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12 Most Amazing Steps to Become a Successful Blogger

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Blogging Tips On Most Amazing Steps To Become A Successful Blogger
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Do you’ve passion for writing or maybe you post stories on Facebook and across all social media?, if yes then checkout these 12 most profitable steps to become a successful blogger and turn your writing into an amazing business.

You and I might love telling stories but no one is available to hear us out.

Hence, we just end up keeping our thoughts to ourselves.

Do you know it’s possible to turn your writing skills and hubby into a per-time or full-time income.

What are you passionate about, is it business, finance, entrepreneurship, sports, politics, health, lifestyle, news and entertainment etc…

Why not take a step further to monetize it and make money from what you do for free.

A lot of people also love what you love?, why not start a blog as a profitable online business today.

This will help you interact with people around the world and also make money from your passion.

How’ll you feel if you build up an audience online who are ever ready to hear you out?.

Oh yeah, you’ll feel refresh, cool, adorable and even fulfilling, oh yes you will.

Keep reading this article as i drop the 12 most amazing steps to become a successful blogger into your fingertips.

You don’t need to be a professional to begin, all you need is the ability to read and write.

If you can communicate to people, that’s it, boom, you are already one step away from your desired audience.

Just before we proceed lets start by explaining what blogging means to you.

Most Amazing Steps To Become A Successful Blogger
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Make money from your passion and hubby by becoming a professional blogger


Blogging is an act of creating valuable online journals, web contents and information’s displayed on a website in a reverse chronological order.

A blog is a website where the latest post appears first at the top of every other post.

It’s a collection of ideas and information’s from an author to readers of a specified niche for positive consumption.

let’s quickly examine the 12 most amazing steps to become a successful blogger.

1. PICK A NICHE (first step to becoming a successful blogger):

One of the most dangerous mistake you can do when starting off your blogging carrier is to blog about everything.

Oh yeah you heard me right, blogging about everything is risky.

If you don’t have the time, energy and resources to invest in your blog, you might struggle to grow it.

Never make this mistake, never blog about everything because you are passionate about everything.

Blogging about everything is one major reasons why newbie bloggers fail in blogging.

Blogging about everything will require more time, energy and resources for your blog to grow and rank on search engines.

So pick one niche you are passionate about, that’s the best way to do it.

You can blog about what makes you happy, blog about something you love.

This is one way to enjoy blogging and become successful with limited investment of time, energy and resources.

Pick one niche you are passionate about because blogging needs lots of passion to carve out your audience.

Pick that aspect you are more knowledgeable about because you might just be blogging for your entire lifetime.

You may be passionate about business, entrepreneurship, finance, music, news, writing, politics, religion, travels, relationship or general entertainment e.t.c.

Picking a niche is the first most amazing steps to become a successful blogger.

Don’t pick a niche to blog about because your friend picked that niche.

Never pick a niche because of a colleague, you would miss out on the long run.

This is because that person is blogging for passion. However, that might not be your area of passion or interest.

2. Your Choice of domain-name:

Your domain-name matters a lot in blogging because it is your web name and your sign of identity online.

Using a domain-name that reflects your business interest is awesome, this will make people know what your site represents.

It’s primarily like an address just the same way your house have an address.

Your domain-name is what your audience will use in identifying your website online.

The most crazy mistake you can make is choosing a domain-name that’s difficult to pronounce and difficult to remember.

As far as possible, pick a domain-name that is short, simple and easy to remember.

Also ensure that your domain-name is capable of selling out your blog in one view.

Oh yeah you heard me well.

That’s why i choose to call this blog businessfinger because it talks about business, entrepreneurship and finance.

Your domain-name will play a major role in your blogging carrier, don’t toil with this.

This is one of the simple steps to become a successful blogger, your domain-name is very important.

Next you can register and activate your domain with any online domain-name seller of your choice.

I would advise you go for namecheap because of their good customer chat box system when you run into any difficulty.

Here is a free article exposing how to build a great customers service, you should also check it out.

3. Choose a reliable web hosting company:

Now that you have a registered domain-name, its time to choose a web hosting company for your site.

There are free hosting available out there, if you just want to start a blog for fun, try them out.

Examples of free hosting platforms includes: Wix, Weebly,,, Joomla, Hub-pages e.t.c

However, if you really want to take blogging as a profitable up-and-running online business, run a self-hosted blog.

A web hosting company houses your web content just as a house gives you shelter and keeps your belongings safe.

So your web hosting is the house for your website… hope you get my point now.

Therefore, it’s best you go for a reliable web hosting company and get your website setup.

You can go for siteground or bluehost because of their good customer support system.

You can always reach out to them any time you encounter a problem or difficulty in setting up your website.

Buy a web hosting plan that suits your desired blog.

For newbies, a starter plan is okay if you’re running a single website and on a low budget.

Alternatively, choose a plan above the starter plan if you intend to host more multiple domain-names with your hosting plan.

So you can get your domain name from Namecheap and web hosting from Siteground or Bluehost.

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4. Setting up your website:

It’s now time for setting up your website, just the same way you setup your house.

Immediately after you purchased your domain-name and registered it with a web hosting company, setting up of website follows.

If you bought your domain-name and web hosting from the same company you will find it easy to get your site setup.

However, i wouldn’t encourage this because you might want to transfer your website to another hosting provider in the future.

Nevertheless this can only be necessary when you’re not satisfied with the service of a particular web hosting company.

It’s another scenario completely when you purchased your domain name and hosting plan from two different companies.

In this case, you will need to integrate the name servers together, this might require some level of technical knowledge.

Anyway relax this isn’t a big deal also, it can be cheaply integrated.

You can drop a comment for me at the comment section and i will gladly be of assistance to you.

5. Buy a premium theme or choose a free theme at theme panel:

If you’re just starting out and running on a tight budget and can’t afford to spend or lose money on paid themes, just go for a free theme.

There are ranges of free WordPress themes you can use if you are starting up a blog but running on a low budget.

Besides, if you’ve the financial capacity you can go for a premium theme at mythemeshop or mythemeforest.

You can choose from hundreds of themes to purchase the one that suits the blog you intend to build.

A premium theme offers more interesting features, however using a free theme doesn’t mean your blog will not do well.

A free theme is still cool for starting a WordPress blog then you can upgrade as your blog grows.

Kindly navigate to the theme panel at your WordPress dashboard to select a theme for setting up your WordPress blog.

6. Customize your blog to show professionalism as a successful blogger:

Just the same way you customize your cloths, shoes, bags etc, you can also customize your blog.

After installing your theme, customize your blog by using the panel at the left hand side of your WordPress dashboard.

There are good WordPress themes like Ocean WP, Astra and many more you can install from the WordPress Dashboard.

A free theme like Ocean WP has high customization features for your WordPress blogs.

It allows you customize your blog to your taste, designing from header to footer and other aspect of your blog.

Good blog customization is one of the most amazing steps to become a successful blogger.

7. Start writing quality blog post (very important if you must become a successful blogger):

Write appealing articles, write what you’ll be willing to read.

You and i will never be willing to read junks online, no body has such time.

Oh yeah, you heard me right no body likes to waste time because time is valuable and expensive.

So don’t just write a blog post because you need to write something, always pass value to your audience.

Publishing less quality blog post will only make your readers feel your site is inferior.

Let your articles pass value to your audience, work at delivering the best.

This is also one of those most amazing steps to become a successful blogger, please take note of this.

8. Write persuasive headlines:

Let your headlines be compelling enough to make someone want to find out what your article is all about.

Write your blog post with headline you’ll be willing to open if you were just surfing round the internet.

Headlines are one of the most important metrics in blogging. Use highly persuasive headlines.

No matter how rich and informative your contents are, you mustn’t miss the headline stage.

If you miss out in your headline stage, you have automatically lost a huge amount of readers.

Have you ever bought a book because of it’s compelling title?, that’s the power of headlines.

One great author by name Napoleon hills wrote a very powerful finance book called “Think and Grow Rich”.

America’s best seller and author Robert Kiyosaki of “Rich Dad Poor Dad” use this powerful headline strategy in his books.

Maybe they might not have sold much hard copies of those books if their title cover was poorly emotional.

Emotionally triggered headlines, power headlines and call to action headlines attract the attention of more readers online.

9. Classify your contents as a successful blogger will do:

Write appealing blog post and classify them into introduction, body and conclusion.

Write reader friendly articles, nobody wants to stress out before they understand what you’re trying to say.

So don’t write articles that are difficult for people to read and understand, use simple English.

Use words that connect people, using words like You and I will make your blog interactive to your readers.

Write at least 1 post a week, but ideally you should be blogging 3 times a week.

You can ask questions at the end of your blog post to make readers leave an answer.

Always ensure to answer questions directed to you.

Each paragraphs should not be too long else a reader will lose interest in reading so early.

Writing about 3 or 4 lines per paragraph will be fine, keep it brief and straight to the point.

10. Install your required plugins:

No successful blog runs without the help of required plugins.

Ensure to install and activate the required plugins needed to make your blog successful because plugins keep your blog active.

Plugins like Yoast SEO, Updraft plus for backup and many others.

In the nearest future i would likely drop a guide on required plugins needed to run a successful blog.

Installing the right and needed plugins remains one of the simple steps to become a successful blogger.

11. Register your blog with an email marketing service company:

This is one of the most important aspect of blogging.

You need to signup with an email servicing company where you can build your subscribers and email list.

Not setting up your email list on time might be dangerous and risky, don’t try it.

Email subscribers are very important for success in blogging because they give you traffic on demand.

It also helps your visitors come back to your blog and keep your traffic growing.

12. Monetize your blog (Final step needed to become a successful blogger:

Blog monetization is highly important, it must be planned and actualized.

Blogging without an income can stressed you out, so you must plan your income models when setting up your blog.

This is one of the best ways to make money online either as a per-time or full-time income.

Blogging can be a good source of income to you as an entrepreneur, so try to avoid these 8 major reasons why entrepreneurs fail in business.

Best ways to monetize a blog:

  1. Monetization through advertising networks otherwise known as google adsense.
  2. Selling advertising space.
  3. Monetization through sponsored post.
  4. Affiliate marketing where you sell other peoples products and get paid a commission.
  5. Monetization by selling your own products and services through your blog.
  6. Banner Ads space.

For instance, if you’re passionate about fashion, create a guide on how to look good on a very low budget.

If you fancy pets, you can create a guide on best ways to maintain your home pets at low cost.

As a freelance writer, you can create a guide on best freelancing skills needed to be a world class freelancer.

Don’t be in a hurry to start getting a desirable income from your blog, great things takes time.

It’ll demand commitment, dedication and productivity to get your desired results.

Blogging is one of the best and most profitable online business ideas today.


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These 12 detailed secrets will put you in the pro realms of setting up a successful blog.

This covers from picking a niche to blog monetization, which are crucial steps needed in setting up a profitable blog.

Hence, applying the steps to become a successful blogger listed here will help you in setting up a profitable blog.

Nevertheless in any adventure of life, your diligence is required if you desire true success.

Thanks for your continual engagement at business finger.

Kindly share this article to help someone know the right process of setting up a profitable blog.

I know you got value, say something about this guide at the comment session.

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