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5 Killer Tips to Increase Sales for Small Business Owners

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increase sales for small business owners
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Any business that suffers good sales is heading for a crash, whether it be an online business or on-ground business. This is why we must all know the secret tips to increase sales for small business owners, big business owners and entrepreneurs.

Getting a business idea might be easy, starting a business might be a little bit easy if you already have your business plan and capital ready.

However, it’s more demanding to run a business successfully and that’s what makes up a good entrepreneur or business owner.

After all the pains you went through to get funding to start up a business, you’ll not want to watch it die down because of poor sales.

A recent research shows that most businesses fold up within their first 3 years of operation.

These reports shows that business downfalls resulted from major entrepreneurship failures, poor management structure and bad sales reports.

Therefore, let’s talk about the five killer tips to increase sales and overall profits.

1. Fully Responsive Customer Service:

The first thing you’re selling as a business owner is your customer’s service.

How you attend to customers is as important as what they actually buy from you.

Good customer’s service gives you returning customers, free referral customers, products and service recommendation which ultimately boost your sales and profits.

There are lots of good ways to build customer service today. Hence, find out the customer service model that works for your business.

The best customer service is if the customer doesn’t need to call you, doesn’t need to talk to you, it just works.

Jeff Bezos, E-Commerce Giant, Founder and Chairman of Amazon

2. Good Product Value is a Major Sales Booster for Small Business Owners:

It’s not about the item, product or service, what value are you offering a prospect or a customer through that product?

Will it actually solve a specific problem for them?

The value of your products must pitch excellence even if you intend to sell digital products online, that is the best way to keep your business growing.

A product that offers good value to customers will sell without any form of sales speech.

Value is a booster that helps to increase sales and profits for all business owners.

This is so important if you must keep your business growing.

3. Brand Awareness and Marketing Increases Sales for Business Owners By 30%:

People easily buy from who they know, who they trust and who they have tested before than buying from a new business brand.

Understand that users buy the brands first before their product or services.

It’s a psychological business disciple that works on the entire business market of buying and selling.

Hence, the third thing you’re selling even if you’re not aware of it is your business brand.

We all buy from brands, I do and you also do.

You must discover the 16 strategies for brand awareness in business if you must beat your competitors.

Also, you can try digital marketing.

How many times have you visited a supermarket to buy an item with the brand already known to you?

Am sure you’ve done that several times, well if not, I do that a lot.

For instance, lets assume you need to buy a toothpaste and you already know the brand you want.

Hence, you don’t waste time selecting toothpaste brands at the supermarket or need anyone to convince you on your choice of toothpaste.

You just walk in to get what you need because you already know what you want.

4. Avoid Unrealistic Sales Pitch (Don’t be too Salesy):

What exactly do I mean by not being too salesy? I mean don’t be too desperate to get people to buy from you.

For crying out loud, it’s a free world and everyone has their legal right to decide what they buy in the market and who they also buy from.

Hence when doing sales, you must know the various sales and marketing management tricks that works for all class of business.

Don’t be too desperate to get people buy from you.

It gives them a sense of danger as an aftermath of patronizing you.

Most people today hate sales speech, especially when they aren’t interested.

I guess it’s the same for a whole lot of people, if not all.

Therefore, let your sales messages be short, value driven and straight to the point.

For instance, I want you to buy a course on how to make money online through blogging or cryptocurrency trading with $100 capital.

Also, I promise you that you’ll start earning $1000 daily immediately you finish the course.

Wait a minute, isn’t that a trap because it sounds too good to be true.

However, many people still fall prey to sales pitch that promises what they can’t offer, well I don’t advise any sales representative to do so.

It’s possible to make thousands of dollars online daily, oh yes it is.

However, it requires sacrifice, disciplines and focus to build and grow a profitable online business.

Therefore, keep your sales message simple and short, just go straight to the point.

5. Freebies, Discounts and Promo Offers Helps to Increase Sales for Business Owners by up to 50%:

sales booster like discounts, freebies and promo offers increases sales by up to 50%
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Sales booster like discounts, freebies and promo offers increases sales by up to 50%

Have a map out plan to give discounts to customers, allow people to pay less and get more.

Sales become easier when you don’t have to pitch to anyone to take your proposal or offer.

One good way to keep your customers returning to you is by introducing amazing discounts and freebies.

Occasionally, you can try promo packages.

Freebies, discounts and promo offers are one of the best ways to increase sales for small business owners.

For instance, on my way back from work one sunny afternoon after a short day at work.

I saw people queuing up to buy ice-cream, at first I was puzzled, wondering what was actually going on at seeing the crowd.

I took a step further to find out, only to discover the ice-cream vendor was running a flash sales.

He was virtually giving 50% discount on all the original prices of his Ice-cream, woah. Well, I know this kind of offers exist in real estate businesses.

How will he regain his profits? Someone asked me from behind.

However, I knew he must have made his calculations that if he sells at 50% discount he would still be at profits and also selling at a very fast rate.

“In the real sense, he could sell so much that day that would cover his profits for a week if he sells at the original price where people barely care to buy from him” – I replied.

That’s the power of discounts and freebies in promoting rapid sales.


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Final Thoughts:

I believe if you did your homework well enough, increasing sales should not be a problem in your business.

If you sold an item today, you can push to sell 2 items tomorrow improving on your sales strategy, overtime you’re sure to start selling beyond your expectations.

Therefore, find out what works for you and stick to it, that’s the way up.

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