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4 Ways To Get Accurate Answers When Interviewing Prospects

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getting accurate answers from prospects
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Getting accurate answers from your prospects might be a little bit challenging especially when they are yet to work with you or know you better.

Even though you have the most unique business ideas to offer a stranger, he will still feel repulsive in working with you.

This is because people tend to cooperate and associate better with who they understand.

Hence, if you’re looking at getting accurate answers when speaking to a prospect, make sure you’re not in a hurry.

Oh yes you don’t have to push a stranger who is yet to know you better to willingly give out sensitive information’s.

Therefore, how do you get the required information you need to make your work with them easy.

In the next few points below, we’ll check out some 4 vital tips to getting accurate answers from your prospects anytime, anywhere, any day.

1. To Get Accurate Answers, You Must Ask Direct Questions:

The ability to ask direct and straight forward questions is a still needed skill in business, marketing and all areas of human life.

Knowing how to ask questions precisely will save you the time and stress involved in getting accurate answers.

Don’t try to outsmart a prospect. When they discover you’re trying to find out information’s indirectly, they will hide the most important parts from you.

Hence, there is no point beating about the bush.

A good examiner, interviewer or marketer must be able to ask straight forward questions.

For instance, what are your major business goals? How do you intend to take the top spot in your industry?

If you had to start all over again, how will you do it?

How do you intend to get your business goals to reality?

What plans do you have on ground to outrank your competitors and win over the large market share?

These are samples of direct questions a good marketer must know how to ask.

To be able to ask a question clearly is two-thirds of the way to getting it answered.

John Ruskin –

2. Intentionally Make A Mistake And Allow Them Correct You:

Don’t make the mistake of being too professional.

Never interview a prospect and claim you know it all.

If you do this, they will hide the most sensitive information’s from you.

Let meekness and humility be a part of your speech.

For instance, if you want to know their best competitor, even if you already had 1 in mind but not too sure, suggest the wrong one and let them correct you.

If you’re almost certain their strongest rival in the industry is “AB Company PLC” but you know “Smart Tech PLC” is in the same industry but not close to competing with them.

You might say “I guess your highest rival might be Smart Tech PLC“, feel free to correct me if I am wrong?

When they correct you, you stand to get the most correct answer you need at no cost.

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3. Spot Their Most Challenging Problem And Offer A Solution:

Even the most secretive people will always open up to that person who solves their most challenging problems.

Hence, all you have to do is to identify their problem and present a solution to them.

Everyone responds quickly to those that solves their problems.

The world will always reward problem solvers in diverse ways.

Therefore, a good step to take in getting accurate answers from your prospects will be to spot a problem they are trying to solve and help them in the solution process.

This will build trust and unity between you and your prospects.

4. Using Future Techniques Are Sure Ways To Getting Accurate Answers:

What do I mean by future techniques?

This technique is a psychological way of discussing the future with your prospects.

You can come in by asking a question that has to do with the future potentials of your prospects.

For instance, looking at the current trend of development in your business, where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

How do you intend to sit at the top of your industry in the future?

What if you need to expand your business later, what are the most effective ways you intend to do that?

These are all future concerned questions that talks about the progress of your prospects.

This will make them easily relate with you on all terms and pour out accurate answers to you.

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What other strategies have you been using that is not listed here…

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