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9 Things To Consider When Choosing A Good Blog Name

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A Good Blog Name
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Do you want to start blogging? Are you trying to figure out a good blog name that suits the blog of your choice? Then stay on and keep reading this article.

When I wanted to launch my blog, I did a lot of trials in finding a name that works for my niche.

Most of the names I wanted to use have been registered; I was like oh my God, how am I going to do this.

However, I had to come up with one that relates to my business and speaks my business at one sight.

That was how I came up with businessfinger.

Your name is very important because it makes it easy for your target audience to know what your blog is all about.

Either you blog about money, personal finance, relationship, business, insurance, marketing, health e.t.c, make sure your name speaks your business.

Among the mistakes you must avoid in blogging, here are 31 most dangerous blogging mistakes you must avoid like a plague.

I don’t think you actually need a blog name generator to get an idea for a blog name of your choice.

Therefore, put these conditions to work then you are good to go, so let’s get started.

A Good Blog Name Must Meet These 9 Conditions:

Firstly, as an entrepreneur, the name you call your business is so important, this is why you must take all your chances in securing a good one.

So, let’s check out these 9 criteria.

1. Keyword Optimization:

Keyword optimization is very important in blogging.

So, what are the keywords your blog would rank for? What are the keywords in your niche?

For you to grow a blog in any niche, you must find out the relevant keywords in that niche.

Hence, it would be a plus to you if your blog name portrays a specific keyword in your niche.

For instance, businessfinger was launched to teach about business, entrepreneurship, finance, money and blogging business.

Hence, it would be very easy for a user to know the purpose of this blog by merely hearing or seeing its name.


2. Easy To Spell And Pronounce:

How easy is it for all kinds of people to spell and pronounce it without a break in speech.

A good blog name must be easily pronounced by people of all class and race.

This is an important check to scale your blog fast into limelight.

So the question now is, how easy to spell and pronounce is your choice of blog name?

Answer this question correctly to help you choose a good domain name.

3. Is It Understandable By People Of All Race And Color?

It makes no sense to start a blog that only relates to a small group of people.

The question here should be, how many people can easily predict the content of your blog from its name.

Imagine setting up a finance blog that bears the name of finance in French language.

That might push back people who don’t understand French from your blog.

Hence, keep it welcoming and universal.

4. A Good Blog Name Must Be Short And Memorable:

To scale your blogging business, make sure your name is short and memorable. It must be easy to remember.

For instance, big tech names like Forbes, Facebook, Google are clear examples that short and memorable names are vital for business growth.

It is easier to remember a name in 2 syllables than another one with 4 syllables.

As far as possible, look for a short name for your blogging business.

Here is an extra tip on 12 most amazing ways to become a successful blogger.

5. Avoid The Use Of Hyphens And Symbols:

Blogs that survived with the use of hyphens and symbols were those registered about 15 or 20 years ago.

Today, the competition in blogging is so high that if you register a blog name with hyphens and symbols, you might lose all your traffic to another similar blog.

Hence, by all means avoid the use of hyphens and symbols.

It also stresses users trying to memorize your address for return visits.

6. Make Your Blog Name Catchy and Attractive:

Why not add some level of awareness and creativity to your blog name by picking what people are familiar with and sticking to it.

If you want to run a fitness blog, choosing a name like fitstature or bodyfit would do you good in helping visitors easily get attracted to your blog.

The idea of being catchy is to draw attention; this is one of the good strategies to create brand awareness without spending money.

7. It Must Tell What Your Blog Is All About At One Sight:

Can your blog sell itself to its audience in one glimpse?

If not then i advise you reconsider choosing a good blog name now.

A simple 3 seconds glance at your domain name is enough to describe what your blog is all about.

8. Check The Blog Name Of Your Competitors, But Don’t Copy:

You can pick ideas for blog name by talking a simple look at your competitor’s names, but don’t copy so you don’t get sued.

Sometimes, you could map out a good blog name for your business by simply looking at your competitors and finding what works for you.

This is what i call the legal spy strategy; however, you should do this with intelligence to avoid being sued for copyrights.

9. Use Reasonable Abbreviations Where Necessary:

There are times your desired choice of name has already been registered by another user. This is when abbreviations come into play.

However, when abbreviations are necessary, use them with wisdom.

Abbreviations are used to avoid lengthy names in other to help users remember your name quickly.

For instance, instead of saying why not say

Let your abbreviations be user friendly as far as possible.


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Extra Thoughts:

I see blogging business as fun and adventure at the same time if only you know how to do it the right way.

So, I advise you don’t start blogging if you don’t know the 31 most dangerous blogging mistake you must avoid like a plague.

Well, there are many blogging metrics to check if a blog must be successful.

However, one of the vital requirements you need to scale through in blogging is to get a good blog name.

This is because a good name will help in making your blogging business successful with little effort.

Therefore, take all your chances in getting a good blog name because as you scale through in blogging, you will realize the energy was worth it.

Share your thoughts with me at the comment section, am glad to hear from you.

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