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11 Daily Task For Small Business Owners

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daily task for small business owners today
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What are the most important daily task for small business owners? What are those things they must do daily if their business must stand the test of time?

I believe being a business owner comes with a lot of responsibility.

It comes with discipline, good leadership skills and the spirit of entrepreneurship.

A recent research shows that most newly startup small businesses crash within their first three years of operation.

Hence, you might wonder why anyone will start a business they can’t keep up to.

Well, I think they could been taken unaware by some major business challenges they never saw coming their way.

Therefore, what must every small business owner put in place to beat their competitors, avoid business failures and possible bankruptcy.

In other words, let us call them the to do list for small business owners.

1. Exercise:

Exercise is a natural energy booster.

It promotes active work mood and help business owners maintain their flexibility at work.

Also, it boost the brain functionality and help to increase productivity and performance by allowing the free flow of blood in the body.

Similarly, exercise helps to combat health crises and diseases thereby keeping business owners actively health.

Hence, they can always stay healthy to work on their businesses.

Generally, people who take routine daily exercise some few minutes in the morning are always at top efficiency all through the day.

In addition, exercise promotes health and wellness of the body.

2. Reaching New Customers:

Never let a day go without letting one new person know about about your business.

As far as possible, try to reach out to one new customer everyday.

Note that this does not necessarily mean that everybody you talk to will become your customer.

However, it is a major business growth strategy that works for both big businesses and small business owners.

This technique will help you increase your customer base, grow your business network and create more brand awareness.

Hence, as your customers increase, your sales and daily profit returns will also shoot up.

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3. Small Business Owners Must Work To Increase Daily Sales:

Sales is a major vital skill in business.

Any business that lacks sales will fold up in a matter of time.

Knowing how to sell is a top skill in business.

This is because even if you have the best products and services with bad bargaining and sales skill, you’ll likely lose profits to customers.

On the other hand, also ensure not to appear too “desperate for sales”.

What do I mean by that?

Don’t sell for money, focus on giving out value and money will come in your direction.

Hence, continue to improve your business products and services to serve more value to customers.

In addition, introduce innovation and creativity to your job.

4. Contacting Existing Customers Is A Vital Daily Task For Small Business Owners:

Build good relationship with existing customers, reach out to them through calls, emails and text message.

As an extra hint, you can ask them when is the best time they will like to be reached out to and which medium they prefer.

In Addition, Maintaining a business to customer relationship has two vital benefits:

  1. It allows customers express their feelings to you, hence giving you direct feedbacks concerning your business.
  2. Keeping a contact relationship with customers will keep your competitors away from winning them over from you.

Furthermore, it increases their customers lifetime value to your business and increases the worth of your brand.

5. Reply Messages:

Giving prompt replies to messages give your customers the sense of value you attach to them.

Respond to comments on your social media pages, attend to disputes.

Be rest assured that their might be some disturbing customers.

However, never ignore giving them your attention.

This has a way of building trust around your brand and make them free to do business with you.

6. Inspect Work On Delegated Task:

Accuracy and precision is a vital requirement in any task delegated to your business.

Ensure to inspect weakness and spot out errors where necessary.

If you offer products, ensure no deficient products are delivered to customers.

Similarly as a small business owner who offer services, never give room for delays in operation.

As a guide, I always advise you put yourself on your customers shoe.

Therefore, it should be customers first before money.

7. One Vital Daily Task For Small Business Owners Is To Explore Marketing:

Never underestimate the importance of marketing in business growth.

Marketing will attract potential investors to your business and create room for business funding in cases where your financial capacity cannot handle it.

Secondly, its a communication channel that informs the public about the values your business has to offer.

Marketing opens your business to new opportunities, new customers, contribution and ideas to those who feel

Also, you can cheaply identify the public’s interest on your products and services, thereby helping you take the best business decision.

Above all, it helps you boost brand awareness and grow your company’s reputation.

8. Small Business Owners Are Tasked To Achieve One Important Business Objective Everyday:

Firstly, list out your short and long term goal then create a smart goal setting plans to help you stick to it.

Working on it daily will further help you achieve the short term goals before the long term ones.

Everyday, always ensure to fulfill one business objective.

Your short term goal could be reducing production cost by 20% every year or eliminating delays at work to avoid waste.

Similarly, your long term goal could be securing a billion customer base in number or multiplying your business locations yearly.

Right down a list of your short and long term goals and work towards them daily.

If you can afford to do this, then your business is heading for global limelight.

9. Educate And Listen To Your Employees:

Invest time to listen to your employees if you have any.

Listen to their challenges and draw out an escape plan.

Training your employees will also help you increase productivity, avoid workplace accident, cost down production cost and reduce waste.

One great leader said if you think education is expensive then try ignorance.

Training your workers as a small business owner will make them competent enough to do the job.

Hence, they work as experts while you stay happy running your duties.

10. The Most Important Daily Task For Small Business Owners Is To Innovate On Existing Products And Services:

Check for the quality of your products and services.

No matter how familiar a customer is to your business, never give them under valued products.

According to American business magnate Bill Gates – Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.

Hence, the bottom line is to improve on your services to give the best you can.

The best customers service is if the customer doesn’t need to talk to you, doesn’t need to call you, it just works.

Jeff Bezos, Founder and Executive Chairman Of Amazon.

11. Review Your Progress:

Are you still on track with your goals?

Check the results of your work.

Having a scale to measure this would be helpful.

For instance, keep records of your daily results for one year so you can compare it to previous years.

This way you can tell how far you have gone and what still needs to be done.


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Am sure these 11 tips will help every business owner out there.

Share your contributions and comments with me at the comment section below.

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