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31 Dangerous Blogging Mistakes to Avoid Now Like a Plague

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Blogging mistakes to avoid now like a plague
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Hello friend, would you like to know some 31 dangerous blogging mistakes to avoid now like a plague if you want to make the most of your blogging journey?.

Oh yes, i know you would want to know in order to become more successful in your blogging career.

These are common blogging mistakes you can correct without the guide of an expert.

However many bloggers still fall victims of these mistakes because they don’t know them.

Nevertheless, let’s first understand what blogging means before we take a look at the mistakes to avoid in blogging.

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What is blogging:

Blogging is an act of creating valuable information’s on a website to pass value to readers.

It’s a content marketing strategy used by business owners, companies, entrepreneurs and business CEOs to reach their target audience.

Blogs are one of the most profitable up-and-running online business used for marketing companies products and services today.

Here is a step by step guide on how to start a blog as a lucrative online business for entrepreneurs.

Lets look at some 30 deadly blogging mistakes to avoid now like a plague

31 Blogging mistakes to avoid now like a plague:

Blogging mistakes to avoid
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31 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid Now Like a Plague!!!

1. Wrong Choice of Domain-Name:

You’ve missed about 50% of your blog traffic before setting up your blog if your chosen domain-name is faulty.

Unrelated domain-names to your niche and difficult to remember or pronounce will make your blog struggle to grow.

Don’t ever make this mistake if you want to start up a blog that would succeed with little efforts.

Early-day bloggers who used unrelated domain name to their niche years ago could still rank their blog post on search engines because there was very little or no competition compared to what we have today.

Today we have over 500 million blogs on the internet consisting of both active and inactive ones, so you can’t afford to play away with your choice of domain name.

Statistics from says there are over 500 million blogs hosted by WordPress and Tumblr online today

Starting a blog with your name is cool but considering users experience, i advice you choose a more social name.

2. “Zero knowledge of target audience” remains one most dangerous blogging mistakes to avoid, don’t try it:

Most beginner blogger just start up a blog without having a desired target audience in mind to reach out to.

This is just like going to the market to sell your product without knowing who your customers are.

Imagine trying to sell baby food and you start targeting office men and ignoring nursing mothers, you have failed already.

Lack of target audience could make you blog tirelessly without getting your desired results.

Hence, knowing your target audience will save you time from targeting the wrong people.

If you’re setting up a blog that talks about baby diapers then you need to focus your blog on nursing mothers.

Therefore, defining your target audience is one of the 12 most amazing steps to become a successful blogger.

3. Blogging About Everything:

Just because you are passionate about business, fashions, travels, relationships and other good stuff doesn’t mean you must blog about all.

If you do this then your chances of success will be very low and unrealistic.

It will become difficult for you to define your target audience and for search engines to know where you belong.

Nevertheless, you can still become successful but only with an unimaginable investment of time, energy and resources.

This will confuse your readers and visitors because your blog is not specific to solve one problem.

I advice you never to try this, just pick a niche and go all out for it.

4. Writing Less Quality Blog Post:

You must write quality and informative articles, your articles must pass value to readers, it must solve a problem.

Most newbie bloggers make the mistake of writing for the sake of just writing.

Well, it’s cool you wrote an article but have you asked yourself how many people are reading your blog posts.

It’s more better to sit-down and craft out quality blog post that would offer solutions to people’s search and queries.

As for me, I would choose quality over quantity though all are important metrics in blogging.

Hence keep writing quality blog post to keep enjoying continuous flow of readers and search engine traffics.


Blogging Guide to Become a Professional Blogger.

How to Become a Network Marketing Professional in 1 Year.

How to Build a Great Customers Service in 2 Years.

16 Powerful Strategies for Brand Awareness with Little Money.

5. Writing Short Contents that aren’t Rich Enough:

When writing a blog post, try to make sure you’re not targeting less than 1000 words.

Well, this isn’t a standard blogging metric, but the more words you have in your article, the richer it is.

The idea behind this is that search engines tends to favor writer who go in details to cover almost all the important aspect of a topic.

This can also make your contents rank among the first page of search engine results page (SERP).

The first time I saw my blog post on first 10 search engine results pages for a particular keyword, I was so excited because that means more organic traffics would come to my blog.

Hence, pick a topic and elaborate on it, break it down into smaller sessions, explaining them little by little.

6. Get a step-by-step blogging business model:

Its important for you to get a good blogging schedule.

How often should you blog?, what style should you follow in your blog and how many times should you blog in a week or a month.

Would it be once a week, 2 or 3 times a week or 8 times per-month, but ideally you should be blogging 2-3 times a week.

Setting up a blog model will help you work on schedule and give you more time to focus on other aspect of your life.

7. Poor internal linking is one of those blogging mistakes to avoid:

Never underestimate the powers of internal linking.

Most beginner or newbie bloggers don’t seem to realize that internal linking allows visitors to easily navigate through their blog.

A good number of internal linking will increase your click through rates and increase the sessions and page views of your blog.

Even though it’s your first blog post, why not link to your contact page, about us page or even your disclaimer.

However if you have previous blog post, it’s a good idea to always link your new blog post to similar ones you wrote in the past.

8. One of the most dangerous blogging mistakes to avoid is failing to build your email list on time:

Failing to build your email list on time is a risky game to play in blogging.

The moment you have a few content published on your blog, its best you start getting subscribers to your blog.

Signup with an email servicing company to get your site visitors registered to your blog audience.

Your email list will give you traffic on demand, they will buy your products and services from you.

You can also market other peoples products that would be beneficial to them by signing up for affiliate network programs.

9. Wrong use of anchor text:

Have you heard of the word anchor text?, if not, let me explain a little bit of it to you.

An anchor text is the highlighted text that is used to do the internal linking we discussed earlier above.

It could be used to do both internal and external linking in a blog.

Make sure your anchor-text are text that are compelling, text that will prompt users to find out what the post your are linking to is all about.

For example: My direction is towards the north but I don’t know “how to get a cab going towards the north for free” in 20 minutes.

In this scenario, the highlighted word becomes the anchor text, am sure you understand better now.

10. Bad headline usability is one common blogging mistakes to avoid at all cost:

You might create a very good content as a blogger, but if you have poor headlines you have lost 50% of visitors to your blog posts.

Know how to write compelling headlines that converts faster and catch the attention of internet users.

Your choice of headlines will determine if your blog post will get more traffics when you share them on social media and when seen on search engine result pages.

11. Zero SEO knowledge:

Major reasons for failure in blogging
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Bloggers who don’t know how to optimize their contents for search engines are always struggling to succeed.

No professional blogger under-estimates the importance of search engine optimization.

How successful your blog will become withing a short period of time will also largely depend on how much SEO knowledge you have.

You must be able to write SEO optimized content to meet the current competitions in blogging today.

12. Not engaging with readers:

It’s very important for you to reply comments your readers drop on your blog post and even on your social media handles.

I know it’s also not possible to reply all comments for a blog that has thousands of comments weekly, but please reply to as many as possible.

This will make your audience feel important and keep them connected to your blog.

Comment sessions could be very interactive, so reply comments if you want your blog to gain huge global engagements.

13. Trying to rank for highly competitive keywords with high search difficulties:

Don’t do this if you are just starting out your blogging career.

Trying to rank for highly competitive keywords when your blog domain authority is still very low is complete waste of time and energy.

However, look for keywords with a good amount of search volumes and search difficulty to rank for on search engines.

Most beginner bloggers try effortlessly to rank for high keywords, well if your SEO is good, you could still rank.

Nevertheless, it’s more easy for you to take your position and start ranking right away for low difficulty keywords.

14. Publishing a blog post without categories:

Creating and publishing a blog post without assigning it to a category is like creating a nice wooden sofa chair and leaving it outside under the sun and rain withing moving it to an apartment for use.

Don’t ever do this, not even by mistake else google will demote your blog rankings when your blog posts are not categorized.

Search engines will find it difficult to know where your blog post belongs, which becomes a problem giving it out to a user.

Publishing an amazing blog post without category will make it useless and invisible on search engines.

This is because no body sees or even read them which is not good for you.

15. Publishing a blog post without tags:

You would be cheating yourself if you ever publish any blog post without tags.

Tagging your blog post to similar keywords makes it visible to users searching for related keywords to your article.

Hence, your article will be visible not only to those who searched for your blog post according to how you wrote them but to similar searches on the web.

Wow, isn’t this great, that’s the power of tags, so know how to use tags.

16. Wrong use of Headings [H2, H3 H4] are among the major blogging mistakes to avoid like a plague:

The ability to arrange headings and sub-headings will help your page authority and blog structure.

Headings makes it easy for readers to understand how your blog post is arranged.

Some readers who are in a hurry and have little time to read blog contents pay close attention to headings.

Don’t make the mistake of using an H2 tag where it should have been H3 or H4.

It will only make your blog difficult for readers to understand, which would create a bad user experience for you.

The negative implication of this is that users would exist your blog so early to look for information’s elsewhere.

Consequently, it will lower your blog page sessions, reduce your page view and increase your bounce rate.

If you truly know what that means then you would avoid it at all cost.

17. Copyright infringement and Plagiarism [cite information’s when necessary]:

It’s a big offence and blogging crime to lift another content published on another site to publish it on your own blog.

In fact your blog post must not be 50% the same to another blog post online.

Use your own words, give descriptions and explain it in your own understanding and always give a new approach.

If you’re found guilty of plagiarism, google will ban your website from search engines and that’s a big hammer on you.

Therefore, make your findings concerning any topic of interest you want to write about and publish it on your blog.

18. Blogging mistakes to avoid guide is incomplete if you tell unrealistic stories in your articles:

Create articles that are actionable and realistic, let it be something that can push a person to action.

This is the only way you would appear real before your audience, no body will talk action if you tell stories from fantasies.

Train readers on your blog, give out value in a manner that will make your readers drop a good comment for you.

19. Zero working relationship with bloggers in your niche:

If you’re going to grow your blog so quickly then i advice you to build good relationship with fellow bloggers.

This will help you grow quickly and make you start seeing good fast results withing a short period of time.

Bloggers who have started before you would give you advice and share ideas with you on how to promote a blog without paid traffic.

My humble self here Godswill Iboi was privileged to have Emenike Emmanuel CEO of and Noble Cyril the CEO of to mentor me jealously as I took off my blogging journey.

See some bloggers ahead of you as mentors and draw inspiration from them to keep going.

I advice you visit your mentors blog often to checkout how they do things.

This will give you a picture of what you need to do and keep doing to grow your blog continuously.

20. Ignoring image optimizations before publishing your blog post are common blogging mistakes to avoid:

Do you know that google ranks in the order of videos, audios, images and text?, if you don’t know, please do now.

This is why image optimization is very important for your blog post to rank on search engines.

Ensure to always rename your blog post images to carry the name of your blog post or subheadings as used respectively.

Only use high quality images that describes what you’re trying to say with a glance from your readers.

Info-graphics could be a very helpful tool when necessary to pass information’s at ease.

Image optimization is very important, never publish a blog post without ensuring that your images are well search engine optimized.

21. Wrong blog images and spellings that confuses your audience is a common blogging mistakes to avoid at all cost:

Imaging talking about football in your new blog post but you have an image of a man carrying a brief case.

You have just succeeded in confusing your audience. How does a man holding a briefcase relates to soccer?

Using wrong images to explain your blog contents might make you look less professional like an amateur in blogging.

Visitors might have no choice but to leave your blog very early because you’re confusing them.

This will automatically increase your bounce rate and such a visitor might not return for a good period of time.

Search engines perceive that sites with high bounce rates have inferior contents which turns readers away very early.

It will not speak well of you because you will end up loosing a whole lot of traffic.

It’s also advised that bloggers read through their articles all over again to limit typographical errors from spellings.

22. Avoid getting back-links from unrelated sites:

Avoid getting back-links from unrelated sites, it's a common blogging mistake you must avoid
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Avoid getting back-links from unrelated site, back-links from unrelated sites will bring serious harm to the reputation and ranking of your blog.

No matter how much you want to get back-links to your site, you must avoid back-links from unrelated site.

Google frowns at this practice because it is against google link building policy.

Imagine a business site getting back-links from marijuana sites and other highly unrelated niches.

Well, just wait to receive google hammer on your head and a drop in ranking of your blogs domain authority.

23. Blogging your interest over your audience interest is one of the most dangerous blogging mistakes to avoid in blogging:

This is one terrible mistake most bloggers do, they blog more of their interest.

Don’t focus your articles on telling so much stories about yourself except you’re a celebrity.

Nevertheless, its still okay to talk about your experience once in while, but make it as simple as possible.

Well, why set up a blog that talks so much about yourself?

If you’re not a public figure then you’re going to get people bored over time.

You can use your social media handles to speak your interest but when it comes to blogging ensure to speak what your audience want.

Constantly seek to know what your audience what to read and give it to them consistently.

A good way of knowing what your audience want is by engaging with them at the comment sessions.

24. Boring blog post introductions:

Nothing could be as annoying as an introduction that is off focus from your blog post title.

Boring introductions could make readers exist your blog on arrival.

I would advise you to craft blog post introductions that will keep readers longer in your blog.

Good introductions will tell visitors that you know more about the topic and they will just be willing to stay.

25. Not promoting your blog post thinking readers will show up themselves:

Don’t publish a blog post and just expect google to send traffic to your website for free.

Well, even if search engines send you traffic, always promote your blog post.

Promote freely on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Quora and utilize other blog promotion strategies to reach more audience.

It’s best you write less and promote more, this will help you grow your blog faster than you’ve ever imagined.

26. Not writing consistently:

According to Neil Patel, consistency is the game to keep growing your blog.

Bloggers who under-estimate the power of consistency miss out traffics when they post one article per-month or in 3 months.

Write frequently, let your readers know you’re still going to drop something before the week is over.

You can write once, twice or three times a week, but the idea is to keep publishing new contents.

Always keep your blog as fresh as possible to visitors.

You can write 2 or 3 times a week, choose your blogging schedule and keep to it, always write consistently.

27. Try to write like you’re talking directly to a person:

Write blog post the way you talk to a friend sitting right before you.

Keep it simple, straight to the point and as short as possible, just write like you’re communicating to a friend.

People tends to feel more comfortable when they are surrounded by friends during conversations.

Hence, give your readers such a blog environment to read articles for free.

28. Let your readers see reasons to come back to your blog [always give them something special]:

Never stop giving value, put all your capacity to pass value to your audience at every single published blog post.

Don’t leave any information with-held if you want to keep your loyal readers because people tends to stay where they get it all.


How to Sell a Digital Product Online to Make Money.

6 Most Painful Ways People Lose Money Without Knowing.

12 Fantastic Ways of Getting Money to Start up a Business.

29. Don’t miss out on paying attention to your organic traffic:

One of the best growth measurement system is to pay attention to your organic traffic.

These are the number of visitors your blog receives from search engines like google, bing, yahoo, Baidu, duckduckgo, yandex e.t.c

The moment you discover an increase in organic traffic, that is an indicator that your blog is growing.

Bloggers who dont pay attention to their organic traffic miss out big time without knowing.

When organic traffic to your blog increases, you can now visit your google search console account to know which content and keyword is bringing in the traffic so you put up more contents in that area.

30. Not giving due credits to your source:

Don’t just pick information’s from other blogs without returning credits to them and when you do please kindly avoid plagiarism.

This will show some level of credibility and responsibility to your dear readers.

They would quickly perceive uniqueness because you were willing to give due credit to your source of information’s.

It’s a psychological business discipline of blogging that help your readers keep to you because you’re truthful and credible.

For instance, according to neil patel: thinking that every blog post will go viral isnt always true.

Make sure you give credit to your sources of blog information’s.

31. Poor Guest posting on other blogs can be a common blogging mistake to avoid like a plague:

Common mistakes to avoid in blogging
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Write quality guest post on authoritative blogs to improve the domain ranking of your blog.

One of the most acceptable and fastest ways to grow your blog is through guest posting.

Hence, imagine writing a guest post that isn’t detailed and informative enough as a guest writer on another blog.

Well, even if your article get approved, will readers be inspired to visit your blog to know you more?

If that answer is no then you are missing out big time wasting your guest posting opportunities on authority blogs.

Guest posting allow bloggers to write a detailed and informative article for an authoritative site thereby imputing one or two back-links to their blogs

Some bloggers allow for a short bio of the guest blogger at the end of the articles.

When guest posting, ensure to write quality articles because readers who are impressed with your article with surely checkout your blog.

Therefore, you will end up attracting genuine visitors to your blog because people who find your content amazing would surely visit and subscribe to your blog to become permanent readers.

Final Thoughts:

The keys you need to become successful in your blogging journey has just been handed over to you.

If you don’t know the blogging mistakes to avoid, you might just keep blogging tirelessly without getting your desired results.

Therefore take advantage of the information’s shared on this article to maximize your blogging career.

If you also happen to know anyone who really wants to take their blogging journey to another level, I advice you to share this article to them.

Kindly ensure to subscribe using the subscription form below, input your first-name and email address so you don’t miss out from important business updates anymore.

Share this article and drop a comment for me at the comment sessions below telling me how much value you got from this article and I would gladly respond to you, thanks.

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