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7 Successful Entrepreneurs Proved to be Introverts

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successful entrepreneurs proved to be introverts
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Do you know there are many successful entrepreneurs out there today who are introverts? and guess what, they are very famous, you might know them by names and face but don’t know they are really introverts.

There are two kinds of people when it comes to social engagement, the introverts and extroverts.

However, this guide talks about successful entrepreneurs who are introverts, the challenges they face and strength in business.

Being an introvert is a reflection of a person’s mindset and how they respond to reactions in the environment.

One of the 18 habits of successful small business owners is simplicity, they mind their business and ignore public attentions.

Firstly, I must say being an introvert isn’t a crime, oh yes it isn’t.

It’s not bad to be an introvert, it’s a personality which some people were born with, some others grew into it.

Hence, we mustn’t see this unique mindset as a sign of weakness, oh no it isn’t. I think it’s a virtue of strength possessed by successful entrepreneurs.

Being an introvert has nothing to do with the major reasons entrepreneurs fail in business.

In this article, I have disclosed some successful entrepreneurs who are multi-billionaire introverts, so I think you should know them.

Hence, lets kick off.

Who is an introvert, do they become successful entrepreneurs?

successful entrepreneurs proved to be introverts
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Let’s talk about introverts and successful entrepreneurs proved to be one.

Introverts are people who enjoy their private times, they are always calm, gentle and not socializing.

This is because social engagements drain them off their energies, hence, they prefer quiet environments because it helps them regain strength.

Introverts could sometimes be misunderstood as unfriendly people, this isn’t true because they are always in their head.

However, most introverts are sometimes mistaken for extroverts when they engage in meaningful discussions.

They don’t seek public attentions, introverts enjoy solitude and find peace in calm environments.

I have also discovered that most introverts are good at implementing digital marketing strategies for business growth.

Wow, isn’t that unique? I feel it is.

Okay let’s quickly checkout some 5 wrong believes people have about introvert entrepreneurs.

5 Wrong beliefs people have about introvert successful entrepreneurs:

1. They are proud and unfriendly people:

It’s completely wrong to believe introverts are unfriendly and rude people. Oh no that’s not true.

The fact that someone enjoys being alone doesn’t make them unfriendly.

In fact, they are one of the best type of friends you could ever met when they become your friend.

Almost everyone has that one friend who doesn’t relate with people, am sure you also enjoy discussions with them.

2. They could be depressed people:

One of the most crazy believe people have today is thinking that successful entrepreneurs who are introverts are depressed set of people.

That’s never true and would never be true, introverts are not depressed people.

Later in this guide, we will checkout some successful entrepreneurs who are introverts, so get ready as you read on.

Just because you like partying doesn’t mean everyone should also like partying and clubbing.

The same way we have extroverts who can’t stay 24 hours alone, many introverts find peace and strength in times spent alone by themselves.

The belief that comes to people that every introvert should start moving towards extroversion is like bringing a fish to live outside water.

Every one is unique in their own ways, don’t try to change them, rather allow them see the potentials they carry and help them maximize it.

3. Being an introvert is completely bad:

Oh no, being an introvert is completely normal, some introverts became introverts from birth and others became introverts while growing up.

Those factors doesn’t mean they are bad, some children who had less siblings and people to play with end up growing to become introverts.

However, being an introverts comes with lots of advantages because you are always in your head.

We would check out examples of successful introverts, the challenges they face and some interesting facts about them later in this article.

4. Introverts are shy people:

Have you ever seen a shy person before? am sure you have seen one. However, the fact that a person keeps to himself doesn’t make him a shy person.

Being shy has nothing to do with introversion.

Anybody can be shy whether they be an introvert or extrovert.

Some extroverts are completely shy when faced with public, besides some introverts have zero public fright and can face any level of crowd at anytime and anywhere.

5. Introverts barely succeed in business because they dislike public attention:

This is also not true, never belief the idea that an introvert will not be good in business.

If it’s true that introverts don’t succeed in business, how come we have a list of successful entrepreneurs who are introverts in this article.

Introverts have a high chance of success in business because they are highly calculative people, they are always in their head.

This quality will enable them make good business decisions and business plans that leads to success.

A successful business person can be an introvert or extrovert, doing business has nothing to do with introversion.

Hence, in this guide we have listed 7 famous and world successful introverts, these men are introverts with great accomplishment.

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Examples of 7 world successful entrepreneurs proved to be introverts:

To start the list of introverts lets start by honoring this great scientist called Albert Einstein.

1. Albert Einstein:

Do you know Albert Einstein? He lived as one of the world greatest father’s of science. You must have heard this name multiple times before.

Albert Einstein was one of the greatest physicist the world has ever known. He developed the theory of relativity.

His discoveries in physics are broad, including the laws of photoelectric effect.

Albert Einstein died on April 18 1955, till today Einstein is still known for his various success and contributions to science.

Physics will never be complete without this great scientist, to cap it all in summary, he was an introvert.

2. Bill Gates:

According to Wikipedia, Bill gates is an American business magnate and philanthropist. The founder of Microsoft.

Bill Gates is a multi-billionaire software engineer who has built a Trillion dollar company as a software developer.

He is highly successful and one time the world richest man before he was overtaken by Amazon boss Jeff Bezos.

However, Gates remains one of the most successful entrepreneurs in our world today, yet he is an introvert.

3. Warren Buffett:

Warren Buffett is known as the world most successful investor.

He is the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, he is regarded as a highly successful entrepreneur.

Buffett is a notable American investor, business tycoon and philanthropist who knows how to invest for maximum returns.

He is one introvert that invests money in projects to build wealth by taking time to study how to be a good business investor.

Warren Buffett spends quality time developing himself for profitable business strategies, this is one of the 20 hidden secrets of successful entrepreneurs.

Don’t forget he is an introvert and known as the world most successful investor.

His investments has paid off really big because of his ability to utilize his quiet.

4. Abraham Lincoln:

Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of the United States of America.

According to Wikipedia, he was a statesman and lawyer, who was famous for leading the country during the American civil war.

Lincoln was a man of integrity who also ensured the freedom of slaves through out the American nation.

He was an introvert who knew how to utilize the powers of his mind.

Abraham Lincoln enlists as one of the greatest men America has ever known till date.

His leadership helped in securing victory to America, hence his name is carved into the history of successful American leaders till today.

He died on April 15 1965 at the age of 56, though Lincoln is gone, his success still speaks greatly in America today.

5. Elon Musk:

Here comes the popular electric car billionaire CEO who has gained so much popularity and wealth growth recently.

Elon musk is the CEO of Tesla cars, a revolutionary. He believes the world can be free from pollution.

Tesla is currently the most valuable automaker in the world, wow, this is another good record coming from an introvert.

I must say Elon Musk knows how to sell.

One of the best sales and marketing management techniques is producing and selling what people demand for and that is what Elon Musk is doing at Tesla motors.

Musk is also the CEO of Space X, he believes life can exist in mars.

Hence, you now see there are many introverts whom are successful entrepreneurs in our world today.

6. Mark Zuckerberg:

Am sure you know Mark Zuckerberg, the Billionaire CEO and Co-founder of Facebook.

He started facebook in his room at harvard university. Though it sounds unbelievable knowing he is an introvert.

Mark is one of the youngest billionaire in the world today.

Mark Zuckerberg is currently worth over 100 billion dollars at the time of writing this article.

7. Larry Page:

Larry page is an American computer scientist and internet entrepreneur. He co-founded Google with Sergey Brin.

Page is also one of the most successful entrepreneurs and introverts in our world today and one of the first 50 richest men in the world by Forbes global ranking.

He is worth over 90 billion dollars by Forbes billionaires index at the time of writing this article.

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5 challenges most introvert successful entrepreneurs encounter but would never tell you:

1. Public engagements:

Most introverts don’t find it easy mixing up with the general public. This is one part you must check if you’re an introvert.

If you’re still lacking behind in this section then that means you’re a core introvert, however this abilities can be worked on.

You could read about human relations and how to control public fright.

The first time I needed to speak to a large audience in a project defense in school, it took me some good level of practice to fully express myself on the podium, but guess what, I did it.

This sounds crazy right, oh yes it is. However I needed to do it to win over my audience and control any form of public fright.

2. Making new friends:

It might be quite easy and quick for extroverts to make new friends. However, this is a separate ball game for introverts.

Please note, this is not a sign of weakness, introverts don’t just find it quite easy and quick to accept new relationships.

This is because they value their privacy and mind who becomes their friend.

Well, on the long run, introverts are truly friendly people.

3. Expressing themselves in words:

Extroverts might not find it quite easy to express themselves in words, however they are good in writing down.

Many successful entrepreneurs don’t talk much. Speaking less and listening more is one of the 20 hidden characteristics of successful entrepreneurs.

Introverts prefer to write down a thousand word instead of speaking 500 words.

It helps to promote their thinking faculties, no wonder they like reading and writing much more than talking.

4. Group leadership:

These could be as a result of self doubt. Most successful entrepreneurs take time to develop themselves to be able to lead people.

They naturally enjoy private times hence working with groups of people might deprived them of such times.

However, this is not just about being an introvert, some extroverts are also not good in leading people.

Leadership demands so much associations of both quiet and noisy people, introverts might not be comfortable with the noisy ones.

5. Successful entrepreneurs turn down most unplanned invites:

This is one of the habits of successful entrepreneurs. They say no to most unexpected invites because they have daily planned schedules.

You might get turned down if you request to have some private time with one of them.

For instance, invites to a beach, shopping mall, cinema or cafe.

This is not because they don’t accept invites, they aren’t just the let’s go out kind of people.

Successful entrepreneurs enjoy privacy, reading, writing, gaming, exercising, which are the common values of introverts.

3 interesting facts about introverts who became successful entrepreneurs:

Here are 3 true facts about introverts you must know.

1. They were born introvert:

It’s not easy to change a person who became an introvert from childhood.

Children who rarely associate with people are likely to become introverts when they grow up.

Hence don’t try any bit to change such people, it starts from the brain.

Such people can only change themselves if they want to and that might likely not happen.

2. Successful entrepreneurs who are introverts have strong mental thinking:

In our example above, we talked about Albert Einstein and how he became the major father of science in his discoveries in physics.

Simply because most introverts are always in their head, this makes them good thinkers.

They are gifted with creativity and innovation, they have the power to bring impossibilities to reality through their thoughts.

The 7 successful entrepreneurs we earlier discussed are proofs that introverts are born genius.

This is one of the 3 psychological business disciplines of successful entrepreneurs and CEO.

They are blessed with the power of creative thinking.

3. Introverts are good time managers no wonder they become successful entrepreneurs:

Most successful entrepreneurs utilize their times because they are mostly reading, writing, planning or exercising.

These activities disciplines them and makes them good time managers.

A good example is Microsoft Co-founder Bill gates, he is known to be a book lover, hence he spends quality time reading daily.

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How introverts can become a successful entrepreneurs:

9 proven steps to become a successful introvert entrepreneur.

  1. Accept the reality that you’re an introvert.
  2. Be proud of it.
  3. Connect with other introverts around you.
  4. Model successful introverts you know and apply the same steps to see the same results.
  5. Read books in your quiet times and study about successful introverts like you.
  6. Study human relations and how to remain calm in a crowded and noisy environment.
  7. Build self confidence, attend seminars and train your mind
  8. Set goals and break them down into daily, weekly and monthly goals.
  9. Remain committed to developing yourself, never shift your targets, hit them.

Over to you:

Do research's and make inquiries before making financial decisions
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Study successful entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, Bill gates, Warren Buffett, Larry Page, Mark Zuckerberg and others, you will find something unique about them.

These are people who knew what they want and went all out to get it.

They are job creators and employers of labor. They focus on their careers and give it their nice shots.

Try to model them, study how they moved from being an introvert to becoming one of the most famous and successful entrepreneurs in the world today.

Am sure after your studies, you’ll learn something unique about being an introvert and a successful entrepreneur.

Did i miss anything, hit me up at the comment session.

Also share this article across social media, you might be helping someone, thanks.

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