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8 Onpage SEO Growth Hack To Boost Your Blog Ranking

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Blog ranking techniques with Onpage SEO
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Blog ranking is now a bit complex and competitive when compared to ranking a blog 10 or 20 years ago.

Today, there are over 600 million blogs in the world on various blogging niches.

Hence, knowing the criteria’s to become successful in blogging is so important.

The interesting thing is that everybody wants to rank and stay on top of search engine result pages like Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo and Baidu.

However, it’s not as easy as booking a flight in an online travel agency, It takes tons of work to rank a blog today.

Well, it could be easy to rank contents from a blog with high domain authority and good traffic volumes.

However, if you’re just starting out in blogging and your blog is still quite new, just take note of these tips.

Therefore, what are those Onpage SEO growth hack to boost blog ranking for both beginner bloggers and pro bloggers.

1. A Good Page Quality And Structure Could Be Your Number 1 Blog Ranking Technique:

The structure of your blog page will affect your page quality and will also matter if your blog will ever experience any reasonable growth or not.

This will influence users experience and help them stay longer to read articles on your blog.

Arranging your headings in corresponding manners of H2, H3 and H4 respectively will also make it easy for users to interact with your contents.

A good page quality must be easy to navigate and search through for vital information’s.

This is because users will first interact with your page before reading your contents.

2. Check Your Link Structuring:

Links are so important in blogging.

You must learn how to do internal and external linking and how to use anchor text appropriately.

Internal linking will help your retain more readers to your blog since they will be able to navigate through your contents at ease.

In addition, learn to add external links to your blog.

This is simply a way of referencing a higher blog for an information you feel is worth referencing to.

Please only give a do-follow backlink if you’re linking to a trusted website.

This means that you trust their contents and you know they will not violate your readers experience.

On the other hand, a no-follow backlink should be used if you’re not completely familiar with the contents of the blog you are linking to.

This will ultimately register your presence online and let Google and search engines know you’re not giving authority to that blog you’re linking to.

Hence, you’ll see a boost in blog rankings and domain authority.

3. To Secure A Good Blog Ranking, Uninstall Unrequired Plugins:

Uninstalling unnecessary plugins from your blog could be a quick way to speed up your blog and grow your rankings.

Also, always update your plugins to ensure you’re using the latest versions.

This will keep your site active and functional and ultimately increase your rankings.

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4. Remove Unnecessary JavaScript’s And CSS Files:

If you’ve good knowledge in programming, removing unnecessary JavaScript and CSS files that slows down your site could help you gain more site speed.

Removing unnecessary CSS and JavaScript files will help your web pages load faster and increase users satisfaction on your website.

Hence, search engines will dim it feat to reward your site with more visitors and page views.

In addition, it will reduce your bounce rate and increase the average time people spend on your site since it loads faster.

Furthermore, learn how to use SEO tools like Semrush, Ubersuggest amongst others to find blog ranking opportunities.

5. Write Good Contents:

Content is king.

Writing good contents will boost your blog ranking by 50% and help you grow your blog faster.

So check the quality and quantity of every post you publish on your blog.

Don’t just publish some junks and expect miracles to happen.

Google and other search engines reward contents with good quality and a reasonable number of words.

Also, ensure you post your contents in the right categories and never publish an uncategorized blog post.

6. Enable Social Sharing Widget:

Social sharing widgets will help your readers share your contents at will thereby increasing your number of daily page views and sessions.

You can use a tool like click to tweet, it’s completely free to use and will enable your audience tweet your blog post at a snap of their fingers.

7. Image And Video Optimization Is Vital In Blog Ranking:

Don’t just go online to download an image and use it directly on your blog post without optimizing it.

It is vital for you to rename your images to carry the name of your blog post or use a related word.

Also, check for the size of your images, make sure they aren’t too big because images with large size width and volume tends to slow down websites.

Additionally, in cases when you’ve videos embedded in your blog, for the well being of your site, having a YouTube channel will help.

Hence, you can just house the videos on YouTube with a link on your blog to direct your viewers there.

These are Onpage SEO techniques to boost your blog ranking.

8. Write For Your Audience:

There is a clear difference between writing what you like to write and writing for your blog audience.

Ask questions after every blog post to see what your audience likely want to read in subsequent blog posts.

This will put you as the writer in their position.

Hence, they will find it easy to interact with you on your blog.

This is capable of giving you a good number of shares from those that love what you are doing.

For instance, if you run a pet blog then focus on feeding them with pet related contents.

This blog covers blogging, business and entrepreneurship and that is what we’ve been doing and intend to keep doing as long as the internet remains in existence.

Blogging is interactive and fun even though it’s also business, hence communicate with people through your writings.

This will help you blog ranking and boost your domain authority.

Do you consider this article helpful? Share your opinions and contributions with me at the comment section.


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