role in constructing the 6-span bridge across a river at Achara-Agba, Ebonyi state.

Constructed by Engr. Kings Fidelis Nweze, executive commissioner for works and transport during his service year in Ebonyi-State.

Today Godswill Iboi is a business man, online entrepreneur and content creator.

Background Story of Business Finger

Just immediately the global lock-down was declared because of Covid-19 pandemic, jobs were dropping and workers had to stay at home.

During that period, his unquenchable urge for business surge out again with a vision to reach nations around the world

After few hours of meditation, the idea about business finger was born to contribute his entrepreneurial values to the world.

Immediately, he took the decision to quit his job to dedicate more time to drive the vision to reality.

Hence, Business Finger kicked off on 2nd September 2020 at an undeveloped area without constant electricity and internet in Lagos.

Business Finger aims to reach startup’s and existing businesses, challenged entrepreneurs and business people around the world.

This blog also helps the general public by contributing to solve economic, financial and business problems around the world.

Business Finger updates quality information’s and guided steps to business, entrepreneurship and financial success to her readers.

Contact us for business deals, offers and inquiries, we offer consultancies to various aspect of business, entrepreneurship and finance.

Therefore knowing about business finger is knowing about business, entrepreneurship, finance, jobs and career advice to maximize your living, thanks.