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10 Solid Blogging Ideas Hack For All Niche Bloggers

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Blogging is incredible when you’re in the right niche, however what happens if you picked a narrow niche with very small topics and you eventually run out of blogging ideas?

Picking the wrong niche is one of the major blogging mistakes to avoid at all cost if you must succeed in blogging.

I think this is a major challenge amongst young and startup bloggers.

Some are so unfortunate that they run out of blogging ideas in just 3 months into their blogging career.

Therefore, what should newbie bloggers do when they run out of unique blogging ideas.

Let us check out how best to get blogging ideas that makes money in all niches.

1. Re-visit your formal contents when you run out of blogging ideas:

Revisiting your old contents involve checking for grammatical errors and possible areas you need to do content upgrade in your articles.

Make sure you update your contents to make them relevant and timely to worth the time readers will spend on your blog.

Do content rebranding and make sure your contents are not out-dated.

2. Accept free guest post:

Check your mails and find out if you got request for guest post from other bloggers in your niche or related niches.

One of the best times to accept guest post will be when you run out of fresh articles to write.

Also, make sure you thoroughly check through your guest post articles and edit them where necessary so you can add value to your readers.

3. Talking to experts could land you into finding new blogging ideas:

This is also your best time to seek for consultations and expert advice from other bloggers in your niche.

Ask them what they did when they were in your shoes and how they were able to curb the situation.

It could end up saving you the stress of not knowing what to do when you’re short of content ideas.

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4. Read books and make good researches:

Readers are leaders. So if you also want to take your place in blogging you must also spice up your contents.

Make proper research on any topic of interest to you.

Add figures to illustrate your points, use images and other representative patterns to give value to your audience.

Avoid writing more copies of what already exists on the internet.

5. Convert your formal blog post to info-graphics and audios:

It is also a good move to convert your old blog post to audios and info-graphic to enable readers who might be in a hurry.

Some people are too lazy to read so they prefer audio files and info-graphics.

If possible, you can also extend your brand by running a YouTube channel to show videos about what your blog is all about.

6. Go live to generate new blogging ideas:

Go live on your various social media channels like Facebook or Instagram to communicate with your audience.

Ask them the kinds of contents they will like to see you publish on your blog.

Blogging goes beyond writing and publishing. It’s simply a process of interaction between a writer and his/her readers.

It is a community of people with like minds and interest.

Therefore, going live will do you a lot of good when you run out of blogging ideas.

7. You can get new blogging ideas from questions on your comment section:

Pay attention to questions and reply them in your comment section.

Some of those questions which doesn’t require a detailed answer can be cheaply answered on your comment section.

Tough questions which cannot be quickly answered might require you to write a new blog post to address them.

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8. Blog about relevant trends in your niche:

People love to know what is trending and want to talk about it either on social media or on a news forum.

So blogging about relevant trends in your niche will be a smart way to keep your blog up and scaling.

However, care must be taken so you don’t fall into a legal case or get sued.

Also, stay neutral when dropping post about trending topics and let the audience carry on.

9. Go controversial:

Sometimes controversial post attracts lots of attentions which includes, shares and comments.

Almost everyone wants to know what is trending on social media making it a topic of core interest.

This is where controversy comes into play.

You will end up drawing attention and traffic to your blog within a short period of time.

10. Take time off:

You might need to take a break for a huge come back, stress can be a major turn off from getting unique blogging ideas.

During your off times, take time to analyze the progress your blog has made so far to enable you know what needs to be done.

It is also good you re-analyze and strategize how to grow your blog income and other important blogging metrics.

There is a saying that “all work no play makes Jack a dull boy”, so take advantage of your off days for vocations, recreations, sports and swimming exercises if possible.

Your come-back will hit a milestone if your off days were properly utilized.

These are the 10 major things beginner bloggers should do when there blogging passion dies.

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