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5 Smart Goal Setting Plans For Entrepreneurs And Dummies

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smart goal setting plan for entrepreneurs and dummies
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Smart goal setting is about setting goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely. It’s about planning and winning your way up to accomplishment.

Have you discovered how easy it is for people to set goals today? It’s not just about setting goals, its about reaching them as planned.

Let us say you run a big business with large customer value, you need to set goals to beat your competitors.

Some have the habit of listing their goals and writing them out on paper.

Others set reminders in their mobile phones to notify them.

However, when you set goals and don’t work towards accomplishing them, they because completely worthless.

Therefore, when you set goals for yourself, make sure your goals motivate you, they should keep you awake when others are fast asleep.

Your goals must be important and strong enough to help you ignore distractions so you can reach them successfully as planned.

Focus on what matters to you. Too many goals might make you lose track and end up not reaching any of them.

You can take it further by listing the important things you wish to accomplish in a year time and write them out from zero to ten.

Start with the least important task and develop the courage to deal with the tough ones as you work your way up.

In addition, tick out the first 5 goals in your list and pursue them with all the zeal in you.

You can then move to the others immediately you have completed the first ones.

Furthermore, as an extra tip, you can take it further by writing why each goal is important so you can keep track with them.

Okay, let us look at 5 smart ways to set goals and accomplish them.

5 Smart Goal Setting Plan Than That Works:

Let your goals be your top priorities to make the steps below work for you, okay let’s kickoff.

1. Set “Specific” Goals:

You need to be very specific with your goals.

It’s not enough to say I want to make money this month.

This is not specific and has no base in goal setting.

It’s better to say I want to make $50 daily for the next 30 days.

This way if you stick to your goals you’ll conveniently make $1500 after the end of the month.

Let us say you happen to be an affiliate or digital marketing professional, being specific involves finding out the best affiliate marketing tools you’ll need to scale up your business.

2. Your Goals Must Be “Measurable”:

What do I mean by being measurable?

You need to be able to say I’ll work 8 hours daily and make an average of $10 per hour.

You should measure how attainable it is for you to make the $10 per hour all through your 8 hours work.

This will help you know if it is a goal you can cope with and if otherwise, you can also know the necessary improvements you need to make.

Hence, the bottom line is to measure your progress as you go.

For instance, small business owners might prefer setting goals to increase sales and profit.

Similarly, entrepreneurs that control big business might set goals to improve customers service by ensuring prompt response to customers enquiries, rapid dispute resolution and many more.

3. Pursue “Attainable” Goals In Your Smart Goal Setting Plan:

If you set a goal that’s beyond your reach, you’ll not accomplish it.

Imagine setting a goal of starting a real estate business and planning to sell off 1 billion dollars in profits when you haven’t even sold your first 1 dollar.

I don’t mean to say its not possible, however setting to sell 1 million dollars in profit is more attainable.

You can set a goal of growing your income by 30% within the next 6 months.

This is specific, measurable and attainable at the same time.

4. Set “Relevant” Goals:

For instance, moving from a job that pays you $50000 per year to a $40000 per year job is completely insane and irrelevant.

In smart goal setting, only set goals that will add value to your life, business, career and relationships.

It’s insane to set a goal of moving from top to bottom.

Instead, set a goal to increase you sales and marketing management skills, set goals to reduce production cost as a manager, set goals to multiply productivity in your workplace and many more relevant goals.

5. All Your Set Goals Must Be “Timely”:

Every goal should be given a time frame and limit else it’s no longer a goal.

This explain why workers are also paid per hour in developed countries.

For instance, if you just say I want to increase my income by 50% without allocation time to it, let’s say 6 months or 1 year them how do you call that a goal.

Time is a universal currency that controls the universe and the interesting thing is that every one has an equal amount of time.

Even in business, to avoid losing money you must give high regards to time.

Hence, saying I want to learn digital marketing in 6 months looks better than merely saying I want to learn digital marketing.

Am sure you get that now.

10 Importance And Benefits Of Smart Goal Setting:

  1. It makes people pay attention to their task thereby breeding focus.
  2. Smart goal setting facilitates progress anytime anywhere.
  3. Effective time management comes into play when people set goals.
  4. In production, goal setting eliminates waste and increase productivity.
  5. Goal setting triggers discipline and good behavior to achieve any given task.
  6. It eliminates delays by creating a sense of urgency when carrying out any given task.
  7. Goal setting increases commitment and fosters a challenge mentality in people.
  8. When you set goals, it’ll help you know your weakness and possible areas of strength unknown to you.
  9. It builds great morale thereby helping people overcome difficult tasks.
  10. It brings a sense of fulfillment after accomplishment.


To further make your smart goal settings agenda successful, write down your goals, place them in respective positions where you can see them everyday.

As an extra tip, reciting your goals early in the morning after bed and repeating the same process before bed at night could make them become a full part of you.

Congratulations in your smart goal setting mission, see you at the top.

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