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20 Best ways to Drive Massive Traffic to a Blog

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how to drive traffic to a blog
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How to drive traffic to a blog could be an headache to a blogger who doesn’t understand traffic generation strategies. Hence, in this article, I have listed 20 incredible ways to drive massive traffic to a new blog or any blog it may be.

Driving traffic to a blog has always been something every blogger sort for, this is because a blog without traffic is dead.

Traffic is the life wire of a blog, hence a blog will be completely useless if it has no readers and zero engagement.

The strategies am about sharing with you works for all blogging niches, so you’re covered. Also, it works for blogs with both high and low domain authority.

These are tested strategies and traffic generation techniques used by top successful bloggers today.

Hence, get excited because it’ll work for you even if your blog has a domain authority of 1.

Every successful blogger today has a system that sends good traffic to their blogs.

Here is a quick preview on 12 most amazing steps to become a successful blogger. Feel free to also check it out.

So let’s get started.

20 Incredible Ways to Drive Massive Traffic to a Blog:

how to drive traffic to a blog
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Let’s find out.

1. Use irresistible headlines:

How many times have you paused to open an article online just because the headline got you curious?

You actually never intended to read the article but the attention grabbing headline made you want to know what the content of that article is all about.

That’s the magic power of using irrestiblible headlines.

Your choice of headlines title will largely affect how many people will be interested in clicking at your articles.

If you miss out of the headline traffic stage then just know you’ve lost over 50 percent of your blog traffic.

Hence, even if you have succeeded in putting up rich and informative content, a poor headline will reduce your site visitors by 50 to 70%, hence don’t toil with headlines.

2. Do keyword research:

How does keyword research’s drive traffic to a blog or even a new blog?

Well, just read through as i explain the tricks here to you.

When trying to drive traffic to a blog, don’t spend time trying to rank for high competitive keywords, instead go for low hanging fruits.

What are low hanging fruits? These are keywords with good volumes of traffic and low search difficulty.

Therefore, I personally advice you install extension tools like keyword everywhere and uber-suggest to your desktop..

This is because these tools will help you know profitable keywords in your niche with good traffic volume and low search competitions.

3. Know your blog audience and give them the contents they urge for:

Which people are consuming my blog’s content? What kind of articles do they find interesting and how should I consistently give it to them?

Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others.

Brian Tracy

These are questions you must answer if you want to see some rapid growth in traffic even if your blog has a domain authority of 1.

Understanding your blog audience will help you know the kind of articles to write and how to serve it to them.

This will help you reduce wasted efforts in writing articles that doesn’t interest your audience.

For instance, you can’t write an article educating people on how to get their dream jobs and dishing it out to entrepreneurs, that would be an executive waste of time, energy and research resources.

Entrepreneurs will never need a job because they are job creators.

So writing an article to educate entrepreneurs on how to get their dream jobs will make no sense of meaning to them.

Hence, knowing your audience is important if you want to keep attracting them and continue growing your blog traffic.

4. Drive traffic to your blog using paid traffic:

This might not be an option for you if you’re just starting out your blog and running on a very tight budget.

However, paid traffic is one of the most effective way to send traffic to your blog even if you just launched it today.

Paid traffic is the act of paying for traffics to be sent to your blog or website.

This could be from social media such as Facebook or search engine like Google.

Paid traffic is effective and one of the most active ways to get traffic to your site without bothering and working it out yourself.

Hence, in paid traffic system, your money does the job for you.

5. Write quality guest post articles:

Immediately you launch your new blog and have written some few articles, start building quality back-links by writing guest post for authoritative sites.

Focus of writing for sites with higher domain authority and good level of traffic than you.

Backs-links are effective traffic generation strategy and its best you start implementing it now.

Therefore, start building quality relationship with bloggers in your niche so you can write guest post articles for them.

I love this traffic medium because getting quality back links from high authority blogs can be a faster means of growing your blog and generating real traffic.

Back links are one of the most unique ways to keep consistent traffic to your blog.

6. Use a social media page to drive traffic to your blog:

You can build some good online community by creating a page on social media to promote your blog.

Business Finger is our social media page, you can also follow us on social media.

If your contents are engaging and informative you’re sure to start getting traffic from your social media page.

There are over 2 billion active users of Facebook today, which is considered the largest social media website in the world, why not utilize this heavy daily and monthly traffic on Facebook.

Twitter is also used as a micro blogging platform, why not set up a twitter account to also share your new blog post on Twitter.

Also, don’t forget to use Quora.

Quora is an effective platform where you can ask and answer questions, engage with a community and share your blog post to get high readers engagement.

Therefore, try these strategies, it could be a good traffic generation medium for you.


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7. Solicit with families and friends to share your content:

You never can tell how many people needs to see your content and your loved ones could just be involved in sharing your contents with you.

The more people share your contents, the more your contents are seen online, the more probability of getting more readers to engage with your blog.

So if you can get 5 friends or family relatives to join you in sharing your new blog post every time you publish a post, then your traffic level will surely shoot up.

This will also increase you blog shares and increase your popularity.

8. Facebook groups are effective in driving traffics to blogs :

Look for public facebook groups that have the audience that matches every blog post you publish and share your contents there.

Just the same way Facebook groups are one of the effective ways to sells digital products today, it can also be used to win blog traffic.

This strategy works perfectly to drive unique traffic to a blog, however you must avoid spamming groups to avoid be penalized.

As a rule of thumb, I advice that sharing one blog post daily or few blog post weekly is considerably.

Hence, be moderate in sharing your blog post to create decency.

9. Enable social sharing buttons:

Social sharing buttons makes it easy for users who find your content informative and interesting to share your contents across social media.

One good social sharing buttons I advice you enable on your blog is “click to tweet”.

This will enable readers tweet your blog post at the click of a button.

It will help you gain more brand awareness and increase your readers engagement and social shares.

Findings have revealed that social sharing enabled blogs get more shares and engagement than blogs without them.

So, you can kindly share this article using the click to tweet button below. You can do it, you’re appreciated.

10. Use good images, charts and Info-graphics on your blog:

How well do you use images when writing a blog post? Do you know that images speak a thousand word?

It keeps people in love with your blog post and helps you increase your average daily time thereby reducing your bounce rate.

Similarly, Google and search engines rank images before text hence you have a fair advantage in your search engine optimization (SEO) game.

Also, use charts and info-graphics to explain the concept of your blog post and study your engagement growth rate.

Do well to upload high quality images with captions to further describe what your image is all about.

11. Internal linking to increase blog engagement:

ways to send traffic to a blog
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Increase user’s engagement and blog traffic

Do you know that internal linking are effective in growing your blog engagements?

It increases your click through rate and help readers to check out other articles written by you when reading any of your blog post.

It will reduce the bounce rate of your blog and increase the time spent by visitors on your blog.

When this happens, search engines will perceive that people love what you write so they can always show them up when a query is made.

12. Use push notifications to drive traffic to your blog:

Push notifications still work wonders today.

It’s effective in sending prompt messages to your readers who allowed your blog notification anytime you publish a new blog post.

Well, it all depends on your settings, it can be effectively used for new published post and when an update is made.

However, you must make sure it’s well set so it doesn’t always prompt your readers if you update more often like daily updates.

One push notification plugin I use is One signal push notification.

This allows my web push subscribers to get notified anytime I publish a new blog post.

If you’re finding it difficult getting traffic to your blog, why not try this out?

13. Influencers could send traffic to your blog:

A good shout out from an influencer with thousands and millions of followers could skyrocket your blog and open you up to thousands and millions of people who might not actually know about your blog.

It will attract site visitors to you and those that love your blog will keep in touch with you as subscribers and stay with you for life.

Therefore, If you have any close influencer around you, why not ask for a hype.

You never can tell what will come up, hence give it a try.

14. Content is king, your blog content could draw traffic to you:

The very first thing that matters in blogging is content.

Content is king, hence write contents that people can easily relate with irrespective of where they find your blog post.

I would always advice you write universally accepted articles, such that people in Canada, Australia, USA, UK, South Africa, Dubai, India and any country in the world can get value from your blog post.

Use good heading format, use subheadings and good text sizes.

Use clear and understandable English, their is no point trying to show your grammatical skills.

Site information’s you got elsewhere and ensure your articles are good for users experience.

Also ensure that your theme is highly responsive to all devices.

15. Ask question at the end of every blog post:

Asking a question at the end of every blog post is one unique sttrategy used in increasing readers engagement.

Ask your readers what they learnt from your article, get feedbacks from your audience.

It will help you know the best style of blog post to publish and how to write future blog post.

Sometimes, readers might just give you an idea of what they expect you to talk about in your subsequent blog post.

Therefore, try out this strategy and see how it works in blogging.


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16. Be consistent in writing quality blog post:

Quality and consistency will always stand out of the crowd. So don’t stop investing at dropping quality articles.

Also, how often do you write new blog post? Could it be once a week, twice a week, once a month or once in three months.

Whichever way it is, be consistent in your writing, keep showing up at intervals with new quality post to engage your readers.

Except you see blogging as an hubby and not ready to see it as a profitable busineas, you should be blogging more often.

Blogging consistently is cool, you just need to choose a routine that works for you. However, ensure you post often so your blog audience do not perceive you’ve abandoned your blog.

Blogging isn’t about publishing as much as you can, it’s about publishing as smart as you can.

Jon Morrow

17. Use short paragraphs, no body wants to read 8 lines at a go:

Write short and detailed paragraphs. You must pay attention to securing returning visitors.

A 3 to 4 line maximum paragraph is okay, don’t write too much without a break, no body wants to read 8 or 10 lines at a go.

This has to do with users experience so you don’t make readers loose interest in reading your articles.

I personally do not like lengthy paragraphs, I might just get tired of reading if the words are too much in a single row.

Also, use examples, be realistic in your articles and your contents will attract massive daily readers.

18. Become active on community forums:

Don’t just run your blog like a private family business, take steps further to join public forums and communities.

Become a contributor in communities where you can find your audience, be interactive, answer and ask questions.

Let your presence be felt, build trust and overtime drop your product or blog content.

This is a viral traffic generation strategy used by PRO blog experts who understands how community forums work.

On a regular basis, study the community to find out what is missing and provide it.

That’s the power of engaging with communities and forum.

19. Write search engine optimized content (SEO):

Pay attention to search engine traffic, it’s one of the best traffic medium your blog can get.

Write blog post that are well optimized for search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and DuckDuckgo.

Search engines optimized contents are capable of giving you traffic without any additional promotional stress from you.

Write contents that are rich in keywords people are searching for in any particular topic of your choice.

Bloggers who know how to get traffic from search engines will always be the authority in their blogging niche.

Writing search engine optimized contents are useful for generating quality traffic and sponsored post deals from advertising companies.

As a measure, you can install keyword everywhere which is a google chrome extension tool, it will help you see the search volume of keywords.

Also, try ubersuggest to know the search difficulties of keywords you want to rank for.

20. Your Email list is a powerful blog traffic generation tool:

Your email list is one of your most valuable asset as a blogger. It is capable of giving you traffic on demand.

This is why you must start building your email list on time. Hence, don’t wait till your blog has grown before you start building your email list.

Anytime you publish a new blog post, your email list gets notified immediately thereby sending you quick traffic from readers.

So get registered with an email servicing company and get your visitors sign-up to your email list.

This is one of your greatest digital asset and traffic source as a blogger.


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Final Thoughts:

Do research's and make inquiries before making financial decisions
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Now you know how to drive massive traffic to your blog, am sure you’ll take the bull by the horn.

Please, know that blogging has gone beyond just an hubby, it’s now a career to most writers.

Therefore, why not checkout some 31 dangerous blogging mistakes you must avoid like a plague today.

Also, traffic is a step by step business in blogging. It is built gradually.

I hope you apply the 20 strategies listed here. I am currently applying them and getting good results so give them a try.

Do you know other unique traffic generation strategies not listed here? Share it with us, it would be updated to this post.

Which of the strategies above are you currently using and how has it been? Share your experience with us.

Hit me up at the comment session and don’t forget to share this article. Thanks for your engagement.

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