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10 Reasons Your Business Isn’t Making Money As Expected

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reasons your business is not making money
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Why is your small business not making money as you want it to be? Could there be something you aren’t doing?

What do business owners miss out when trying to grow their business revenues from hundreds to thousands, from thousands to millions and billions of yearly revenues.

There must be some gaps left unfilled thereby dropping their daily sales margin.

Firstly, we must accept that everything in business boils down to money.

Hence, if you’re not making money in your business then you might as well close it down anytime soon.

Therefore, let us look into some vital reasons why your business isn’t making money as expected.

1. No Creativity And Innovation:

Nobody like to see the same version of a product year after year.

Customers love to be taken unaware.

They want you to surprise them with challenging innovations.

Your business is probably not making money as it ought to be because you’re repeating the same thing.

Bring in new ideas, change your old strategies and bring in better ones.

From time to time, change how you package your products, innovate your customer service and improve on existing services.

One of the fastest way to kill a business in this jet age is to ignore creativity and innovation.

2. You Have No Website:

The world is going digital so you can’t afford to be left out.

A website or a blog will help people who might not be able to reach you physically to access your business and see if they can deal with you.

If your business is not on the internet, your business will soon be out of business.

Bill Gates, Co-Founder of Microsoft and American Business Magnate

With a good website in place, you’ll not only be able to reach your target market, you’ll also be able to sell your product and services online to make more money.

3. You Can’t Make Money With The Wrong Audience:

No matter your innovations, your creativity and business model, when you target the wrong market audience, they will still not be able to pay you.

For instance, imagine building an electric car like Tesla then you start targeting teens below 18 years or people in poor nations of the world.

The reality is that oh yes you’ll surely sell because their are still a few teen and people in poor nations who can afford it.

However, your sales will be lower when compared to another person who is targeting high income earners in first world countries.

Hence, business owners and entrepreneurs must understand the place of market targeting in order to maximize it.

The wrong target in place is already a lost business for any entrepreneur.

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4. Low Bargaining Power Will Rob You Off Some Cash:

Do you know that bargaining is a skill and if you can’t play your cards well, clients will end up paying you less.

When you have good values to offer, be bold to ask for your money.

This is where bargaining comes into play.

Learn how to educate customers on the need to buy at your set price.

This will open them up to knowing you’re not cheating them.

Low bargaining power will rob you off some cool cash, therefore making money becomes a big task.

Watch out for successful entrepreneurs and business owners today, they all have this skill in common.

5. Bad Customer Service:

An ineffective customer service will reduce your customers lifetime value and business patronage.

You can’t possibly have bad customers service and still be wondering why you’re not making money as you want to.

Customers will always buy when they are relaxed in dealing with you.

Give them the ease to ask questions and reply to them immediately.

In cases when they have a difficult situation to handle, ensure to play your part in helping customers get solution.

When your customer service is bad, your customers will not come back and that means you’ll lose money.

6. You Are Not Making Money Because You Lack Branding:

Most of the big business names you see out there do not necessarily offer better product or services than upcoming startup entrepreneurs.

However, they make 10 times more money than business with low brand power.

Never underestimate the powers of branding if you desire sales like never before.

In the real sense, most people are actually buying brands even when they think they are buying products.

Therefore, brand your business, create a good business logo, welcome your customers with enticing business greetings and many more.

Here are 16 Powerful strategies for brand awareness you need to grow your business.

7. No Planned Business Schedule:

Every successful business today have a planned schedule of how they run their daily operations.

They have times for operations, marketing, management meetings and breaks for refreshment.

When you lack schedule, your productivity will be affected.

Hence, when your productivity is distorted, you’ll make less money.

Planning your business schedules will help you improve on time management and ultimately grow your income.

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8. Your Business Offers Products And Services With Low Market Demands:

Entrepreneurs and business owners are people who understand how demand and supply works and take full advantage of it.

No matter what you’re offering, if your product or services lack demands then their is no way you can make money as enough as you want.

Hence, focus on products and services with good market demands in order to scale up your business.

You stand the chance to make more money with products and services with high market demands.

For instance, you’ll make more money dealing in a $2 billion market even if you get just 0.05% of the market than dealing in a $1m market with 50% market share.

Now imagine if you scale up to getting 0.5% of that $2 billion market.

That’s more and more money to you.

9. Your Business Isn’t Making Money Because You Lack Marketing:

Marketing draws attention to you. It makes you visible to the people.

In the business world, attention is money.

Even the best product and services will not sell if they don’t market it.

What you don’t market wouldn’t sell.

It’s only a matter of time, a product or service not marketed will be trashed.

Even a bad product or service with good marketing stands the chance to sell.

I don’t know if you’ve ever bought a product because of the manner at which the producers were marketing it.

Well, I have been there before.

That’s the power of marketing.

Marketing increases and multiplies the rate of sales and income a business experiences.

Therefore, engage in digital marketing by utilizing various social media marketing platforms available to you.

10. You’re Not Unique:

There is no point in trying to be like your competitors because you feel they are doing better than you.

Learn to stay unique, respect your standards and build your values.

When you copy others, the market will know, you’ll end up making people see those you copied as your superiors.

Hence, you must find a business model that works for you and follow through on it.

The good thing about staying unique is the ability to operate at your own pace.

The comfort of making money without struggles and difficulties comes from being unique.

When you grow your values, your business will grow and yield more sales to you.

Therefore, the more your sales, the more you business income.

What do you think is responsible for poor sales in businesses?

Why are some business owners and startup entrepreneurs not making money as they ought to?

Kindly share your contributions at the comment section.

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