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13 Growth Tips For Beginner Bloggers In 2022

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tips for beginner bloggers
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Blogging is fun to those who understand how it works and tough to those who do not. Hence this article is focused on providing the most important tips for beginner bloggers who want to succeed in 2022 and beyond.

Secondly, blogging is not as tough as it seems to be and also not a bed of roses.

Most beginner bloggers start a blog well but give up too early in their blogging business.

Most of the early day bloggers had to struggle in finding out how blogging works, how to monetize a blog, how to drive traffic to a blog and many more.

However, it’s not so today because the internet has made it easy for everyone to learn online.

So let’s start out.

13 Growth Tips For Beginner Bloggers In 2022:

1. Avoid Paying Attention To Vanity Metrics:

What are those metrics newbie bloggers pay attention to that doesn’t really matter in blogging?

Vanity metrics are stuffs that makes newbie bloggers feel good but doesn’t impact on their blog growth.

It could be the joy of seeing their blog post go viral, the number of like they got on their Facebook pages and how a reader applauded them for a good blog post.

It could also be the numbers of monthly visit they get from their blogs and not minding the conversion rates.

These metrics could make newbie bloggers think they just hit a blogging jackpot and end up relaxing too early..

Some bloggers even go as far as saying Alexa ranking is part of vanity metrics.

How true is this?

2. Customize Your Blog To Become User Friendly:

Ensure to customize your blog to become user friendly.

Use tabs and layouts that will make it easy for visitors and subscribers to easily scan through your blog.

Post articles according to categories, use search tab to enable users search for articles they want.

Also, check your paragraphs, ensure it is not too lengthy and stuffy for readers.

A blog that is user friendly will enjoy more traffic and conversions.

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3. Beginner Bloggers Must Connect And Build Relationship With Other Bloggers:

Any blogger who doesn’t see it necessary to connect with bloggers in his/her niche is likely to fail and give up early.

Connecting with bloggers in your niche or those outside your niche will open you up to new ideas.

Hence, you can spot where you’re missing out to make quick improvements.

You can get good blogging tips unknown to you from those ahead of you and grow your blog faster.

Blogging is fun and easy when you connect to other bloggers, especially those in your niche.

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4. Publish More Contents In Your First 3 Years:

You’re just starting out and nobody knows your blog even exist.

Hence, publishing one article per week wouldn’t do you much good.

As a guide, I advice you publish at least twice weekly for niche blogs like business, finance and insurance.

Those in entertainment should try to drop at least 1 or 2 news daily.

As a beginner blogger who has just launched a new blog you must be very active.

You must put energy in publishing new and valuable contents frequently.

5. Add Social Sharing Widgets To Your Blog:

Social sharing widget could help your blog grow faster than you think.

Enabling it on your blog could help you get a reasonable number of shares from visitors who like your contents.

There are many social sharing widgets out there. You can also check for plugins to do that.

This will also bring more traffic to your blog and build your authority.

6. One Of The Vital Tips For Beginner Blogger To Know Is Blog Promotion:

Aggressively Promote your new blog with every opportunity you have.

It could be updating your Facebook page daily, your WhatsApp status and Instagram page.

The idea is to create brand awareness.

Therefore, don’t just write and hit the publish button and expect traffic to hit your blog from different angles.

Set time to promote.

Here is an article to help you find out the 20 best ways to drive massive traffic to a blog.

7. Build Organic Traffics To Your Blog :

Aside working to get traffics from forums, social media and other traffic channels, you must pay attention to organic traffic.

The benefits of organic traffic is that you do nothing to get it.

It comes to you from various search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Duck Duck Go and other search engines.

As your blog grows, you can monetize this traffic by offering services like sponsored post and affiliate marketing on your blog.

This is one of the most important tips for beginner bloggers to take note off if they must grow their blogs speedily.

8. Build Backlinks To Your Blog:

You can’t underestimate the powers of backlink building.

Immediately you start your blog, start building backlinks to it.

You can write guest post for other authoritative blogs, do blog commenting, interview top bloggers on your blog and many more.

Building backlinks to your blog is very important if you want your blog to grow faster.

This will boost your domain authority and increase your article rankings.

Hence, you can get an opportunity to sit on the first page of Google SERP.

I consider this one of the most important tips for beginner bloggers who want to succeed in blogging.

9. Do Keyword Research And Master SEO:

Don’t just start writing articles because you feel like blogging.

Take time to do keyword research to find out the keywords with good search volume, search difficulty and cost per click in your niche.

For those who run general blogs, keyword research will also help you grow faster.

It is also important you understand how SEO works in blogging.

A tool like Ubersuggest can let you know the SEO status of your blog.

This will boost your chances of getting your blog rank faster on SERP’s.

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10. Create Your Email List On Time:

Building an email list is very important in blogging.

This will give you traffic on demand.

An email list will get your visitors coming back to your blog anytime you publish a new article.

Email list is crucial to blog growth and should be planned for immediately you launch your blog.

If you can’t afford to buy a premium email service, you can go for a free version till your blog grows.

Mailchimp offers free email subscription for the first two thousand subscribers.

Hence, you can use them till your email list grows more than that, or find another email servicing company.

11. All Beginner Bloggers Must Register Their Site With Google Search Console:

Getting your site indexed by Google is very important.

How do you achieve this?

Go over to Google search console and create a free account for your blog.

Next, submit the sitemaps of your blog to Google search console.

Finally, request Google to index your site.

This will help your site receive free organic traffic when your articles get indexed on Google.

12. Beginner Bloggers Must Be Consistent :

The most important tips for beginner bloggers is consistency.

Consistency is the key.

No matter what you do in life without consistency success is not in view.

The same thing applies in blogging.

Always show up, publish relevant articles at intervals, promote them and keep the circle going.

It has a way of paying off over time in grand style.

13. Know When To Monetize Your Blog:

If you succeed in staying consistent with your blog, as your blog grows, you can now monetize your blog.

One major mistakes beginner bloggers do is thinking about making money from a blog that is yet to pass out value.

Firstly, focus on giving out value.

As a guide, you should ensure to monetize your blog only when you’ve started seeing a good amount of traffic.

Preferable a 3 month yard stick is okay.

There are many ways to monetize a blog, ranging from AdSense, affiliate marketing, sponsored post, selling your own products / service and many more.

Just pick the one that works best for you.

The bottom line here is that you must focus on growing your blog considerably before you monetize.

In conclusion, when you monetize, you can now start earning good money from your blog.

See you at the top.

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