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3 Psychological Business Discipline A Successful CEO Must Have

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3 Psychological Business Discipline
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Hello friend, have you ever wondered why some CEO’s and entrepreneurs do better in business than others?. Today we will be glad to share with you the 3 psychological business discipline a successful CEO must have to take the lead in their business sectors.

Are you a CEO already?, do you want to be one?, if yes then keep reading this article.

What makes the big business CEOs so successful?, why are they always winning and leading in major business sectors?

There must be some business secrets they apply to help them scale above all competitions in the market.

It takes discipline to know how to start and run a successful business empire as an entrepreneur or business CEO.

These 3 psychological business discipline will makes you know how to keep winning your competitors.

So keep reading so you can know how to keep winning your competitors in your business.

Get excited as you get these strong and powerful psychological business discipline at completely zero cost.

3 Psychological Business Discipline
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Yeah, I got it!!! wow, I believe you will be thrilled and excited as this young CEO who also discovered this business secrets

Who is a CEO:

A CEO (chief executive officer) is the highest executive personnel of a company who carries the daily task of managing the overall operations of the company.

He takes corporate company decisions and stand as a middleman between board of directors and share holders of the company.

In private companies, they sometimes take the place of the highest share holder and are elected by the board and shareholders.

These 3 psychological business discipline are vital to business success just as minor and major keys are vital in a keyboard.

It’s the combination of these keys that makes the music.

If you miss out of the minor keys, you don’t have a proper music, you have flat music.

So now let’s look at 3 Psychological Business Disciplines of successful entrepreneurs and CEOs in the school of business success.

1. Your Thoughts [First business disciples of successful entrepreneurs and CEO’s]:

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Great Entrepreneurs are great thinkers… Begin to think great!!!

One of the greatest investment you can make as a successful entrepreneur or CEO today is in your ability to think.

Entrepreneurs and CEO’s who are good thinkers are always good winners. You can’t think success and arrive at failure.

All entrepreneurs keep positive and optimistic thoughts as a tool for great exploit.

The inventions we see daily, innovations, ideas, strategies, designs, plans, visions are products of productive thinking.

For as a man thinks in his heart so he is.

The human mind has capacity to create, to build, it has the capacity to bring the impossible to possible.

The thought power as a CEO will determine the rate of progress his/her company will make.

How much investment you make in training your mind as a CEO will determine how much value your business will give to your clients and potential customers.

Lack of value for ideas is one of the 6 most painful ways people lose money without knowing today.

Your thoughts shapes your reality. So if you want to become successful as a CEO or entrepreneur, guide your thinking.

Thinking you can’t do it shuts-down all your sense organs and leave you miserable and helpless.

Defeat thoughts makes you a victim, only a winning mentality makes you a winner.

Defeat thoughts will rob you off your success, only breakthrough thoughts guaranties your breakthroughs in business.

How you see your business in your mind will reflect how it becomes on the outside.

Your thoughts will continually influence your life and productivity as an entrepreneur.

Rich people think rich thoughts but unfortunately poor people think poverty thoughts.

It’s failure thoughts that makes failure and winning thoughts that makes success.

Entrepreneurs and CEOs who know the power of productive thinking will always be more prosperous in the business world.

So my challenge to you today as an entrepreneur or as a CEO in business is to start thinking possibilities.

How to access possibility thoughts for business discipline:

  • Read books: The secret of great business men and women are in their book, read about successful entrepreneurs and CEOs
  • Attend personal development seminars: Never believe you know it all, keep training your mind by attending seminars on entrepreneurship.
  • Get a mentor already producing what you want: Associations are vital, this is why successful entrepreneurs become group of friends.
  • Set goals and reach them: Goals will shape your mind and give you a sense of fulfillment when accomplished.

To further diversify our interest, in goal setting as an entrepreneur, you’re bound to do many business ranging from investing in natural resources, internet technology or agriculture such as farming and rearing.

2. Your Words [Second business disciplines of successful entrepreneurs and CEOs]:

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Our WORDS frames our WORLD, great entrepreneurs and CEO’s are positive word addicts.

Have you ever hanged around successful entrepreneurs before?, have you ever spent time around successful CEOs?

What could you pick about the way they talk?, did you take note of the kind of words they use?

Did you discover that they all have a common success language, they talk the most impossible things.

This is because they believe every thing is possible, surprisingly it works for them.

Our words define who we are, it tells what is made up of us in the inside.

We need breakthrough words to qualify for success, our words frames our world.

So when you are faced with challenges or difficulties, all you need to do is speak positive words.

Speak success to yourself, use words like I can do it, it’s possible, I will be successful.

The more of these words you speak, the more prosperous you become as an entrepreneur or CEO.

Successful entrepreneurs, business owners and CEO’s know this reality and that’s why they will always succeed beyond those who don’t know.

Learn to say words like “I can” instead of “I can’t” if you must become a successful CEO or entrepreneur.

The words that comes out of your mouth is powerful, they can either make you or break you.

This also determine how successful business CEOs and entrepreneurs are in the school of business success.

Therefore, how well you use your words determines how fast, how quick and how productive you become.


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3. Your Acts [The third business disciplines of successful entrepreneurs and CEOs]:

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Be desperate to take positive actions to actualize your goals, successful entrepreneurs and CEO’s are action takers!!!

After your thoughts and your words, then comes your Acts.

Your acts will be of no effect if your thoughts are contrary and your words are negative.

Nobody in business prospers by thinking failure thoughts, speaking failure words, and taking failure steps.

This explains why two people may do the same kind of business, one succeeds and the other one fails.

Also, taking prosperity steps requires that you stop thinking poverty thoughts and speaking poverty words.

When your acts are contrary to your thoughts, it makes your ACTS of no effect, this is so important.

What you think and what you say is all that determines what becomes of you.

Your success destiny has its roots in your mind, until your mind is renewed your life cannot be transformed.

We need to discipline our thoughts as far as business is concerned.

Until our minds are renewed, our life’s cannot be transformed.

So its not about what happens on the outside its majorly what happens from inside.

It’s not what we have that makes us rich, but what you think.

What you have begins with what you think and what you think determines what you say.

You shall have whatever you say when you don’t doubt it in your heart…

Think right, Speak right and Act right…


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To become successful as an entrepreneur or CEO, we must develop our Thoughts, Words and our Acts.

  • Our thoughts must always be optimistic, you and I must always carry possibility mentality.
  • The words we speak must align with what we think, our words must be focused at our business success.
  • After our thoughts, words then comes our Acts, we must act positively corresponding to our thoughts and words.

We must think well, speak well and act well to maximize our success as entrepreneurs and business CEOs.

These 3 psychological business discipline has capacity to guaranty success to a CEO or an entrepreneur in business today.

This business disciplines are the backbone characteristics of successful entrepreneurship.

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Thanks for your continual engagement at business finger.

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