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7 Critical Product Survey Questions To Answer Before Creating A Product

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product survey questions to answer when creating a product
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Just before creating a product, it’s vital for every product creator to answer these product survey questions as a guide to help them know what it takes to creating an evergreen product.

Every entrepreneur and business owner must take note of these vital product survey questions when embarking on product creation for their customers and target market.

These questions will help them know what to consider as a product creator before attempting to design a product.

In other words, what are those questions they must answer before creating a product?

One of the greatest reasons entrepreneurs fail in business is lack of product and market knowledge.

Such entrepreneurs failed because they didn’t take time to know how the business they are about starting works.

Therefore, let us check out the 7 critical product survey questions to answer before creating a product.

1. Your Product Survey Questions Must Answer The Value Question?

What value will the set product you’re creating add to the lives of the end users?

Will this product solve a problem and bring unique solution to people’s life?

Similarly, what are you bringing into the market? What innovations are you introducing?

Are you closing the untapped market gap the public has refused to look into?

Also, are you creating a direct duplicate of what has already saturated the market?

How will your product be different and stand out from the populated market.

You must answer these questions.

2. Is The Market Hungry For The Product You’re About Creating?

Who are those in need of your products? How can you find them and where is your target market?

One major problem some creators suffer is that they create products first before finding a market.

This makes them end up stressing out to get sales.

Hence, first find out the people who need your products, then create and design it exactly to suit their purposes.

As an extra hint, you can find them early and make them thirsty to get your products before you even start selling.

3. How Do You Intend To Get Your Target Market?

Okay, now you know your target market and the people who should buy the product you’re about creating.

How will you reach each and every one of them?

What channel will you use to get across to them?

Will you use social media marketing, what brand awareness strategies will you apply to get their attention?

Will you use signboards? fliers, television or radio channels?

Are you also going to consider using a newspaper.

If you’re using digital marketing, what strategies will you implement? This tips will help you make the right choices.

4. What Is The Income Class Of Your Target Market? Your Product Survey Questions Must Check If They Can Afford To Buy It?

How much will you sell the products to them?

Do you think they can afford it at your set price?

If they can’t, what will you do to cut down prices without getting burnt?

Also, how do you intend to make them buy at your set price without loosing interest to other products?

Hence, your product survey questions must solve the pricing and payment problems if you must make money.

5. If You Were In Their Shoes, Will You Use The Product You’re About Launching?

Why should they choose your product over other products in the market?

What are the benefits involved if they buy from you instead of buying from your competitors?

You need to focus on offering value before making money.

Hence, if you were a customer right now who has more than 20 other alternatives, what will propel you to choose the product you just created?

Make sure you have 70% positive answers before you launch out that product of your choice.

Hence, if you succeed in doing this, you’re sure to make huge progress.

6. How Do You Intend To Win More Customers To Your Products And Keep Existing Customers Coming Back?

You must have a come back plan for every single customer who buys your product.

Businesses who understands the importance of customers lifetime value put more effort and resources in keeping their existing customers and getting new ones.

The market is too competitive for you to just ignore having a come back plan on every customer that buys from you.

Hence, if possible, give discounts, offer promo packages, do giveaway programs and give good offers.

This will help you increase the chances of winning them over as permanent customers.

Therefore, you’ll end up increasing your customers base, business sales and daily profits.

7. What Are The Weakness In Your Product Survey Questions And How Do You Convert Them To Strength?

Your product survey questions are incomplete without spotting out your weaknesses.

What is the likelihood that your new product will fail?

Your product survey questions must expose every form of weakness in your plans.

This will give you the opportunity to work on them to convert them to strength.

For instance, Amazon had to struggle for sales in her early days in 1995 in-spite of having a world class business model.

However, Jeff Bezos didn’t fall back on this weakness, he went ahead to make the sales process easier through the power of automations.

Today, that same Amazon now supplies product and offer services to millions of customers daily.

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